PHOTOS, VIDEO: Demolition Begins for Coronado Springs Resort 15-Story Tower Expansion

Disney has wasted no time in clearing buildings and land for the massive expansion of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. As announced last week, the project includes the addition of 15-story tower, additional parking, the remodeling of all existing rooms, and (most exciting to me, at least) a new rooftop restaurant on the tower.

As soon as you enter the resort, you are greeted by construction fences.

It’s not the prettiest day outside, but when you are covering demolition, does it matter?

The Cabanas 9B building is being demolished to make room for the 15-story tall tower, which will be filled with upscale rooms and feature a rooftop restaurant with fireworks views.

It’s a good thing we got there when we did as more fences are being installed to obstruct the view of guests.

Disney hasn’t leveled many hotel rooms in the last 45 years. Only the old north wing of the Contemporary comes to mind, and it too was replaced with a 15-story tower…

You guys might want to remove 9B from here…

I would almost say it doesn’t ruin the picturesque views, but the water barriers see to that.

The tower should connect to the lobby about here, but it is unclear if check-in will remain where it is now.

These windows should eventually be replaced with a hallway connecting to the new tower.

This will all be very different soon… stay tuned for more updates on the expansion of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

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    1. Me too, Coronado has really nice feel, this tower will make it more cookie cutter resort. More rooms and people, not adding anything extra to do for experience. Don’t think Disney realizes they’ve lost corporate customers to other Orlando venues cuz Disney cut back on value, not a space issue, they’ll find out I suppose.

  1. Water barriers? Must keep out the alligators, or maybe they will fill-in with dirt to increase the shoreline.

    1. The barriers are there to contain any debris or soil runoff from the construction site from getting into the lake. Quite common when doing construction near a body of water. With that said there are parts of the central lake that will be filled in for this project and new storm water retention ponds will be created along the edge of the property to offset that loss.

  2. Excited to see the new changes! My family holds Coronado very close to our hearts as its the first place we stayed together when visiting. Won’t stay here again until construction is done but cannot wait to see the finished product!

    1. Same for us, we stayed there 4 times before trying out other resorts, but since it was the resort we stayed at on our first visit ever to WDW, it will always be special!

  3. Has anybody stayed at the resort since construction begin? I might be staying there for Labor Day. I’m wondering how the construction will affect the guest’s experience.

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