CONFIRMED: Magic Kingdom Moving Security Screening Areas to TTC, Resorts

CONFIRMED: Magic Kingdom Moving Security Screening Areas to TTC, Resorts

We first told you a few days ago about rumblings that the Magic Kingdom would be moving some security screening areas away from the park entrance. Over the weekend, we even showed you pictures of the work being conducted to prepare for these changes. Today, Disney announced that the new screening procedures will go into effect on April 3rd.

confirmed magic kingdom moving security screening areas to ttc resorts

Guests taking busses and watercraft will be screened at new checkpoints in front of the park. Guests at the Transportation and Ticket Center will be screened after departing from the parking tram, but before boarding the monorail or ferryboat to the park. Additional screening points are being added before monorail boarding at the Magic Kingdom area resorts.

  1. I wonder what this is trying to achieve. Seems like a lot of extra cost without much (any?) benefit.

    1. Are you serious? It allows more people to be screened and provide a safer environment for all.

      1. And how soon will it end up like your local supermarket? Or your bank? 12 stations, with only 4 ever open at one time.

      2. I think it is all about the backlogs that were being created more than enhanced screening. This will allow the screening to still take place but at more locations and hopefully decrease the many times very large backlogs at the main gate…smjj

      3. Has ZERO do to with anyone being safer. This kind of screening is a dog and pony show, all for public relations, and an excuse for people to ‘feel’ safe. Disney is too cheap to care about real safety measures, they’d rather wait til something happens, meanwhile make money off the masses!

    2. CIA reported credible information that the monorail might be targeted for an attack. Think about it, the Epcot monorail yes doesn’t let you off past the main entrance but you ride through the park and other places where the monorail stations are highly populated areas.

  2. What its trying to prevent is the soft target that is created in front of the park at the current bag check.

  3. Hmmmm… wondering if they are going to do anything about people that walk from Contemporary to MK entrance. Those people will not be screened?

    1. “Guests taking busses and watercraft will be screened at new checkpoints in front of the park.”

      I assume they will be screened with them as well

    2. I believe they are adding a checkpoint area where the walkway meets the MK entrance for walkers from the Contemporary/BLT.

    1. Ok Lou Wasserman .
      How about you trolling yourself away from MK in the name of those of us who enjoy it regardless instead of being dictating Disney
      against the choices of others ? Think about MK stays open and more cake for those of us who enjoy it regardless and some people in this country will still have a job to go to without worrying about you wanting it closed out of existence over what you want that they may no longer have .

        1. Not when I went.Park closed at 6. Not that there wasanything to keep me there that long.

  4. So someone that wants to go from one monorail resort to another will be screened every time they get back on the monorail? That sounds agitating. I get that safety is a good thing, but it kind of takes the convenience out of the monorail for resort hopping.

    1. I’m curious as to how this is going to be handled as well. I am all for making things easier at the entrance to the park but lots of people use the monorail to visit other resorts (and not the parks) on certain days so I wonder how they’ll be handling that. I guess it remains to be seen! Will find out soon enough!

  5. Everyone needs to stop complaining. They are doing this to make it safer and also spreading out the screening areas will make the process faster and smoother. There will not be so much congestion as you are entering the park. In the world we live in today you can never be too careful. This will also keep the monorails, boats and resorts safer as well.

    1. Ok Disneylover ,
      Check this out . Yes . Good that Disney goes to the ends to make the place safer for everyone to enjoy so that people can come to Disney and enjoy the parks and resorts without having to worry about what may be about to happen next
      but say you were to go resort hopping and/or park hopping and you’re having to be checked over and over again while trying to get from point A. to point B. specifically on days that demand gets higher and the parks and resorts are busier because the crowd levels are higher when the schools are closed for summer for example , do you see how this will slow people up ?
      How will Disney do this in a way that causes lines to still run smoothly while keeping everybody safe ?
      This is where I am lost and I am going based on what I am seeing and what I have been through here .
      Checkpoint at the parks ? , Awesome . I bet that most people coming to Walt Disney World don’t visit the resorts without visiting the parks and people don’t even dream of doing at Disney what happens in the outside of Disney .

  6. I understand that Disney is doing this for safety reasons and I am here to say that they should
    but now I feel like this is about to start becoming cramming of the crowds in the entrance and exit lines in disguise .
    I hate the fact that Disney is now starting to spend all of that money making it harder for people to get from point A. to point B. now and that is what I am seeing in this picture right now .

    1. Tom didn’t show up for his remedial English class this week. We must all work together to help him through this difficult time until he starts spelling “buses” properly.

      1. Busses is still acceptable as I’ve gone over in other stories. Any spell check will not correct it because it isn’t wrong, even if more people use one form. This conversation is idiotic and I’m not going to have it again (even though we have it with every story about busses).

        1. Wow this is such a silly thing to be arguing. Next week the topic should be catsup and behaviour. We should really be focusing on who’s really at fault for all this, the Phoenicians.

          …. Thanks Phoenicians

        1. You link to a site that essentially says “busses” is incorrect. Was that your intent?

          1. “A variant plural, busses, is also given in the dictionary, but has become so rare that it seems like an error to many people.”

