VIDEO: The Latest Look at Star Wars & Toy Story Land Construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Star Wars and Toy Story Land construction rages on at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in our latest expansion update video. This time, we take a look at exactly what is going on in the former Backlot area of the park, as well as the strange addition of the XBOX Game Port near Path of the Jedi:

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  • Because you pay a ticket for a Disney park to play something you can play at home.

    Damn these Disney execs just plain don’t care about park visitors.

    In the olden days, they looked at corporate sponsorships to build new rides. The new management just makes deals for corporate sponsorships where they don’t built jack squat but merely puts some home game consoles. Corporate genius only made possible by gullible idiots.

    And the people going there can’t see that, instead of giving the money to Disney for that day pass, they could just buy the kid that console for the same amount of money.

    Sad any way you see it.

    • I think your completely forgetting the opening of Innoventions… it was essentially a Sega arcade back in the early 90’s. I don’t see how this has much of a difference outside of game quality anyway, plus it fills in a unused spot with an air conditioned rest and charge zone. Your point is relevant but this is far from a new practice. There are many other issues currently plaguing Hollywood Studios, a new rest zone isn’t at the top of the list.

      • No, I did not forgot about it. Although it is quite close to that and also showcased the same kind of laziness from Eisner, those were arcade machines which you could not play for free at arcade parlors back in the day, cannot get in your house to play (at least cheaply and some of them you could not get at home like the multiplayer race arcade machines) nor coul buy them just by saving the money for not going to the park that day with your family, like you can an xbox one.

        Not to mention that that Eisner idea spurred Disney Quest. And the current management saw the progressive demise of Disney Quest first as a competitor for Gameworks having to close their stand alone stores like the one in Chicago and now at Disney Springs itself and all they could think of it doing an El Cheapo Innoventions that anybody can have at home? Pathetic for both the Disney management and whoever thinks that’s worth paying for a day Disney park ticket.

        A park ticket when the Arcade at Innovention opened was ~35 bucks (about 140 quarters) with which you could spend the whole day at the Innoventions’ arcade plus the whole Epcot. Today is close to 120 bucks for a day. An xbox one s 350 bucks; that is, if the kid doesn’t already have one at home.

        Thanks for playing though.

  • Please fix your frames for video so they play on iPhones. Super frustrating to have cut off video showing.

    • The videos don’t play well on any smartphone, not just iPhones. Better to wait and just watch the videos on a computer screen or tablet.

      • Yes, the apple player for youtube. They had to make a special player because those crappy phones were not capable of playing flash back then and are doing a mediocre job at playing html5

    • Watching in the article sucks but if u click the link to the YouTube version it works fine.

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