PHOTO REPORT: The Magic Kingdom 2/21/17 (New Hotel Roadways, The Haunted Mansion, 70’s Tomorrowland, ETC.)

Our latest photo report brings us on a short trip to the Magic Kingdom to see what’s new and exciting inside (and outside) of the world’s most visited theme park.

Road Work

IMG 7782

While taking the monorail from Epcot to Magic Kingdom, we got a nice view of the ongoing roadwork to alter the way guests leave and enter the Magic Kingdom resort area. This will alleviate the current Magic Kingdom toll plaza, leaving it just for guests parking at the Transportation and Ticket Center. You can see the plans for the roadwork HERE.

IMG 7783

A ton of trees on the right side of the toll plaza are cleared for a new road to take guests to Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

IMG 7785

IMG 7786

IMG 7787

IMG 7788

IMG 7789

IMG 7790

IMG 7791

IMG 7792

IMG 7793

To the left, more trees are being cleared just after the toll plaza, where the new flyover will be.

IMG 7795

IMG 7798

IMG 7800

IMG 7819

Monorail red was looking really rough, and its wasn’t just on the doors either. The front of the nose cone was just as marked up as this. When things look like this, it is unacceptable. This is the kind of maintenance I expect from Six Flags, not Disney.

IMG 7823

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

IMG 7828

Work continues on the Main Street Railroad Station and the train remains closed.

IMG 7832

IMG 7837 1

The Haunted Mansion MagicBand 2 was released recently. For more details on it (and link to buy it), check out our post on the limited edition collectible. If you click the link to buy, WDWNT even gets a few bucks to put towards more fantastic Disney World coverage for you.

IMG 7852

Work continues on the new covered seating areas outside of Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

IMG 7853

IMG 7863

The D-Tech on Demand kiosks inside the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. now also have a matching Haunted Mansion 45th anniversary phone case.

IMG 7864

There are also some new MagicBand designs inspired by the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film.

IMG 7865

IMG 7866

IMG 7867

Sadly, these are still going to be printed on the old MagicBands.

Tomorrowland Gets “Revive”d

IMG 7868

The Joffrey’s Revive coffee kiosk in Tomorrowland just got really interesting, now with a tall marquee reminiscent of those that were found in the land back in the 1970’s.

IMG 7869

If You Had Wings, Flight to the Moon/Mission to Mars, and the Circlevision 360 theaters all had similar marquees back in the day.

IMG 7871

IMG 7872

IMG 7873

IMG 7874

This and That

IMG 7880

Some nice flowers were planted in Town Square, perfect for the spring weather which has already descended upon Orlando.

IMG 7913

On the way back aboard the monorail, we could see more work happening just outside of the Magic Kingdom toll plaza, along the road which leads guests away from the park. Apologies for the dirt monorail window, but it was the hand we were dealt.

IMG 7914

IMG 7915

IMG 7918

IMG 7921

IMG 7922

IMG 7924

IMG 7925

IMG 7926

IMG 7927

IMG 7928

IMG 7929

IMG 7930

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