REVIEW: Blue Bayou Has Disneyland Charm, But Food to Forget

REVIEW: Blue Bayou Has Disneyland Charm, But Food to Forget
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The Blue Bayou is the most legendary and renowned restaurant at Disneyland (not counting the private Club 33), but why is that? It’s undoubtedly for the ambiance, with seating overlooking the bayou as boats from Pirates of the Caribbean slow fully list by. I’ve been here on four occasions over the years, and only one of those meals did I think was worth the price.

I will warn you that these won’t be the best pictures we have posted, as we did not want to use a flash inside of the dark restaurant. Regardless, we will do our best to guide you through the menu via text.

Blue Bayou Menu (50th Anniversary Edition)

We visited Blue Bayou on March 17, the evening before the 50th Anniversary. The special menu and entrees were available for several days around the anniversary date, but we don’t know exactly when they reverted to the regular menu.

Complimentary Bread

Honestly, this was probably the highlight of the meal. It was warm and fresh, and if that’s a highlight of the meal, well then, we are probably in trouble moving forward in this review.

Blue Bayou House Salad

The house salad was fine if you like blue cheese, but nothing special.

New Orleans Gumbo

The gumbo is very good, as it always is. But there’s no reason to come to Blue Bayou for the gumbo when the same thing is served at the Royal Street Verandah. If you do have to chose between this and the salad, I would choose gumbo.

Broiled Filet Mignon ($46)

Served with Blue Bayou Au Gratin Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, and Béarnaise Sauce. Choice of Blue Bayou House Salad or Cup of our signature New Orleans Gumbo

The filet was the best entree out of those we ordered. If everyone in your party wants a filet, then you probably won’t be as disappointed in Blue Bayou as we were.

Royal Street Seafood Jambalaya ($35)

A robust combination of Shrimp, Sustainable Fish, Tasso Ham, Andouille Sausage, and Chicken with Louisiana Popcorn Rice. Choice of Blue Bayou House Salad or Cup of our signature New Orleans Gumbo

The jambalaya was good, but not great. It’s a decent budget option, but your money would be better spent elsewhere.

Fruits De Mer ($42)

Pan Seared Red Snapper, Sautéed Shrimp, Scallop, and Hush Puppy, served on a bed of Spinach with Spicy Shrimp Sauce and Remoulade

This limited time dish (which may or may not still be available) was solid, but not fantastic. While nothing on the plate was bad, none of it tasted any better than anything you would order at a Red Lobster. Don’t get me wrong, I like Red Lobster, but I don’t want a $42.00 Red Lobster entree at Disneyland. The hush puppy was very good, too bad they only gave you one.

Bone-In Rib-Eye ($44)

Blue Bayou House-made Rub, Seasonal Vegetables, and White Cheddar-Smoked gouda Mac and Cheese. Choice of Blue Bayou House Salad or Cup of our signature New Orleans Gumbo

This was not a great steak. It was a little tough and the flavor was almost nonexistent. If you want steak at Disneyland Resort, I’d highly recommend getting the filet instead or going to Steakhouse 55.


The Blue Bayou is a legendary restaurant and very difficult to get into compared to most other restaurants around the Disneyland Resort. However, the selling point here is not the food. Similar to Cinderella’s Royal Table at WDW’s Magic Kingdom, the draw here is the location and the ambiance. Much better meals can be had at Carthay Circle, Napa Rose, and even Steakhouse 55. If you’ve never been to Blue Bayou, it may be worth going once just for the experience, but the food is certainly no reason to come back for a repeat visit.

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  • I ate there a few weeks ago.

    My review mirrors yours. The ambiance was superb; we felt as if we were sitting underneath an oak tree out back by the creek. The food was expensive and and simply whelming (neither over- or under-).

    • We went this weekend and the food was horrible…after waiting over an hour my wife recieved the ypugjest fillet ove ever tasted and my mediam-well steak came charred..never going again

  • My wife & I went to Disneyland to start our honeymoon in 2009. I could be mis-remembering, but I seem to recall the gumbo being as amazing as the jambalaya with the portion being much bigger that what I see in the photo … too big to finish. I’d definitely go back for the ambiance, but I agree that I’d be disappointed if the portions are getting smaller (and perhaps less flavorful) while the price goes up.

  • I’ve been to Blue Bayou four times and each experience bad. They have never once cooked my steak right. I even ordered it rare this last time in the hopes that I would get medium rare, but no, gray all the way through. Then when I complained I was told that it WAS rare. I showed him a doneness chart on my phone. He said it was wrong. Rude. Bad service, and bad food.

  • I enjoyed the food, but its easily twice as expensive as any other average dining establishment. What makes up for it is ambience and the terrific wait staff. While I wouldn’t say it is worth it, it is quite adequate and a once in a few years visit. I just visited recently in February when I got my Annual Passport for the first time in many years. Previously, I visited Blue Bayou over 10 years ago.

    Tip: Go on a birthday. You’ll get a free dessert that’s easily worth $7.00. Just tell the waiter.

  • I have eaten here many times for lunch, and had a better experience. The prices are more reasonable and I get the Monte Cristo that I treat myself to only once or twice a year. The atmosphere is just what the doctor ordered on a hot day.

  • I love the ambiance of Blue Bayou, we usually have lunch and we love the Monte Cristo. I just wish they had pomme frites.

  • My family ate here in February and couldn’t agree more. Overpriced and unimpressive food that sat like a brick the rest of the day. The only good meals we had in DL were at Napa Rose and Carthay Circle. Pirates was closed for renovation, so we didn’t have any boats drifting by, which made even the ambiance less enchanting. My tip, if you feel you must eat the famous Monte Cristo at lunch, is to order one for the whole table as an appetizer, or even as a dessert. The sandwich tastes good for a few bites, but between the grease and the very sweet dipping sauces, it’s not an advisable meal (unless you’re able to take a nap afterwards).

  • Why the negativity? Your at Disneyland. Enjoy the attractions and small food venders at the park. If you expect 5 Star food and service go have dinner in Downtown Disney , one of the hotels, or Mortons on Harbor Blvd. For the person who went 4 times and had the same bad experience each time , well i guess you deserved it.

    • So basically you’re saying that if you want 5 star food and service in Disneyland, go eat at a non-Disney restaurant. God forbid someone pay $44 dollars for an entree and expect it to be good.

  • I have been here many times as I am a pass holder and have never had a bad experience. The prices at lunch are much cheaper than dinner. As included in each meal you get all you can eat bread, an appetizer, and then the main course I don’t believe it is a bad price point considering the quality of the food, the atmosphere, and the fact that we are talking about a table resturant in a Disney theme park.
    Also, the gumbo is different at this resturant us different than the Royal Street Verandah. Theven Blue Bayou has chicken and sausage while the other place has steak or vegetarian. The Blue Bayou gumbo is in my opinion much better than the Royale Street Veranda’s, though theirs is certainly still good.

    I am not someone who lacks the ability to form critical options about restaurants and as such there are many restaurants at the Disneyland Resort which I do not like, and I have eaten at most of the resturants on property. This however is one of my favorites. I have had consistently good food and good service. I highly recommend giving Blue Bayou a try.

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