BREAKING: Popular Shoulder Banshee Toys in Pandora: The World of AVATAR Are Completely Sold Out

BREAKING: Popular Shoulder Banshee Toys in Pandora: The World of AVATAR Are Completely Sold Out
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Well, we told you that the Banshee Rookery experience in Windtraders at Pandora: The World of AVATAR was popular, but I guess we had no idea just how popular they were…

The Banshee Rookery inside of Windtraders in Pandora is completely empty as of 10:45am on June 3rd, 2017
The Banshee Rookery inside of Windtraders in Pandora is completely empty as of 10:45am on June 3rd, 2017

According to guests visiting this morning, there were a few Banshees on the shelves when the day started, but now there are none. Cast members are telling guests it will be a few weeks until more are in stock (take that for what its worth). Either way, it is clear that Disney sold way more of these neat toys than they ever expected to.

The full contents of a Banshee Rookery box, and the optional perch.

If you are unfamiliar with what these are, you can check out our review of them here. The product was selling well during previews, but it wasn’t uncommon to wait 30-60 minutes just to enter Windtraders over the first week of it being open to the public. Guests would then have to wait another 15-30 minutes if they wanted the full Banshee experience, but Disney was also offering “grab and go” pre-boxed Banshees at temporary tables inside of the shop all week.

We will continue to provide updates on the status of the Banshee Rookery as many a guest have told us they were looking forward to doing this on their first trip to Pandora. Well, some guests will have to wait a little while longer.

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  • A monster success on the retail front.
    Disney nailed it with this product.
    Hope there well stocked in September.

    • I’m going. In August I really hope I can grab one with the perch it will look awesome on my desk

    • They’re $50 plus tax. My boys each bought 1 yesterday…….glad we were able to find them!

  • My goodness. We visited the park on Wed. and my girls were each able to get one. They were definitely in high demand, but I am so surprised they weren’t more stocked up and prepared for the demand. And we had to wait in a very long line just to be able to shop in the gift shop.

    • They actually were prepared they bought 350 thousand that is a lot in first order and another 650 in there last order before open so it’s just they are selling better than expected

  • Hi I just got got back from on vacation and I want to Pandora the second it was open . I just wanted to say that it’s worth it doing the whole experience. At first I was just gonna grab my banshee and go but then I realized it was broken and I couldn’t buy it because the wings didn’t work and then I tried another one it was the same. But then when I went over to the adopt a banshee when you could pick it out I got a perfect one right away that just goes to show you should always do the full experience. I also think it is worth buying the banshee even though if it’s $50! I’ve had lots of fun with it I can’t believe that they could create such a thing !!!

  • Hopefully they’ll get into a regular re-stocking routine and always have them available, soon. Tom, loved your Rainforest Cafe dragon substitute you showed on Twitter (my kiddo bought that same one last week at a Barnes & Noble).

  • How is the other Pandora merchandise stock holding up? I’m hoping to find the adorable plush direhorse at Windtraders later this week. :)

  • I was able to buy one today there was about 35 left as of earlier. I really love it. It’s kinda hard to use the joystick/leash though. I do have small hands so it might be easier to use if u have bigger hands than I do. The magnets are holding up well. It hasn’t fallen off yet.

  • I went today and there was none at all they said they will be back soon. Went a few different times in the day and no luck. I was told they were giving a few out here and there. Not sure how that’s fair to the passholders or guest who traveled far. Hopefully they get it together soon.

  • We were there this past week, and through sheer luck we walked into Windtraders post 9:30 AM fast passes for Flight of Passage, and they had a shipment! Both my children were able to get one, and love them! They’re really incredibly well made, beautiful toys.
    We bought ours about 10 AM. The entire shipment was gone by 10:15.

    • You got lucky. I’ve been there many times with no luck. Idk why they don’t wait till they have a full shipment and restock the whole rookery.

  • I feel there should be a way that we can order these. I understand they are backordered. So many dedicated WDW fans have come in hopes of getting one of these toys. So many who travel a great distance with no other option but to get one at the park. So our day at the park there are none to be had and no options to order. Sad

  • The reason they can’t keep them in stock is because greedy people buy many and sell them on e-bay for 10 times the price. Should be illegal!

  • Do you think there will be some by July 14th? That is the day we are going. We get access to the park an hour early so we are hoping to buy one.

      • Thanks for the reply, Tom. I, and I’m sure everyone else interested, appreciates it too!

        I’m checking on them again. Our trip is in about 35 days. Have they gotten more and been able to keep up with demand or are they still “flying” off the shelves?

  • Just opened the banshee box and the blue banshee is not working it will only turn its head and nothing else. We have only just taken it out of the box! I’m not very happy that I paid so much money for a toy that is broken.
    Document number is 14751224 store number 6563. Collected from guest services when leaving the park. I hope you can replace with a fully working toy. I will await your reply
    Thank you
    Ann Atkins

    • Ann, I had that happen as well when I was there, and it was a simple fix. The banshees work on tension wire, and the cast member outside the store stretched out the cord full length and pulled a bit and then it worked. Somebody else came up with the same thing right while I was there, so this is a common thing with those. Apparently it’s something they tell you during the experience, but you don’t find it out if you just grab one of the boxes. She said you have to keep the cord stretched out and not curled or anything. Try that before returning it.

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