Young Child Hospitalized After Incident at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Young Child Hospitalized After Incident at Disney's Art of Animation Resort
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A 5-year-old was airlifted to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children on Monday after the child nearly drowned at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort at Walt Disney World.

The boy is alright and was last listed as “well” in condition. The pool was closed following the incident as it became the scene of an investigation by police. Lifeguards at the resort were interviewed regarding the child’s predicament following the airlift. It is unclear exactly what happened, it is simply being called a “water emergency”.

The incident is far from the first at a Disney resort, and not even the first at the 5-year-old Art of Animation hotel.

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    • Gotta love the parents who think they are above the rules. The pool was closed so why were they even near it? And why wasn’t a 5 yr old being watched

      • Read it again.

        “The pool was closed following the incident as it became the scene of an investigation by police.”

        Also, let’s get some details before we start the parent blame game.

      • Pool was open my family and I were just across the pool playing in it when I thought happened…all lifeguards on duty went into immediate response mode and did well…my hats off to them…hope the little boy is doing OK

      • Who said pool was closed, my grandson was in the pool like everyone else! So easy to judge????????grandma!!

    • Hey my grandchild is three not five and livegaurd did not take him out of water it was his uncle and he gave him to the live gard and in turn he laid him down and it was a God miracle that another came to turn on side to let water out of the lungs while lifegard was putting gloves on!!!!

  • So much for closing the pools with a fence, huh? Who knew that parental responsibility is key in these accidents! Maybe they need to make the fence 10 feet high. Or maybe the pools shouldn’t be deeper than 10 inches. Or maybe they should just remove all pools.

  • We were at the Beach Club during a surprise drowning simulation training last year, and the efficiency with which they rescued the victim and secured the rest of the pool was amazing, All of the lifeguards on duty knew their responsibilities and executed them well. The supervisors were there video taping the entire process and we were told that they would review the recordings with each of the lifeguards to point out things they did right, and areas where they could improve. We were also told that these drills were regular occurrences resort-wide. I have no doubt that this level of training saved a life in this situation.

  • He isn’t five!!! He is three!!! And I appreciate if people who don’t know the whole situation shut your mouth!!! That was my son and I don’t appreciate the rude comments!!!

  • Thank God this sweet child is ok. prays to him and his family. Children are fast and things happen in the blink of an eye. don’t be so quick to judge.

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