‘Delicious Disney’ Chef Series Events Coming to the Walt Disney World Resort

The “Delicious Disney” Chef Series is an event that will feature well renowned culinarians from the the Walt Disney Resort, where they will present to you unique culinary creations with some delectable wine pairings, and bookings for these events are now open for Tables in Wonderland members.

The events will be taking place only one day each month starting May 31st and will go through till December. Each event day is a different culinary showcase with different offerings. All of the days are $249 per person except for the event day on December 6th, which is only $199.

Tickets are available now until supplies last. You can get tickets by calling 407-939-5773 from 9am-5pm ET if you are a Tables in Wonderland member. For a full list of offerings each month, take a look below.


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