PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 3/14/17 (The Edison, The Polite Pig, Hundreds of New Items, Etc.)

PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 3/14/17 (The Edison, The Polite Pig, Hundreds of New Items, Etc.)
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Our latest photo report brings us to Disney Springs to see the latest progress on some construction projects, as well as a look at hundreds of new merchandise items recently released. Let’s dive right on in…

Welcome to Disney Springs

Work continues on The Edison in The Landing area.

Regardless what is going inside, I’m already a fan of the exterior of the building.

The AMC is all decked out for the release of Beauty and the Beast this week.

There is a photo-op for guests located just outside of the Dine-In Theater area.

The Mighty Festival is taking place this week at Raglan Road in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Work continues on Wine Bar George, which is supposed to open this year.

A few of the trashcans around Disney Springs have started to get these big, metal icons attached to them.

Pretty nice, huh?

I love the “stained glass” Goofy’s Candy Co. sign that’s on one side of the store,. but the other entrances still have the old, ugly signs…

New Things to Buy

The Wonderful World of Memories store is now just full of 2017 merchandise.

They also have some items from when they were a scrapbooking and stationery store, but not much.

A new Woody ornament for sale at Disney Days of Christmas.

Disney theme park merchandise has also created their own MARVEL ornaments now. They are heavy and made of metal (and very nice), but $25 each.

The Belle Beauty and the Beast MagicBand 2 is now for sale all around the resort.

A Frozen Ever After opens edition logo pin was finally released.

Some other new open edition pins…

Some Disney Princesses now have light-up dress play sets for $19.99. Elsa and Belle are available.

Marketplace Co-Op

Inside the Wonderground Gallery at Marketplace Co-Op, there is now this awesome ceramic coaster set for sale, $24.99.

This plastic plate ware can be found nearby at the Centerpiece store inside Marketplace Co-Op.

There is also a new Minnie Mouse collection.

Some of the Never Land collection of items has arrived here as well.

How awesome is this throw blanket?

A shot glass, to “toothpick holder”, as Disney calls them… It’s $9.99.

The lantern spotted a few pics above features the Castle on it. It retails for $29.99.

I still am in need of this Monorail toiletry bag in the TAG shop.

A pretty brilliant item for sure.

Some new Wonderground Gallery art and items for sale in the center of the store.

The Adventurer’s Club mug previewed months ago was finally released. It retails for $17.99.

For those who don’t know, this was once a club at Pleasure Island. For those who don’t know, Pleasure Island was an area of Downtown Disney with night clubs. For thoise who don’t know, Downtown Disney was what Disney Springs used to be.

A new Hollywood Tower Hotel shirt from Twenty-Eight and Main.

There is also a new Haunted Mansion-related hoodie.

The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad mug was released as well.

A few weeks old now, but there is also an Enchanted Tiki Room glass for sale.

As well as Shrunken Ned, a favorite from Disneyland.

A set of cardboard coasters can also be found, $14.99 for 24. I don’t understand buying coasters that are ruined after one use for this much money.

An awesome Wonderground Gallery Main Street Electrical Parade phone case is available at D-Tech on Demand at Marketplace Co-Op.

PhotoPass Studio

The PhotoPass Studio at Disney Springs is actively marketing the new Princess Storybooks you can have made.

Apparently, you can also get buttons and magnets with photos made here now.

A World of NEW Disney Items

Moving on to World of Disney, we find many more new items here, including this awesome Disneyland park map throw.

An awesome new coin tray for sale.

Several of the new Twenty-Eight and Main items were available here as well

A new Jungle Cruise hat for sale.

Some new socks were released as well.


The pairs are $14.99 each.

Some new apparel for sale.

I’ve seen he Mickey designs before but Stitch was new to me. Stitch seems to be making a comeback as there is a TON of new merchandise featuring him suddenly available.

In fact, there’s an entire new ladies collection…

A new Disney boutique line of bags.

The new plastic plate collection was also on sale here.

Some new Star Wars socks for kids.

This new keychain featuring the sign from the Walt Disney World Railroad station is pretty cool.

The Polite Pig

The Polite Pig, located in the Town Center, should be opening by April.

It’s a pretty big space, taking up two larger storefronts.

This and That

Keihl’s recently opened in the Town Center.

It’s another shaving store…

MARVEL Super Hero Headquarters is falling apart. The floor is here looks terrible. Hopefully it will be fixed soon…

The food truck menus were altered heavily again, with the Animal Kingdom truck “Namaste Cafe” now serving street tacos… Also, Superstar Catering has some fairly normal fare, including cheese and pepperoni flatbreads. How do you fail with this concept?

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  • “Spring’s Street Taco’s”? Really, Disney? Maybe the apostrophe in Spring’s (though I doubt it). Get a friggin proofreader.

        • I guess we have a new challenger to Disney Pete and Prog Music Lover. It’s a race to the bottom.

          • Yeah my preference for legible and correctly spelled articles is just trolling. I must be an emotionally stunted commenter to want the things I read to be intelligible.

            Thanks for the input Tom.

          • Wouldn’t this argument be more valid if Tom had called out the typo? In this case, a reader did, and he replied he saw it. The hostility is kind of confusing. He’s not charging anyone to read the site… if you don’t like it or think there are too many Ray Charles level typos, feel free to move on.

          • There’s no argument, I pointed out a hypocrisy. Also, no hostility. Anything else going on with you that you feel the need to project on to someone else?

    • I have to agree with Peter. These are not true food trucks, but merely food kiosks disguises as food trucks. They produce nothing but bland, boring, and over priced food offerings. Disney would only allow these type of trucks on property if each owner/operator forfeited a hefty cut of their profits in order to fill the Disney coffers.

  • Tom’s articles have more typos than a text message from Ray Charles.

    Take a minute and proof-read before posting.

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      *Hits refresh 7 times and goes back to staring at his page counts.*

  • Do you guys know when most of the construction will be completed in Disney Springs? My family and I are going the end of September.

  • With all the new clothing designs and dresses coming out (wish I could own them all), I’m hoping the sizes don’t stop at size 12/14. I personally am a size 3X/24 (unfortunately due to medication). So on our next trip to WDW will I be able to purchase some of these new articles of clothing? Fingers crossed the answer will be of the positive persuation …..???? Thank You.

  • Does anyone have an idea how much those plastic Disney castle plates cost? And if they are in multiple stores? We get to go in June (YAY!!! Its been over 2 years!!) and I really, really want some!!

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