PHOTOS: Coaster Track Installed for Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios

With Pandora now open, the next themed land opening at Walt Disney World will be Toy Story Land. With the opening date to be announced at the D23 Expo in July, major progress on the land’s headlining attraction was made this week…

Photos by @bioreconstruct
Photos by @bioreconstruct

As you can see, a fair amount of the roller coaster track for the Slinky Dog Dash attraction has already been installed. Photos were taken by @bioreconstruct on twitter.

Photos by @bioreconstruct
Photos by @bioreconstruct

It is speculated that Toy Story Land will open in 2018 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

27 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Coaster Track Installed for Slinky Dog Dash in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios”

  1. I will be there on December 2018 when it opens, I am very excited. I hope it will open on Christmas.

    • Makes sense, but I doubt they care. DHS is in desperate need for family rides and throughput… and right or wrong they are extremely popular, satisfying to the average guest, and is the absolute right move for this park.

  2. Have to respectfully disagree. DHS is so short on kids rides I don’t know if I would bother taking younger kids there. There will be 2 new adult rides in SW Land. Makes sense to add a kids ride in Toy Story Land- which primarily appeals to kids in the first place.

  3. maybe this should be moved to DCA and take over the boardwalk area. If it’s true Toy Story land should be like a kiddish fair type it may make sense to do over on the west coast.

  4. I will enjoy Toy Story Land. I don’t know what Slinky Dog Dash coaster will feel like. I may try it out though.

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