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New Details on Pandora: The World of AVATAR – No Attraction Signage, Wilderness Explorers, Banshee Connect, “AVATAR Me”, No Disney Bags, ETC.

Disney is starting to release more information to the cast members who will be working in Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, giving us the scoop on some things we didn’t know we would encounter when the area opens on May 27th, 2017.

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Floating mountains grace the skyline while exotic plants fill the colorful landscape inside Pandora – The World of Avatar, which opens May 27, 2017 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. (Kent Phillips, photographer)

Reportedly, there isn’t much in the way of signage for the attractions in the land, as it would impede on the natural environment around the two rides (in story). Na’vi totem poles will be used to convey to guests what the attraction is they are entering the queue for. Whether or not this means there will be wait time signs or not remains to be seen. Also, there will be no Mickey icon readers for MagicBands as it would not make sense on Pandora, so expect custom readers or ACE crew members with iPads I suppose.

The Wilderness Explorers attraction at Animal Kingdom will be tied into the land as well, adding two more pages for guests to obtain while they are on Pandora.

Supposedly, the Na’vi River Journey attraction will feature only one Audio-Animatronic Na’vi creature, the Shaman character we were already introduced to. She will be seated along the riverbank in a crossed leg pattern, but if she were to stand, she would clock in at over 10 feet tall. There will however be additional “AAs” of some of the wildlife on Pandora.

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Windtraders, (pictured here) travelers can find Na’vi cultural items, toys, science kits, and more.

Regarding merchandise, AVATAR products will only be sold in Pandora and not anywhere else in the park. There will also be specific daytime and nighttime merchandise, such as flip flops, staffs, and spears that interact with their surroundings in the land in the evenings. Disney Parks branded bags and receipts will also not exist on Pandora, instead, everything will be branded to Alpha Centauri Expeditions.

The D-Tech “AVATAR Me” station that can be somewhat made out in the store concept art is apparently a real thing, similar to when Disney offered the service where guests could become a Jedi or a Stormtrooper. There is also a “Banshee Connect” service where you will be matched with a tiny plush version of the beast; a robotic creature that you can take home with you for a price.

The stores will include a bead station where guests can make their own bead necklace or bracelet. As well, the Na’vi artifacts that will be for sale will be actual, hand painted props.

We will share more tidbits like this with you as we inch closer to the opening of Pandora: The World of AVATAR on May 27th, 2017.

  1. Wow, so much merchandise….that no one wants and will end up at the discount outlet a few months later.

      1. Ok, so we’ve got one overweight brony on board. Yeah, sorry champ that’s still not enough.

          1. Stay classy No Way Jose and Disney Pete. Go back under the troll bridge.

            For one, the AP preview ran out of space quicker than most things. So obviously people will buy this stuff. Since you won’t be purchasing any of it, leave it for the ones that will enjoy the experience instead of complain about every little thing.

            Why can’t we just enjoy the fact we’re getting something new? Instead of calling names and junk like that. It’s uncalled for.

  2. So I wonder about the attraction warning signs. I’m sure even the River Journey will have some sort of fog effects and that requires warning signs. It’ll be interesting to see how things turn out once the lawyers really get their say in things.

  3. Does anyone on this entire site ever leave a positive comment about anything. I swear, all I see on ever post is sarcasm and complaining.

    1. That’s the way Tom likes it! He could easily moderate comments, verify the news he reports and ban trolls, but he’d rather be the laughing stock of the WDW fan community.

  4. Looking forward to finding out when the dining reservations can be made. Headed there in June (7-11th) so I’m anxious to see if we can reserve dining in the one Pandora sit down that I think they will have?…

    1. Im headed there june 8-17 & I am looking forward to Pandora. I may have tp add Tiffins to my ADRs.

  5. What I fail to understand is, why is there even going to be merchandise sold within Pandora? Does this not contradict the anti-capitalist theme that made the film so entertaining. With James Cameron so heavily involved I was hoping that the themes, including the anti-militarist theme, would carry over into Pandora. My eyes are slowly opening to the fact that James Cameron is another blow hard sell out. Mr. Cameron should be ashamed.

    1. I could be in the minority, but I didn’t really get an anti capitalist message out of the movie. There was a persistent conservation message throughout and a clear evil corporation theme though. At least that is what I got out of it. Also, I would imagine that if I was to actually visit Pandora in the form of some kind of eco-tour, that I would want to buy souvenirs from the local population while I was there..

      1. “clear evil corporation theme”……..Corporation=Capitalism=Evil.
        My concerns over Pandora began the evening I was watching the wonderful Academy Awards program and was horrified after watching the commercial of Mr. Cameron shilling for Rolex watches. Rolex represents a status symbol of the vile 1%.

        1. If Mr. Cameron truly believed in anti-capitalist ideology, he wouldn’t have made the movie at all. Money is what makes the world go ’round. You obviously haven’t learned this basic concept. Further, ACE, a tourist company, is the producer of these products.

    2. You are years and years into the future of the movies and being brought here by Alpha Centauri Expeditions. Kinda makes sense that a tour company would have merch…….

