REVIEW: Turkey, Salmon, and Pimento-Cheese BLT Sandwiches Arrive at The Smiling Crocodile, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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The Smiling Crocodile food kiosk on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom recently introduced a new menu.

The former home of the wonderful smoky cheddar grits and the chicken drumstick is now serving up three varieties of “BLT Sandwiches”. Why did I put that in quotes? Because I’m still not sure that is how I would describe these dishes…

On the bright side, they are all snack credits on the Disney Dining Plan and sizable for such an offering.

Pictures of the three new dishes hang on the walls inside of the kiosk, just to assure that they turn out looking as they should.

With the proximity to the Flame Tree Barbecue seating area, there is always a nearby place to bring the food & drink from these stands and be able to sit in peace and quiet enjoying them.

If you don’t like birds, then you may want to go eat elsewhere. While we were taking these photos, several winged-creatures tried to eat the “sandwiches”. We probably should have let them in hindsight…

First off, I wouldn’t call them sandwiches, even if using the term “open-faced”. They are what you might refer to as tostadas: a crispy toast with a blend of cold toppings. With that out of the way, let’s try them.

Pimento-Cheese BLT ($5.29)

Open faced sandwich with hand-crafted pimento cheese, thick-cut, smoked, house-roasted bacon on ciabatta bread, topped with chives.

I wish I had some more positives other than these being sizable for snack credits, but there isn’t much else to say of a good nature. The bacon is too thick to bite and delivers almost none of the flavor you might expect for getting such a lengthy description on the menu. These aren’t terrible, but they aren’t something I would ever recommend to someone looking for a quick bite at Animal Kingdom.

Salmon BLT ($5.49)

Open faced smoked salmon sandwich made with thick-cut, smoked, house-roasted bacon on ciabatta bread.

The salmon quality isn’t bad, but the bread and other toppings do nothing to enhance that flavor. These are really hard to eat as the toppings simply do not stay on, often with most of the snack falling apart during your first bite. While these are meant to be a grab-and-go option, you will need to sit and eat these, otherwise the floor will be getting more of the food than you are.

Turkey BLT ($5.29)

Open faced turkey sandwich made with thick-cut, smoked, house-roasted bacon on ciabatta bread.

This was my favorite of the three, but that isn’t saying much. Again, the turkey is good, but the rest is nothing special. Despite not being advertised, the chives somehow ended up on this one as well.


I lament the loss of the really enjoyable cheddar grits here, especially with these offerings that simply pale in comparison. Hopefully these will be removed fairly quickly and replaced with something more enjoyable… or Disney can just bring back the cheese grits and we’ll pretend this whole thing never even happened…

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  • Oh for crying out loud, these sandwiches are generously portioned, reasonably priced, and quite delicious. My partner and I indulged in two of the three sandwiches over the weekend and enjoyed them immensely, and there is no reason to believe that the third isn’t of the same quality. The real disappointment were the previously offered cheesy grits. More often then not they were served watery, tasteless, and loaded with too much sodium. I was pleased to see they were removed from the menu.

    • Ok I have to say, this was not your best troll. Especially since bacon has way more sodium than anything else. Unless your troll was to just be an idiot. Better luck next time tiger.

      • Excuse me, but have even had any of the new offerings or the discontinued cheddar grits? Or do you run off at the mouth the moment you read about another person commenting on grits served at a Disney Park. Well I have eaten both offerings I can tell you flat out the grits were by far more salty!! I dare anyone to eat one of theses sandwiches side by side with the cheddar grits and tell me differently!!

  • Salmon and bacon seems like an odd combination, but I’d be willing to try it. I do find it surprising that they’re serving cold smoked salmon, though. Aside from sushi lovers, most people prefer their salmon cooked.

    • Most people prefer cooked salmon? Where did you pull that little bit of trivia from? Or are you just an anti Semite and don’t associate with any Jewish people or anyone else that enjoys some lox with their bagel?

      • Most people don’t like “raw” salmon, in my experience. That’s why many folks have such an aversion to sushi, because they think it’s “just raw fish”. If your experience is different, that’s cool. I also love lox and a bagel.

  • Sad we missed these on our trip. Would have been a fantastic meal vs. fighting the crowds at Restaurantosaurus for burgers.

  • I thought the cheese sandwich might be for vegetarians, but nope, that has bacon too! It would be nice if there was a substitute you could order, like smokey eggplant strips in place of the bacon. That would even work for pescaterians who would eat the salmon but not the bacon.

    • Oh you poor entitled thing. Imagine the horror that they only have bacon at a stand that serves BACON lettuce and tomato sandwhiches.

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