REVIEW: Amazing New Fort Wilderness RV Food Truck Isn't Quite As Good As It Looks

REVIEW: Amazing New Fort Wilderness RV Food Truck Isn’t Quite As Good As It Looks

Food trucks are all the rage at Walt Disney World these days, but I’m not sure there has ever been a cooler looking food truck than the vintage-style RV that’s now rolling around Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground…

The truck has a classic style, but also has some wonderful nods to the Walt Disney World of the 1970’s. It is located (currently) out by The Meadows and the recreation area. When we visited, it opened for business starting at 5PM.

The “earlobe” was the original logo icon of Walt Disney World, then referred to as the Vacation Kingdom of the World.

The level of detail is amazing, right down to the map sitting up in the driver’s area. Kids, ask your parents about a world before smart phones and GPS.

The classic Walt Disney World logo adorns the side, but there is also a map of the United States with decals for states visited. I’d love to know how they got to some states without visiting the ones in-between…

Many of the decals on the back are reproductions of the older bumper stickers sold at the resort. There are also references to Copper Creek and other places within Wilderness Lodge…

Let’s take a look at the menu…

There is also a selection of moonshine concoctions. Let’s try a few of the items out…

Fort Wilderness Smoked Pork Belly Tillamook Cheeseburger ($13.49)

This sounded amazing. It wasn’t. The ingredients were great, but it is the lower-quality Disney hamburger patties, not of a quality like D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs. The Chipotle barbecue sauce, the onion ring, and the onion kaiser roll were great, but you can’t have a good burger without a good beef patty. The french fries are of the usual quality as well, which I feel hurts the dish.

Pumpkin Spiced Tea ($10.75)

This was terrible. It tasted like moonshine with a sugar-free pumpkin flavor syrup, which is what I assume goes into making this thing. In fairness, the other options have been good whenever I have had them at Trail’s End or Crokett’s Tavern at this resort, so maybe stick to the others, or just go to either of those locations.


I’d be happy to give the Fort Wilderness Fresh Fixin’s food truck another try, but they did not leave a good first impression. Design-wise, it is top notch and super cool. The level of detail and how well it fits its surroundings is exactly what you expect from Disney, but perhaps that sets an unobtainable expectation for the food and drink. Either way, the menu can always be fixed, and at least we got something really cool-looking out of it.

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      1. Really good article Tom. I really enjoyed the level of detail that you took the time to notice. That’s disappointing the food isn’t that good though. Hopefully it will be better next time.

        1. The one item that could have been vegetarian/vegan they add chicken .
          Why does it take so long for them to figure out vegan is something people want?

          1. Agreed!! I have had amazing vegan food at sit-down restaraunts but no luck with quick service. I’m having trouble reading the descriptions; could the portobello wrap be made vegan?

          2. What exactly isn’t vegan about the wrap? I highly doubt the basil aioli actually has real eggs in it. Especially since there’s no cheese in it, it seems like it’s meant to be vegan.

  1. So refreshing to see Mickey and the Gang, plus all the old logos!!! No Star Wars, No GoG, No Avatar, no year late Rivers of Light, just Mickey, Mickey, and more Mickey!!!

    1. I agree. This hearkens back to classic Disney, and the last time I visited WDW as a toddler, nearly 40 years ago. When my parents visit the park again this summer, they’ll think little has changed in the years since, special if they see this Winnebego-like food truck. lol

  2. Well, you tried all of 2 items on the menu. Lets hope the other things are better, or give it time to work the kinks out…

  3. Mmm Old Smokey. The pumpkin spice is actually their best flavor. I’m sure the tea probably made it come off tasting syrupy. Come up to Pigeon Forge, TN and you can go to their brewery and try every flavor they make. Then go to Dollywood of course.

    1. Well after the Mississippi State Musket Massacre of 81, it was the right thing to do.

  4. D-Luxe seems to have set the new standard for good burgers around there….all others fall flat. Love the stickers on the back of the RV, though! Mickey rules.

  5. Just a comment on the state stickers. Many people with an RVers and campers will only add a sticker if they have slept in a state. Not just driven through it.

  6. Love the vintage RV. I wish they did it tailgate style with cooking and a condiments table in an outside area.

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