Mission Space at Epcot Closing This Summer for Refurbishment

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Mission Space at Epcot Closing This Summer for Refurbishment

Mission: SPACE at Epcot will be closed for two months in the Summer of 2017 for a refurbishment.

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Mission: SPACE will be closed June 5th through July 31st, 2017. No exact reasoning was given for the closure.


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12 thoughts on “Mission Space at Epcot Closing This Summer for Refurbishment”

  1. Sounds like they should’ve used the word “repair”.
    I thought refurbishments were done in the “off season”.
    Taking down one of three thrill rides during the busy summer doesn’t make sense.
    Now the waits for Test Track and Soarin’ are going double or even triple. Yikes!

    • A while ago, Disney made the decision to revamp World of Motion into Test Track and Universe of Energy into Ellen’s Energy Adventure WHILE Horizons was closed. This left only Wonders of Life open on Future World East and caused the immediate reopening of Horizons. This is not as bad as that.

        • Neither is Mission: SPACE. Test Track and Soarin’ regularly run 60-90+ minute waits, while M:S is less than half that (and is typically closer to walk-on territory). M:S had the budget and initial marketing campaign of an E-ticket, but the anecdotes about the experience and fear that followed killed it.

          This will have a very minimal effect on Test Track and/or Soarin’.

  2. More the same than you give it credit. At that time, there weren’t any thrill rides in the entire park (unless you call going backwards down a two story waterfall a thrill). Universe of Energy, World of Motion, and Horizons sucked up a LOT of capacity, so it would had a big impact on the remaining attractions.

    • “Horizons sucked up a LOT of capacity”

      What the heck good does capacity do if nobody is riding it? I adored Horizons, along with many of us “hardcore” Epcot fans did. Unfortunately, nobody else did. Near the end, Horizons was not just a walk on, but it was a ghost town. You’d regularly see gaps of 10 to 20 empty vehicles. It was a classic, but only to “us”. Same goes for World of Motion, literally the very first Disney World attraction I ever rode. I loved it, but it was a perpetual walk on, and it was not just because of high capacity.

      Given the choice, I’d LOVE to have Horizons back. But I understand that’s not how theme parks work–not Disney, not anywhere. You can’t keep an attraction running just for the cult followers.

  3. Maybe they should retheme this during the refurb. All of future world is gonna need done anyway and this doesn’t get the attention and waits that it used to.

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