Disney Makes Significant Investments in Refurbishments at Typhoon Lagoon

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Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park recently reopened on March 12 after its lengthy annual refurbishment, and it got a whole lot more than just the new Miss Adventure Falls attraction.

Here is a list of updates made to the park during its three month refurbishment:

  • Surf Pool: 

The park’s signature attraction recently had new pumps installed to ensure the most lifelike waves. In addition to the new pumps, the entire wave pool was repainted to help the pool retain its ocean blue color.

  • Castaway Creek: 

The park’s lazy river was completely drained so that it could be resurfaced and repainted, leaving it looking and feeling like new. Two lifeguard stands were also overhauled to provide an optimal view for lifeguards on duty.

  • New Directories: 

Similar to the ones found at Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park, new directories (or DirectOARies as Disney call them) have been installed to make navigating Typhoon Lagoon a breeze. These directories display amenities, attractions, eateries, and more. The directories have been themed to be made out of boat oars to provide a theming that blends nicely with the park.

  • New in-park maps:

To alleviate guests of needing to utilize their mobile devices or paper maps (both of which don’t play well with water) Disney has installed new in-park maps to help guests navigate the park easier.

  • New park-entry sign:

Typhoon Lagoon now features a brand new park entrance sign. The surrounding wood-workings have also been rebuilt and painted to keep the entrance looking fresh.

  • Keelhaul Falls:

This attraction now features more shaded areas in the queue line, as well as fans to keep guests cool while waiting to board their tube.

  • Palms Dining: 

New fans have been installed to keep Cast Members and guests cooled off while taking a lunch break. Misters have been added near the mug refill station as an alternative method for keeping cool during those hot Florida summers.

  • Self-service locker rental kiosks:

Typhoon Lagoon’s self-service locker rental kiosks have been upgraded to to only be viewable within a narrow line of view. This way, security will be increased, making it more difficult for surround people to view a guest’s locker combination.

  • New amenities available to rent:

High N Dry rentals now offers new amenities such as purchasable cooled beverages and rentable  “Clam-Shell” beds, which are located near the Super Cabana over by Crush ‘N’ Gusher. Each bed features a mini beach area with a drink table.

  • Crush ‘N’ Gusher:

Crush ‘N’ Gusher has had new lighting installed, which will allow the attraction to operate at night. After nearly 12 years of being a daytime exclusive attraction, Crush ‘N’ Gusher will now be available for guests to experience in the dark later in the summer when the park hours extend as late as 8pm.

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