PHOTO: First Look at Banshee Connect Experience for Pandora – The World of AVATAR

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Today, the Walt Disney World website was updated to include an image of what appears to be the Banshee Connect experience in Pandora – The World of AVATAR…

While not announced formally by Disney, here’s what we know about experience…

“Banshee Connect” service is where you will be matched with a tiny version of the beast; a robotic creature that you can take home with you for a price.

So it appears as though guests will enter this area where a number of small Banshee creatures will be perched on a wall. From there, a guest will somehow be linked with one in particular that they can then purchase and take home. This will apparently be located inside of the Windtraders shop in the land.

Pandora: The World of AVATAR will open on May 27th, 2017 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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  • Well, so Disney is the new Apple? Taking an idea someone else already had? Maybe those rumors ARE true.

  • Kind of wondering how many adults and children are in to Avatar ? Although everything Disney does is amazing.

    • I’m going to assume you never experienced the drivel that was Stitch’s Super Sonic Celebration.

    • Hi Angela (by the way, my name is Angela too), (an amazing name, right?)
      I’m an adult and I’m sooooo into “Avatar”!!!!! I’m sooo excited about going to experience The World of Avatar. I’m super excited about the Banshee too! I have never been to Disney before. This Avatar attraction is why I must visit. I hope you are an Avatarist too????

    • It has no cultural impact. No one goes around saying quotes from Avatar. No one gets the theme stuck in their head. You don’t see cosplayers making Navi costumes. The movie may have sold the most tickets of all time, but it had no lasting effect and only a small fan base even cares if the sequels are released.

  • I will only be ok with the one they pick for me as long as it is pink. They look neat and I want one. Just hope they are not too expensive.

  • At this rate, the base ticket to WDW is going to come only with the ability to LOOK at the parks. Actual, the use of sidewalks and streets, use of restroom facilities, and all photo taking will come at a surcharge. Dining will be included at posted prices for guests who have pre-purchased “Regular Dining Price Passes” via iPhone, while those who have not done so will be charged an additional 50% surcharge and will be rented chairs and tables for $15 a person. Rides and attractions are NOT included unless the base ticket has been enhanced with the “Most Rides and Attractions” add-on, which is just $50 a day but can be reduced to as little as $6 a day with multi-day FastPass+ chips surgically implanted directly into the brain, which an on-site doctor will do for an additional $800 per person.

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