Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Relocating Temporarily Due to Unplanned Maintenance

Due to unplanned maintenance, Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort is temporarily moving to a new space in the convention center.

chef mickey s at the contemporary relocating temporarily due to unplanned maintenance

The temporary location will operate from July 28th until August 13th, 2017. With the exception of the location, nothing else about the experience will be different.

10 thoughts on “Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Relocating Temporarily Due to Unplanned Maintenance”

    • Could be since the kitchens are right under the track. I would think they would announce if the monorail would be shut down, though, so maybe it won’t impact the lines.

  1. Disney is falling to pieces. But let’s change the women’s auction at PotC, it offends me. Is much more important than maintaining the resort or building new attractions.

    • Thanks Pete for your terrific comment. As usual your comments are brilliant and beyond intelligent.
      Thank you

      • Leaps & bounds more intelligent than Disney interns like you trying to hide the sun with a finger. Did you buy your reinforced umbrella just in case a monorail piece falls on your head?. Let me guess, you don’t get paid enough to afford one.

    • Repairing a 30+ year old monorail system? What, do you think Disney’s some sort of sexist or something?

  2. Exclusive! Ours sources say the unplanned maintenance is actually due to friction between Chef Mickey and the Walt Disney Company due to the green-lighting of the Ratatouille attraction at Epcot. In an attempt to exert his dominance as the head rodent chef on property, Mickey is demanding upgrades to the Chef Mickey establishment to ensure that his restaurant is not overshadowed by the impending Ratatouille addition.

    • That is brilliant! I shall eat cheese and do a wine walk to toast the beloved monorail system!

  3. I hope they spend some time increasing the quality of the food at Chef Mickey’s… quality has really dropped over the past 5-10 years

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