Disney World Introducing Premium Cruise Around Crescent Lake and Epcot Starting June

I’ve seen some weird (and overpriced) premium events at Walt Disney World, but this is probably one of the stranger ones…

Beginning June 1st, guests can book a “Premium Day Cruise Around the World” emanating from Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. Guests will step aboard a vessel at Bayside Marina that will take them all around Crescent Lake and the World Showcase Lagoon for one hour. Bagged snacks and soft drinks will be included along the way, but guests can also purchase additional items through private dining. Each boat can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Cost is $149 per boat, up to 10 guests (plus tax). Guests can call  407-WDW-PLAY to book now.

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    1. The article says per boat. I can see this for a fun thing for a family to do if they are maybe bringing the grandparents or meeting up with cousins, etc. who have never visited WDW. My husband would actually love this, but with only three in our family, it wouldn’t be a very cost-effective way to eat chips and drink soda.

    2. It says $149 per boat which fits up to 10 people. Not interested, but I’m sure many will be.

    3. Thanks, Tom, for correcting it from $149 per person.

      We really enjoyed the pontoon boat from the Yacht Club, taking turns as our own captain!
      Cost less than half of this price when we did it for an hour.
      And, you could always bring your own food if you wanted to.
      Assume the up-charge is mostly for the captain, not the snacks.

      1. “World Showcase Lagoon”…
        …I missed that on the first read.
        When you rent a boat from the marina, you are only allowed to cruise Crescent Lake, which we enjoyed.
        This would include a private tour of World Showcase Lagoon.
        I wonder how close to the countries the captain can take the boat ?
        Or if it would be basically the same view as the Friendships – which are free ?

  1. Looks like per boat.. 10 people.. 15$/ person… Kinda cheap if you consider the bagged snacks and softdrinks at WDW prices.

  2. If the cost is per boat i think it could be popular for family gatherings. 15$(if wit 10 people) for snacks and drinks is a steel.

  3. Ahhh… I can ride the Friendships for free and bring my own chips???? ….
    And it’s a”day cruise” for one hour.
    Rofl… who came up with this????

    1. Actually the Gilligan Cruise is a 3 hour tour and they drop you off on one of the islands in the middle of the lagoon at the end and are left to get back to to shore using only coconuts, palm leaves, and used Illuminations mortars.

  4. If you could order up some premium snacks and cocktails/wine grabbing a couple hours with friends could be a lot of fun actually. Especially prior to a nice dinner or the Party for the Senses during the F&W Festival. That is if it is indeed 150$/hr for the whole boat w/staff.

  5. This is a bit much. You can get the free transportation and walk around the showcase lake. I’ve been going to WDW since 1974 yearly and more often since moving to Tarpon Springs fl in 1992. As a passholder its expensive enough without all these extra so called specials.

  6. This doesn’t sound premium to me. But feels like a bargain compared to those cabanas they tried in tomorrow land. ;)

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