VIDEO: Good Morning America Teases A “BIG” Star Wars Announcement By Mark Hamill And Daisy Ridley For Tomorrow’s Show

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Good Morning America just gave us a really big tease for tomorrow’s show as they promised that Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley will appear on the show to make a big Star Wars announcement that has been 40 years in the making.  Are we going to get our first look at “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”?  Could it be the announcement of an Unaltered Original Trilogy Blu-ray set? Or could it be something else? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

From GMA:

Source: GMA


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  • Yeah, Chris raises a good point. I’m really surprised there hasn’t at least been a teaser.

  • Could be Greg, but think fans will be pissed off if it is just that. They specifically said a Star Wars announcement 40 years in the making. If it is Force For Change, it could be that old, you can appear in Episode IX, which would be a bummer. New trailer? Still doesn’t seem 40 years in the making. Maybe 4K UHD discs. Still. Maybe unaltered versions. But why would Daisy Ridley have to be there? And they didnt specifically say Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley, they said Luke and Rey. It better be good.

    Chris and Scott, we’ll be getting a lot this week with Star Wars Celebration. Definitely a teaser. Actually, I think the less the better. I felt they gave us too much before TFA was released. I’d be happy with one trailer and that’s it. People are still going to see it regardless if we get multiple trailers.

    • It was in fact, an announcement for Force for Change.

      Will the nerds be rioting in the streets now?

  • I actually thought the first teaser for TFA was the best of all of them. I’d have been perfectly content if they’d left it at that.

  • You guys were right, I was wrong. You cant fault Force For Change, but whoever marketed as an announcement 40 years in the making should be fired.

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