            Where does that say anything about it being incorrect?

          2. The only thing confirmed is your lack of reading comprehension. Just because a variant has become rare in usage doesn’t make it incorrect. Not even a little.

  7. Sounds like this will make the screening faster since we all won’t be piled together at the same check point

  8. How would taking a bus to magic in order to get to one of the hotels from say Saratoga work

    1. You will take a bus to MK and then go through resort bus security and then proceed to the monorail station to the hotel you wish to visit then to leave the hotel go back through secruity on the monorail or go to that resorts bus station.

  9. I am Brazilian and I do not care about any safety measures that Disney adopts, because I want to feel safe while I am having fun in the parks. I fully support any Disney measure of restricting the entry of persons who may pose a danger. (translated by google, but I think you know what I mean).

    1. E se eles construíram um muro e não deixaram entrar qualquer pessoa que é diferente deles? É por isso que temos um idiota como Donald Trump no comando.

      1. I hope you get left out of that wall, Disculpe pelos pobres protugueses (Poor translation, btw).

        Now, if besides security “enhancements” Disney did something to curb obnoxious Brazilians from the parks, that’d be awesome. I’d encourage anything Disney did towards this end.

    1. You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me. Me! The mistress of all evil!”

      1. That is the most insipid comment I have read yet. My advice is do not wait for MENSA to come calling you dunce.

  10. I believe one of the benefits here is maintaining a happy experience at the MK. Get the tedium out of the way so that you are hapy when you get there!

    1. Shhhhh, you’re getting in the way of middle aged fan boys complaining since they have nothing else going on in their lives. Stop being reasonable!!

      1. This is by far the most accurate comment here. I’ve apparently found the mother lode of whiny pseudo-Disney fans on this site. Wow. Surprised Tom posts the information he does considering the whimpering and diaper-wetting I’m seeing on display under some of these articles. Haven’t seen this kind of snowflake-meltdown since the night Hillary lost. Although that one was much more entertaining.

  11. The Disneyland Resort has already made this type of change with their security checkpoints, moving them as far as the edge of Downtown Disney by the resort hotels and close to the bus/cab drop -off locations by the Harbor Boulevard entrance. This move has created more checkpoint locations with increased staffing, making it much quicker and smoother moving through security than it had been. This has also reduced the crowding in the esplanade between the Disneyland and California Adventure parks. We were at the Disneyland Resort at the beginning of March and had no issues with moving quickly through the security checkpoint.

    I think visitors to the Magic Kingdom will experience this same benefit with the proposed security changes. It will reduce congestion by the entrance to the park and provide an increased number of checkpoints to move park guests through quickly. Coupled with the fact that the park opening ceremony has moved to the castle forecourt, guests should be able to get through security into the park and on to Main Street without a hassle.

    As for the resort hoppers, this only impacts resort hopping at the three monorail resorts. Visiting any of the other WDW resorts won’t be slowed at all by the new security measures. If you are spending any amount of time at one of the monorail resorts an extra trip or two through security shouldn’t ruin anyone’s vacation (waiting to get into Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto is more time-consuming than any security checkpoint).

    Security entering the parks is a fact of life now and is here to stay. I think Disney is just looking for ways to make it less time-consuming so you can enjoy more of your time in the parks.

  12. Are those the cabanas from Tomorrowland being used as security checkpoints?

  13. The screening process that disney dose is not just a horse and pony show it actually dose help detour people from bringing restricted items to the parks. With them moving the screening points to before the transit going into the park it helps detour an attack on their soft target transit system and not just the hard target parks. It is actually a smart move for the disney company.

    1. Not even a dumb crook would believe you. Disney does not scan any staff, no delivery drivers, all construction workers and gear free access, there’s tons of points anyone wanting to do harm can get in easily. DISNEY’S CHECKPOINTS ARE A COMPLETE SHAM ON IDIOTS WHO THINK THEY BRING SAFETY. That said, there’s obviously a lot on this board who think it will make even an ounce of difference. it won’t. It’s for show people.

  14. All I really thought of this is “wow, Disney makes it less convenient again. “. If you’ve ever stood under one of those roofed in areas waiting for a tram in a downpour, then you know they have screwed the guest again. This is Florida. You need shade and protection from rain. They took the tram areas for their employees, and put up not even an awning for their customers. For 45 years you could wait under a roof for the tram, but no longer.

  15. I wish Disney would move all MK security checkpoints back to the Magic Kingdom.
    Went to the MK last week. Took a bus from resort. Went through screening #1.
    Had adr for lunch at GF Cafe. Monorail was down, so we took a boat. After lunch, I could see people on the Grand monorail platform and was told by security the monorail was now running. So security #2. Of course, monorail broke down again before we could board, so went back and took watercraft to MK. Mind you, I was just trying to get to my resort bus. But had to go through security as I got off the boat for security #3. Had adr at CA Grill for dinner, so took a bus to MK. Have to go through security just to walk to the Contemporary. Security #4. And of course, security #5 when we walked back to the bus depot to get back to my resort. All for 1 trip to The Kingdom.

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