    3. Yes James Cameron, the maker of big budget films for many large corporations and producer of theme park rides and merchandise for both Universal and Disney parks, is an anti-capitalist.
      And yes, it wasn’t the bright and beautifully detailed CG world and characters that made the film entertaining, it was the “anti-capitalist theme” that really entertained general audiences.
      You foolish fool.

      1. Have none of you read or watched any interview that Cameron has done. He bravely points out the environmental destruction caused by the evil corporations and the insidious nature of politicians that do not support necessary yet restrictive and punitive laws to control and punish corporations and individuals the seek to destroy the planet. I’m certain that he donates a good portion of his earnings to certain conservation groups, and lives very modestly. To witness him hawking trinkets such as Rolex watches to those that are responsible for massive swaths of destruction is appalling.

        1. Yup, he lives very modestly in a $3.475M house in Malibu. With his 3 expensive cars and submarine. You can love the environment and still take money from evil corporations. That’s capitalism.

        2. You clearly don’t understand what manipulation is. Just like a crazy person denies being one.

          That’s why Disney loves you. They don’t have to create any kind of explanations, dumb people create their own.

  6. Mostly looks like cheap toys and sales points. Going into to this with VERY low expectations, Disney has cheapened out.

      1. Seems more enlightening than yours, nothing added Ll, probably boring in bed too. ;)

        Disney has had a huge amount of cut backs, this area though to support new movies coming out. They might never be classics, but they’ll make a lot of money, and in Bob Iger’s eyes, that’s all that matters. What people think of the watered down brand after he goes doesn’t mean anything to his bottom line bonus’

    1. My suggestion to you and all of the other anthropoids that populate this site, is to purchase a thesaurus. That is so you are provided with a source of adjectives to call me instead of the usual “troll”.

      1. You can also call him a brat, imp, elf, gnome, gremlin, urchin, rascal, dwarf, ogre, or a sprite. Although “troll” is definitely more accurate.

      2. No one is impressed by the fact that you search for new words on google while typing your response.

        1. “My suggestion to you […] is to purchase a thesaurus. That is so you are provided with a source of adjectives to call me instead of the usual ‘troll”'”
          – Progressive Music Lover

          “No one is impressed by the fact that you search for new words…”
          – Progressive Music Lover

        2. Ahhh! You tricked me AGGRESSIVEMusicLover! Was too busy looking at my newly purchased thesaurus to read your name clearly.

  7. Maybe I’m being Denny Downer here…

    The lack of signage and ACE branding sound amazing in concept, but I seriously wonder how long the corporate bean counters will let them do this. It seems that if Disney were truly committed to this level of immersion, we would have seen it already.

    1. This sounds as a mix of Disney greed married with contractual clauses between Disney and the Avatar IP holders.

  8. Who nets more than $32,000 at year? Guess what? You are the 1%. http://www.globalrichlist.com/

    On another note, I wonder if Star Wars Land will have the same level of immersion at Pandora then. If so, will they NOT sell Star Wars T-shirts and coffee mugs in the shops there? I do find that hard to believe.

  9. I am looking forward to it. Anyhting new that Disney comes up with is fine with me. Not everyone will love everything they do but there is enough variety to make most happy. It is not required to go to disneyworld, animal kingdom or pandora. You can pick and choose what you see, do, eat and buy. Personally do not like the bug movie in the tree. It was ok the first time around. So I avoid those long lines and go do somehting else. I am not in love with expedition everest. The backward thing makes me dizzy so I wait while others ride. Doesnt bother me. I always have a good time there.

  10. It will be nice to look around the new area during the daytime and nighttime, go on the two rides and try some blueberry cheesecake – and then I doubt I’ll do much in that area after that, unless the rides are truly spectacular. Might see Rivers of Light one time. The Avatar movie (I’ll admit I only saw it the one time, in the theatre) wasn’t so much anti-capitalist as more environmentalist, I thought. This thing about no Disney bags and no signage….they’re really taking the theme too seriously and are being too ambitious. I don’t think the concept will last for very long. See what happens in the summer and how things go. I probably won’t be back at WDW until some time in 2018, so by then maybe things will be better.

  11. Disney is trying to be immersive along the lines of Harry Potter at Universal…J.K. Rowling will not allow anything to exist in the HP lands at Universal that would not truly exist there (i know, in a made up world). No Coke or pressed penny machines allowed etc.
    Plain old US commercialism would ruin the mood :)
    Kind of agree but we really wanted a pressed penny…

  12. This is going to be utterly amazing and I can’t wait! I WILL BUY ALL THE THINGS!! :D Plan on AT LEAST two full days there! :D I better since I plan on flying across the whole country to go, heehee.

  13. I hate to say it as I’ve been a fan of WDWNT’s for quite a while, but the lack of comment moderation is causing it to take a big hit in my opinion. Because I actually care about the future of this site, I hope it can get back to where it once was — a credible, reliable resource for hardcore Disney fans… not a forum filled with inappropriate language, disgusting remarks and horrible cyber-bullying with such an anti-Disney tone. Very sad. Don’t be surprised if Disney takes action sooner than later.

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