LEAKED PHOTOS: An Inside Look at Pandora – The World of AVATAR as the Finishing Touches Are Applied

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Apparently, some photos from inside of Pandora: The World of AVATAR were leaked and are now being shared on social media. In the photos, we get a better look at the current state of the Valley of Mo’ara, Pongu Pongu Refreshments, the Navi River Journey, and more.

All of the photos come from @logantmiller on twitter:

The first photo appears to take us beneath the floating mountains in the Valley of Mo’ara, among some of the woven artwork of the Navi people.

Next, we take a look at Pongu Pongu refreshments, home of the Lumpia dessert and fine beverages. The hula skirt is sadly not installed on the big mech suit yet.

Above and below, a better look at the boat vehicles for the Na’vi River Journey attraction.

Above, we get another look at one of the bioluminescent floors in the land.

A themed sign shows remnants of the RDA mining compound, likely the building that now houses some of the queue for the Flight of Passage attraction (in story).

Pandora: The World of AVATAR opens at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on May 27th, 2017.

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  • I hope that you have retained competent legal counsel. You may need it when Disney’s legal representation makes contact with you concerning the posting of these photographs.

  • Omg Tom actually gave credit to someone else’s work. Of course I’m sure the watermark was a big factor in that little decision. Of course I’m sure there will be be plenty of naive “fans” that will still think Tom took these and congratulate him on getting them. It will probably still go a long way in stroking Tom’s already enormous ego though.

    • Tom isn’t the one that doesn’t give credit. Most outlets don’t give him credit, because he’s usually the one to break the story!

  • Tom presented full attribution in the article, and every photo is marked. Can’t you at least find something legitimate to cry and whine about?

    • Never said he didn’t Scottie ;)
      I do find it quite funny that you’re actually giving Tom the credit for watermarking the photos. I fully expected idiots like you to give Tom credit for taking the pictures, but I didn’t expect you to be dumb enough to give him credit for watermarking the photos. Bravo!

      • Please show me where I said that Tom watermarked the photos. Instead of mindless reverting to childish name calling, perhaps brushing up on your reading comprehension may be a more productive use of your time.

        • I’m sorry I’m having trouble understanding what you’re getting at.
          Your use of the word mindless is quite confusing because that is an adjective and the way in which you used it was meant for an adverb. An example of an adverb in this situation is the word mindlessly. Here is a helpful sentence you can use to understand the difference.

          “Scott Dolan makes mindless grammatical errors while mindlessly trying to prove his superiority over others on a Disney Fanboy blog post.”

          Hang in there Scottie Boy.

          • Yeah, I left the “ly” off by mistake. Excellent catch. Now, back to my original request. Please show me where I said that Tom watermarked the photos.

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