Walt Disney World’s Uber-Like Transportation Service Slated to Begin Soon

Walt Disney World is hiring drivers for their once-rumored Uber-like service, which apparently will be launching soon.

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The system is being described in internal documents as “transporting guests door to door or point to point within resort and theme park locations”. Drivers for the service will be expected to provide information about the advanced technology features of the proposed electric vehicles, while providing information about Disney property and vacation assistance.

Disney is only hiring cast members with at least one year of experience within the company for the positions, and only those with at least 3 years with a Florida driver’s license. It is expected that those Cast Members be knowledgeable about all aspects of the Walt Disney World vacation experience so that they can answer any questions that the guests in the vehicle may have.

Disney will be testing the service as a more personal experience as opposed to the wildly popular Express Bus Service introduced last year.

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  1. Love this concept. Especially for times when you’re tight on time and your Uber driver doesn’t know the ins and outs of getting around disney property.

    • So do I! Most nights we are fine with the bus back to Pop Century, where we usually stay, but some nights the buses are packed or not coming quite frequently enough. The nights we stay extra late or just do not feel like walking all the way from World Showcase to the front of EPCOT, if we could take a private and much quicker mode of transport I am all for it.

      It’s hard for people with sleepy or sleeping children, packages, and strollers on packed buses too.

  2. We often use a taxi to get from or resort or to skip the long bus ride to Disney Springs. Any idea on when it will begin?

  3. Fantastic idea, hopefully Disney gets this up and going as quickly as possible. It will make getting from resort to resort for early a.m. breakfast ADR’s easier and probably much more enjoyable than using a taxi. I think this service will be widely accepted and utilized. On a side not, I also hope Disney continues the express park to park bus service, makes hopping to multiple parks in one day extremely convenient.

  4. I am wondering if Disney World will still allow uber drivers to drop off in lieu of this. I am a pass holder that has parking included but I do not drive so I am hoping that in lieu of this Disney does not limit Uber drivers from dropping off and picking up.

    • Yeah Disney just wants a piece of the pie. Besides I make more money picking up people at outside hotels and resorts

      • Don’t worry Chris, this will have ABSOLUTELY no effect on regular Uber operation at Disney.

    • From what I’m seeing, Disney’s Uber-like service will only take people to and from places WITHIN the resort. So essentially the actual Uber could still pick up and drop off people that want to go offsite to places like Universal, SeaWorld, Int’l Drive, etc.

  5. We already use Uber, and this sounds even more convenient. Unless it’s a ridiculously expensive service, I guarantee that we would use it constantly.

  6. It’s killing Disney that some Uber driver is making a few bucks and they’re not getting a cut.

    • I think it’s a really clever idea; an Uber driver wouldn’t know as much detail or have specific Disney training, therefore couldn’t answer all the questions an official Disney drive could. Also, security? I’d feel much safer with a Cast Member Disney driver than someone I didn’t know driving their own car or a borrowed one which may or may not be safe for a multitude of reasons.

      • Huh? I am an Uber driver and keep my routes exclusively to Disney property. I am also an Annual Passholder and former cast member. I know more routes to and from each location than you could dream of, including those that may or may not allow for non cast member access. I get my customers to their destinations quickly and inexpensively. I make about $500 – $1000 a day, depending upon how long I actually want to work since I am semi-retired. There are quite a few fellow drivers such as myself. We still have cast member connections and we can offer a lot of info to guests,

        • Really????? You paid Uber shill. You would have to drive 2000 miles a day to make $500with Uber. Are you telling me you drive 2000 miles a day?????

          4000 miles per day to mkae $10000. At 40 miles per hour it would take you 25 hours always with a customer.

          Why do you lie???

          • The only explanation would be that maybe people actually tip at Disney. They almost never do where I do Uber, but maybe people at WDW are programmed to throw money.

        • Ha Ha Ha, I need proof of that!
          Few more months you can buy Disney… how about that… 1000 a day hahahahah

        • This is the most ridiculous message I have ever read. Orlando market pays $0.65 a mile and they take 25% of that as commission. To make $500 a day driving for uber you would have to drive over 1000 miles a day (on the clock, no dead miles included). That is physically not possible. At best, you can maybe drive 3 short rides an hour. You only get paid $3 a short trip…MATHS.

      • Not true as a lot of uber drivers are cast members and I provide my passengers with plenty of knowledge

        • Lets not use faulty logic here. Just because someone does not work for disney does not mean they have No knowledge of Disney. There are clearly some uber drivers who have knowledge of Disney.

          However, this is more about consistency and quality of experience it sounds like to me. In this case, Disney would likely ensure a minimum competency level when it comes to Disney product knowledge. That can’t be guaranteed of EVERY uber driver (or any other service. It also sounds like they are going to wrap a premium concept around it like electric cars. That may not mean something to everyone, but it sounds like this is focused on consistency of experience and guaranteeing a minimum quality experience.

      • Suzy, I am a former employee of a Disney Property and a retired Marine. I can assure you that Uber drivers are now safe and reliable.

  7. Uber and Lyft is always on property and most of us are previous or current Disney cast members. Disney will probably charge more than Uber and Lyft.

  8. Not bad idea been driving since ever uber started here disney would not let us in the property unless i pay the parking fee back then has gotten better these days

  9. I’m from England & last night witnessed many young sleeping children waiting for our bus to hotel from H Studios for over 1.5hrs!! We couldn’t see any taxis for hire. Not v.g.. PR Disney/hotels!! This problem could easily be resolved.

    • That’s because they’re creating the need themselves so you can justify the upcharge. Disney has it easy with these people. Instead of complaining that the busses are not fulfilling their intended purpose, they just go “shut up and take my money, I wanna pay for what you used to do for free”

  10. Is there an expected ETA for this? We’re going to be there at the end of April/start of May. Will it roll out that quickly or will we just miss it?

  11. Uber has become a race to the bottom. Most drivers are illegals with forged documents and don’t speak English. Who else would drive a car they’re paying on for less than the cost of operating it? 48 cents a mile with half of your miles dead (without a paying rider) is 24 cents and gas is an average of 12 cents a mile. I can see this as a logistical nightmare because 80% of the park attendees do not lodge on Disney property.

  12. Thanks for the great tips. I used Uber care service during my recent trip to Walt Disney World. We took a Uber from I Drive to the Disney Ticket and Reservation center at Magic Kingdom and it didn’t cost us anything, Free! We used a free ride code which I listed below. Which was great! Out hotel did offer a shuttle bus to the park but we decided to use Uber cause we didn’t was to ride in a late and crowded bus as the shuttle had picked up passengers from adjacent hotels before it reached us.

    The driver picked us up within 4 minutes of requesting the car and we got to the Ferry terminal at Magic Kingdom about 15 minutes late. We also took an Uber back from the park to our Hotel at 11PM and the fare was just $7.50 for 4 passengers. The Uber driver was friendly, told us where he would pick us up and we went back to the hotel in a nice, clean, AC cooled car. Wonderful experience and we would definitely use the service again.

    Feel free to use my code zakr121ue for a free Uber ride or $15-20 off

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