Disney World Postponing Hall of Presidents Reopening Until After July 4th

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Disney World Postponing Hall of Presidents Reopening Until After July 4th

Disney World Postponing Hall of Presidents Reopening Until After July 4th

Walt Disney World will likely not be reopening the Hall of Presidents at the Magic Kingdom in time for the 4th of July holiday as originally planned.

disney world postponing hall of presidents reopening until after july 4th

Despite zero announcements since the attraction closed in January, Disney closed the Hall of Presidents attraction to add new president Donald Trump to the show. Internal documents stated that the show would re-open in late June 2017, but are now simply stating “Summer 2017”. Cast members standing outside of the closed attraction are also telling guests that it will not reopen prior to July 4th.

Disney has still made no public statement on when it will reopen and what role Donald Trump will have in the attraction. It is unknown if the delays are related to remaining work to be done or for political reasons and public appearance.


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46 thoughts on “Disney World Postponing Hall of Presidents Reopening Until After July 4th”

  1. This YUGE renovation is only going to make this show better than it was before! I will be the greatest addition to the Hall of Presidents, and will single-handily Make the Hall of Presidents Great Again!

  2. I would guess that it’s not that easy to get Mr. Trump to record a part for the new show.

  3. Obviously this delay is happening for one reason and one reason only… because who happens to be the President. When Don won I thought of the HOP and what he might say, or not say, knowing WDW might just let our forefathers speak going forward and eliminate the sitting President’s dialogue. Anyone know if Don will have a speaking role? Usually the President makes his speech/voice recording within the first few weeks of his administration… If they are planning on Don speaking I hope they don’t wait too long to make the recording since I don’t think a jail cell has the best acoustics…

    • It’s been reported they are having difficulties setting up a time to get him to record something. That would be the only hold up. But he’s too busy playing golf.

  4. Walt Disney World…millions of people are very upset. You should of (out of respect) had President Trump ready as he is The 44th President of the United States. Whether you like him or not! My parents are in their 80’s and have gone 2x’s this year so far to see President Trump at the hall of President’s. Get it together!. And by the way…what a disappointment it s to see WDW acting like a crying baby!

    • Do you even know what you’re talking about? They can’t reopen the Hall because they don’t have a audio clip for Trump’s animatronic and they can’t get a meeting with him to record one. Disney is in a tough position because if they go forward without an audio clip it will look like a cop out and displease Trump supporters

    • Nancy,

      When trying to garner empathy or sympathy from anyone, it is best not to call them names (i.e. “crying baby”) or use hyperbole (i.e. “millions of people are very upset”). It downplays your argument. Also, since Disney has not stated the reason for the delay, it is perhaps best not to assume they are doing it for political/optics reasons… though if they were, that should tell you something about the state of the country and the way the world perceives the current POTUS. Disney knows PR. They wouldn’t do something for those reasons unless there was a valid reason to do so.

      I would recommend that your parents call ahead instead of making the trip just for the Hall of Presidents only to be disappointed time and again. In fact, that’s a good idea if you’re planning on paying $100+ for any one attraction.

      Finally, Trump is actually the 45th president. Obama was the 44th.

    • You’re ridiculous. Millions of people? I find that very hard to believe. Also, WDW is allowed to do whatever they want, it is their business. I don’t think that calling people names such as “crying baby” will help. Seems more like something a kid would shout as an insult during a tantrum.

      • I don’t think that’s unreasonable.
        Statistics of WDW visits would indicate ‘millions’ are anticipating the words of the leader of the greatest nation EVER known to humanity.
        I can’t wait!????


    • Are your parents unaware of checking refurbs before going to the park? Sounds like low-information voters…..er, I mean park guests….

  5. Until this posting I hadn’t realized that 45 would be added to the Hall. That is one of my favorite parts of the park. Something about Lincoln makes me happy to go in and watch. I don’t know if I can go when they reopen. :(

  6. What a shame if Disney allows itself to get caught up in this political witch hunt. You can not re-write history! Display Trump in the same exact manner as you did the other Presidents ( and in the same time frame) and re-open the exhibit!

  7. I think the imagineers are having a hard time finding hands that are tiny enough to work with the animatronic.

  8. All of you complaining about how dare WDW delay this seem to not be aware why it is delayed. Trump has not allowed them to make a recording like they have done with every President since Clinton, so they have had to re-work their entire plan for the attraction and/or wait to be able to get the recording, which at this point is not likely to happen.

  9. I’ve read in another article that they said they were having a hard time scheduling time to record his audio. While I am not a fan of Trump, I would still go. Our country stands for more than one person. I went when it was Bush and honestly, it was fine. The speeches are all pretty much hopeful speeches about America so no matter who it is, they aren’t policy speeches. No matter who it is and how you feel about them, don’t let this one ride ruin your trip ☺️

  10. While Donald Trump may be a pivotal reason as to why this attraction has been delayed, I believe it has just as much to do with Barrack Obama’s exit. The last iteration of this attraction was heavy on his becoming the first African-American president. Obviously that doesn’t make sense with the appointment of Mr. Trump so changes have to be made. This delay probably would have happened if Mitt Romney won the election back in 2012. Just my two cents…

  11. Even if you disagree with President Trump politically. He is our President and Disney needs to make every effort to make this happen directly.

  12. He was elected President. He is the President. If you don’t like him, don’t go to the attraction once he is added. Personally, I am looking foward to seeing this attraction again after 8 years of skipping it because of Obama.

  13. I stopped going after Obama was added.,will go again in the fall when I get back to Florida.

  14. I have to be honest here,
    I really don’t care what anyone’s political views are I just want to see how well they get his hair. If you let your political views effect your opinion or actions at WDW then you should seek professional help. Not being ugly just a realist.

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