PHOTO REPORT: The Magic Kingdom 2/13/17 (Walls Everywhere, Tomorrowland Overhaul, Beauty and the Beast, ETC.)

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Our latest photo report brings us to the Magic Kingdom as many refurbishments and enhancements continue through the less busy weeks of the year.

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

Work continues on the Magic Kingdom monorail station (and it remains open thankfully).

Work continues on the Magic Kingdom train station.

The Emporium remains open while work is done to the exterior.

Tomorrowland In Progress Today

Sadly, the new paint scheme on the Tomorrowland rocks is already peeling.

There are now Toy Story Snuggle Snappers for sale.

Work continues on the rumored Joffrey’s Coffee location in Tomorrowland.

Just a few days ago, there was just a foundation behind those walls.

The Cool Ship has reopened, but the Cool Scanner remains under refurbishment.

The exterior painting on Space Mountain continues.

A look down at just the foundation for the coffee stand.

The Cool Ship is looking good after its short refurbishment.

Apparently, the guest relations location in Tomorrowland is still a thing, there was just no one working there the last time we visited.

Some Beauty and the Beast phone case designs can now be found at the D-Tech on Demand kiosks here.

As you can see, it was open again. I’m guessing they were understaffed the last time we visited.

The refurbishment of Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is underway, with the restrooms closed for remodeling.

This kid asked me why the bathrooms are closed. I responded, “Kid, have you eaten here?”

I’m not sure if it was done recently, but I noticed the old multicolored covering on the benches was gone and there was a new paint scheme on the walls.

There is now a FuelRod kiosk inside of Cosmic Ray’s. The convenience continues to grow as you can find many of these in each park now.

The work on the exterior has many of the windows covered.

If you couldn’t tell, it is really dark inside right now.

The work outside is to add more covered seating areas.

Beauty and the Beast Taking Over

I found the Beauty and the Beast MagicBand at the Magic Kingdom. It’s not the best one I’ve seen…

Bonjour Village Gifts is now selling tons of merchandise from the new movie.

Including the Belle doll which most think looks more like Justin Bieber in a dress…

This and That

I’m no fan of Pinocchio Village Haus, but closing at 6pm seems a bit early. Even the @WDWToday twitter account tweeted at 6pm the other day that you should go eat here, but it was closed already…

Inside, the electronic menu boards have been covered for a while, with these static signs placed over them for now.

There are now candy-filled lightsabers for sale at the parks.

Filled with off-brand M&M’s…

You can get blue or red, but clearly the red is more popular.

A new mug for sale in the Emporium.

I thought it was neat that it has an emoji of the castle underneath instead of the usual logo.

Pecos Bill’s has become my favorite quick service lunch spot over the last year. It seems this is where I end up every time there’s not something new to order elsewhere in the park.

The new kid’s nachos dish is a pretty good value, and you can load it up as much as you want at the fixin’s bar.

The taller trees on the riverbank were removed to help with the sight-lines for Tiana’s Riverboat Party.

As you can see, this new, smaller tree was just planted.

All sorts of emergency walkways and exits around the parks seems to be getting much brighter LED lighting for nighttime.

Seen here, the stairway at the dock is brighter than the lights on the Riverboat.

Tomorrowland Tonight

The nighttime lighting on the Tomorrowland rocks looks great as it reflects off the water and makes a wave effect.

New lighting was installed on the Progress City model along the Peoplemover and it looks great.

Just two days later, the entire Joffrey’s Coffee kiosk was there (sorry for the blurry pics, but best I could do).


The Wishes! poster acts as a decent reminder when you leave that you only have a few weeks left to see this legendary show.

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  • If the paint keeps peeling on those Tomorrowland rocks it at least looks kind of spacey….blue/silver with orange peeking through in spots. And a Hermione doll is out, cool.

  • Cosmic Ray’s looks so, ehh, sad! To be honest, most pictures have a sad atmosphere. Might be your camera as a Ned mentioned.

  • So Disney cheapened out of the quality of the paint they used for Tomorrowland’s rocks. I’m sure the ticket price increase will go to higher quality paint (snickers)

  • The amount of construction walls that have multiplied in all of the Disney Parks have become an intolerable nuisance. They do nothing except decrease the amount of space available to the visiting guests and increase the chances of having to witness disgusting behavior from individuals that I feel are an unwanted presence. Just this last Saturday my partner and I had the misfortune of standing in line behind one cretin at a Joffry’s Coffee in Hollywood Studios, who could not resist stealing several of the purple straws that sit at the condiments area and stuff them in his backpack. This was done in front of his equally cretinous girlfriend, who thought it was funny. What Disney does not need are walls that restrict movement of its guests…..its bad enough that we have a government that promotes another sort of “wall”.

    • “Just this last Saturday my partner and I had the misfortune of standing in line behind one cretin at a Joffry’s Coffee in Hollywood Studios, who could not resist stealing several of the purple straws that sit at the condiments area and stuff them in his backpack.”

      This never happened.

  • Cosmic Ray is not very good now. In the past, I would be there for many hours because I would see many beautiful women there! It was a good place to speak to the and sit with them and tell them that they are so very beautiful. So many very lovely women! It is much different at Magic Kingdom now. Disney needs to do more to make single guests like me feel welcome. And the women are not so friendly anymore, especially the white ones. Sometimes they think they are too good for me. But they are wrong. I drive Uber in Tampa six days a week and my father says I am doing very well!

  • Magic Kingdom and WDW resorts in Florida are a dump now. No wonder attendance is down! What a joke. No excuse that they let it get to this level, no real expansion in years, and everything getting cheaper by the day. Your report and photos are accurate.

    • Nevermind the fact that the trip report showed tons of things being refurbished and the park had the biggest expansion in its history in 2012-2013.

    • Wrong Jeff. ‘biggest expansion in history’ wars the removal of 3 rides, and putting in two. Give me a break. WDW is having huge problems. Every ‘expansion’ shrinks the fun, and mainly adds stores and shops. And the photos Tom took don’t lie. The Magic Kingdom looks like a construction zone, and though some good cast members, there’s way fewer of them, and huge lies from just plain cheapness.

    • Or put on a hard hat and start building. Disney needs all the help they can get. Those photos look aweful. What a mess of a theme park. Very un Disney like.

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