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Episode V: Return of the Hostess with the Mostess

Ba ba ba bahhh bah, ba ba ba bahhh bah, ba ba ba bahhh bah, ba ba ba bahhhhhhhh!!

In a galaxy far far away … (ok, maybe not so far away) we are bringing you this special galactic edition of WDWNT’s Hostess with the Mostess. In honor of Star Wars’ 40th Anniversary I am bringing you my top five favorite Star Wars experiences in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

So grab your nearest furry co-pilot, warm up the sublight engines, and let’s make our jump to light speed! #InLessThanTwelveParsecs

5. Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

I know what you are thinking … isn’t this just for kids? Yes, unfortunately it is. The Jedi Council will not accept a woman in her twenties … I have tried. But even though this experience is reserved for the younger Jedi, force wielders of all ages should stop by to enjoy this show at least once. Not only is it entertaining and often times hilarious to watch kids try and fight with lightsabers, but it is also so much fun to see Jedi Masters and their Padawans go up against Darth Vader and the Sith. Located right next to the Star Tours attraction, this training is conducted multiple times a day giving you plenty of opportunities to stop by and cheer the younglings on.


4. Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

Watching young Padawans learn to become Jedi is certainly fun, but for anyone else who is still itching to be a Jedi Knight, a Star Fighter Pilot, a Service Droid, or even a Rebel Spy, Star Tours is for you!  With dozens of different combinations, Star Tours is a unique ride because you never get the same story twice. Each ride consists of a beginning, middle, and ending sequence that rotate for each new ride experience. You may find yourself being interrogated by Darth Vader, escaping to help the Wookies on Kashyyk, and skidding to safety in the hanger bay on Naboo. This ride is always so much fun and to top it off, you exit the attraction right into Tatooine Traders where you can build your own lightsaber!


3. Star Wars Launch Bay

Everything we have talked about so far is just scratching the surface. If you really want to immerse yourself into the galaxy of Star Wars visit the Launch Bay. Ever wonder what it would be like to interact with a Storm Trooper, see Rey’s speeder up close, shake hands with a Wookie, or relive the fateful meeting between Han Solo and Greto in the Cantina? #HanShotFirst You can do all of those things at the Launch Bay! Meeting Chewbacca and Kylo Ren was one of the coolest meet and greets I have done. And now I am very much looking forward to meeting BB-8!

You can also grab a seat in the Star Wars Launch Bay Theater to watch a short film on the creation and legacy of the Star Wars universe. Packed to the gills with props, decorations, scenes, and even characters, the Star Wars Launch Bay is a must do experience!

2. Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party

So far we have watched Star Wars, rode Star Wars, lived Star Wars, now (my favorite) let’s eat Star Wars. I bought this experience for my husband for our anniversary last year and he absolutely loved it. This party gives you VIP access to the Launch Bay and a special viewing area for the Galactic Spectacular show. We had an absolute blast at this thing! The desserts and drinks were out of this world with theming and taste.

Storm Troopers walked around heckling guests and Jawas were hanging out in the Cantina ready for pictures. And yes! We did get that awesome Chewbacca mug in the picture. To top the night off, we watched Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular from a VIP viewing area. And the show was soooo good, it received the number one spot on my list all by itself.


1. Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular

The force is truly strong with this one. This nighttime fireworks event includes projections, lighting, lasers, and pyrotechnics making it a unique and epic experience. Iconic images from the films play on the Chinese Theater and are accompanied by John William’s memorable score. This spectacle comes at you from all angles, immersing you into the action. When the X-Wings and Tie Fighters are engaged in combat, the lasers are coming right at you, making you feel like you are in the middle of the attack. #PewPew #ItsATrap

My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how good this show really was. All of the special effects are orchestrated together so perfectly that the entire spectacle was amazing. I cannot wait to see it again on my next trip!


All of the Star Wars Experiences are so fun! Which made making this list so hard! But in the end, these are my top five favorites!

Now it is your turn to vote! Remember, if your favorite experience is not on the list, you can select “other” and comment below.  I cannot wait to see how you vote! May the Force Be With You!

Extra Magic Tip: Be sure to go on Star Tours: The Adventure Continues more than once! With unique beginnings, middles, and ends, there are over 50 different combinations you can experience.

What is your Favorite Star Wars Experience?

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4 years ago

So far, I’ve been able to do 4 and 5 on your list, but I can’t wait to do the rest later this year!! My vote will be for my favorite so far, but I bet that will change!

Not Greto
Not Greto
4 years ago


4 years ago

I’ve only done Star Tours and love it. Can’t wait to try the rest this fall!!!!!