Medical and Recreational Marijuana to be Added to List of Prohibited Items at Walt Disney World

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Let me start this off by saying that marijuana has not been allowed at Walt Disney World in the past, but apparently for the last few weeks, it has may have been.

You see, the list of prohibited items allowed into Walt Disney World Resort has always included illegal drugs. However, in the state of Florida, medical marijuana is no longer an illegal drug as of Election Day 2016. With this new legislature in place, Disney World will be adding “medical and recreational marijuana” to the list of prohibited items for all of their theme parks, likely sometime in the next few days. Recreational use is obviously still illegal, but Disney will be including that in the listing, regardless.

We could not confirm if the use of prescription marijuana will be restricted at resorts or other non-theme park areas though. Hopefully Disney will clarify this in the coming days.

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  • “Let me start this off by saying that marijuana has not been allowed at Walt Disney World in the past, but apparently for the last few weeks, it has may have been.” – What?

  • While I greatly appreciate the effort by Disney to curtail use of a product which effects other guests whether they want it to or not, I have to wonder about the legality of telling a guest that they cannot take specific prescriptions. This will be interesting to see pan out.

    • Marijuana is illegal federally, any ADA law pertaining to medication is also going to be federal. So the Feds probably wouldn’t enforce 1 law that would cause another law to be broken.

  • Just more Reefer Madness nonsense. I’ve used cannabis inside Disney property on a number of occasions having grown up in Central Florida. I’ve seen other people do the same. Now with the Advent of pocket vaporizers there’s no way Disney is going to stop this. Kiss my but Disney.

  • Uh oh….I can see pot heads revolting over this one. That is…if they had the motivation to put down the Doritos and get off the couch.

    • And it is only fair….if I can’t bring in my “medical” Glock-9, then other “medical” items should not be allowed.

      • Keith, could you do me a favor and take your medical Glock-9 and ingest it for me? Medicine is something that you ingest to alleviate or control symptoms. Your attempt to be clever by comparing one illegal thing to another while ignoring logic and common sense falls short. Sorry bro, now pass me some Doritos.

        • You fool, I am almost certain that you find cigarette smoking appalling as I do, but have no issue with an individual smoking marijuana and impose their disgusting second hand smoke on my partner and I. Typical hypocritical comments from an ill informed dolt.

          • You’re almost certain of things that someone else finds appalling? How presumptuous. Also, calling someone a fool and a dolt while having poor grammar/punctuation is a really bad look. Might I recommend less progressive music and insulting people online? Perhaps you could replace that void with education and kindness? Just a thought.

      • For help on how to ingest it: Start with the barrel first. Once it’s safely inside you, no one will ever be able to ‘TAKE YER GUNZ!!!’ Good luck man!

        • What gall!! Even though I disagree with a citizen’s right to own a firearm, I would not wish ill will on one that used a firearm for legitimate self defense. I suggest you reread your comments before you lecture on kindness. The world is a cruel place, only made more so by individuals such as yourself that stand in the way of progressive ideals.

  • See, this is a great idea. Too bad it won’t last long. It’ll die either forced by law or the same way alcohol found its way inside the parks.

  • I’d be interested to see whether or how they can enforce this, since vape cartridges are nearly impossible to differentiate and becoming more and more popular for marijuana and tobacco users. Maybe they’ll invest in more dogs? It just seems like a waste of money (which means needlessly increased admission prices).

  • I’m glad they aren’t allowing this hippie paraphernalia into the park. Now I can continue smoking my harmless cigarettes in peace.

    • Here is some advice. Individuals with two digit IQ’s, such as yourself, should cease with the failed attempts at irony. It only serves to amplify, to the readers of these comments, your intellectual deficiencies.

      • Typical Trump voter making light of someone with a lower IQ and “intellectual deficiencies” just like your President mocked a disabled reporter #StopMentalism

      • A lowly life you must lead, trolling WDWNT on the hourly .. Sad. I see your posts, normally multiple times a day, trolling the heck out of the comments. I’m sure i’ll get hit back with a “your a moron/i do not/etc/etc” but the reality is, you have no life, and no one here really cares much about you. If your okay with that, I guess, keep on rollin’, cause i rarely even read your comments. Or you could stop being such an asshat, or find a site your welcome on, and go there. The last two suggestions, probably better for your overall jilted mental state.

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