What is Happening to the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom? Will Donald Trump Speak?

Donald Trump is Going to be in The Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom
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The Hall of Presidents at Walt Disney World closed for refurbishment over 3 months ago, with little to no announcement from Disney as to what changes were going to be made. The 2016 Presidential election was a controversial one, and that was long before a winner had even been decided. However, the real controversy now is if the current President of the United States will continue to be offered a speaking role in the attraction.

Starting in the early 1990’s, the current President of the United States was not only added to the attraction, but given a speaking role in it, beginning with Bill Clinton. George W. Bush and Barack Obama followed, provided speaking roles and also bringing about considerable rewrites and changes to the existing attraction.

While it has been confirmed that Donald Trump will be added to at the attraction in audio-animatronics form, it is still unknown if he will speak, despite the fact that we are now just 2 months away from the reopening of the Hall of Presidents.

Rumors indicate that Disney may never even release a statement when the attraction reopens (to avoid backlash in either direction), but according to sources, Donald Trump will simply stand in the background with other presidents during the classic attraction’s stirring finale. Speaking roles in the attraction will likely be kept to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, and it is not expected at this time that Morgan Freeman will return as the narrator. This is all unconfirmed at this time, but that’s at least the buzz around cast members in the Magic Kingdom.

I’m sure Disney is hoping that all of the media buzz around Pandora: The World of AVATAR will distract from the Hall of Presidents scheduled reopening in late-June 2017, but whatever may happen, we will continue to bring you updates on the fate of the opening day Magic Kingdom attraction.

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