Details on Entertainment & Nighttime Lighting Ceremony Taking Place Daily in Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

While various previews of Pandora: The World of AVATAR at Disney’s Animal Kingdom are ongoing, guests are still not seeing a finished product of the land and will not until May 27th, 2017. On opening day, Disney will debut entertainment offerings, as well as a nighttime lighting ceremony for Pandora.

The drum circle show, which has been mentioned before, will debut on the 27th, performing up to 14 times per day during the long operating hours planned for this Summer. The 8PM show will be a special one as it will reportedly bring the bioluminescence of Pandora to life right before the eyes of guests.

It is also rumored that there will be lead ACE team members who will be roaming the land in-character, teaching guests about the planet.

In addition to entertainment, none of the bioluminescent effects on the planet will be activated for guests until opening day. Inside sources also tell us that the interactive plant life on Pandora is not completed yet and that there will be more to touch and interact with once the finished product is unveiled.

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  1. Nothing says “organic environment” better than having a set time to flick a switch to turn on the plants.

      1. Plenty of real horticulture integrated with the ‘exotic plastic plants.’ I worked on this construction site for a year. It is amazing.

    1. Welcome to Pandora. We’ll leave the bioluminescent lights on for ya.

  2. I got to visit Pandora for one of the previews (this past Sunday from 6-8) and it was absolutely amazing. In my opinion it is the best thing Disney has ever done and exceeded all of my expectations. I got to ride Flight of Passage twice (parent swap…which wasn’t supposed to be available yet, but the very nice cast member let us do it anyway) and it was fantastic. The food was also very, very good. The boat ride was fun, and beautiful to behold but not something that blew my mind like the flight is passage ride. They did have a few of the bioluminescent plants turned on but they must have been Just testing them as the article above contradicts what we saw with our own eyes. It was 3 red bulbous flowers and also some kind of water bug effect in a stream that we saw. I can’t even imagine how beautiful the place will be when the light the whole thing up and I can’t wait to see it.

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