RUMOR: 10-Story Tower, Waterfront Dining, and More Changes Coming to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

While Coronado Springs has stolen a lot of the thunder with the announcement of a 15 story tower and massive expansion, the far-longer-rumored expansion of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is beginning as well, but Disney is saying very little on the project…

Also during this exciting time, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort will be reimagined with new additions to the resort’s current marketplace, Centertown, including new waterfront dining and retail shopping areas. This centralized location will offer the resort’s guests more convenient access to services, amenities and dining.

This doesn’t really tell you a whole lot about the overall project. Why? Well, it would be kind of hard to sell the Copper Creek Villas at Wilderness Lodge (which aren’t even on sale yet) when people know that another Disney Vacation Club Resort is on the way.

The following information comes from cast members at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort and is in no way official as of yet. This is simply what they are being told at this time.

The expansion of Old Port Royale that begins May 1st and runs through Summer 2018 will reportedly include moving the Shutters table service restaurant onto the waterfront and will include a new bar and lounge. Small grab and go locations are also being constructed elsewhere around the resort, including one in Trinidad South. The counter service location and shop space inside of Old Port Royale will be completely reimagined during this process.

Other pieces of the project include the demolition of the Customs House and the move of all important guest facilities to Old Port Royale as well.  A centralized pathway system over the water (similar to another facet of the Coronado project) is also planned to allow guests an easier way to traverse the large resort.

Of course, the focus of the project will be a new, 10-story tower with 600 guest rooms that will make up the Disney Vacation Club wing of the resort. This and the rumored gondola system are yet to be announced, and knowing DVC, it could be a while until they are formally. The tower should also have a rooftop dining restaurant similar to the one being constructed at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort.

Hopefully Disney will come forward with more information soon, but in the meantime, guests staying at Caribbean Beach should keep in mind that it will be a “war zone” in there starting this May. Guests are being compensated with $75 gift cards per night until the Old Port Royale project is completed.

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  1. Is it $75 bucks a night or $25 a night? I heard 25, 75 a night would be a large difference. $525 compared to $175 for a week stay. $525 could cover a large chunk of food for the week

      1. Wow!~ IF you could get past the “war zone” its a nice chunk of change! Thanks

  2. Instead of building more hotels, maybe Mr. Iger should consider building another theme park on the Disney World Grounds. As we all know, according to fire regulations each theme park has a certain number of people who can be in a park at the same time.

    1. Nice try, Disney has their own Fire Department (Reedy Creek), They can do what the hell ever they want. And they do! Disney way behind 8 ball on building another park with all these tall motels going in. (Can’t call them really hotels or resorts anymore, they are just camps to hold crowds).

  3. So they went from 7 to 10 stories, huh! These people are filling the property with tall buildings. Somebody stop these management!

  4. We went when poly was all under construction with pool and lobby… no compensation offered.

  5. I wish the CBR will have a pirates of the caribean themed waterpark area at the resort.

  6. Tons of rooms, not much to do, everywhere packed like sardines, and half the areas closed off cuz staff is too expensive. Disney needs to get things a little better in balance. Guests, except the dumb ones, will eventually vote with their feet. OH YEA, they did, last year attendance was down sharply. :/ Wish Disney parks were much better, we would start going more again if they were.

  7. Part of me thinks it’s a shame to put a high rise on this property. It’s one of my favorite Moderate Resorts though and since I am now a DVC member it will be nice to have the option to stay there.

  8. if even half of the current rumors are true, CBR will be ruined forever. Most of what gives this resort it’s special charm will be gone.

    I seriously hope that the powers that be come to their senses quickly.

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