PHOTOS: Work Commences on Possible Club 33 Location at Epcot

Since it was announced that Club 33 would be expanding to four locations at Walt Disney World, many have speculated what the location of the private lounges/restaurants in each park might be. As we speculated with construction walls present at Disney’s Hollywood Studios that their location will be the old Catwalk Bar, it seems that some walls now up in Epcot may point to that park’s private club location.

photos work commences on possible club 33 location at epcot

The American Adventure lounge in World Showcase now has its main entrance walled-off. This does not happen routinely, even before the space is used prior to the park festivals.

photos work commences on possible club 33 location at epcot 3

This space has been used as the Chase Lounge at past Food and Wine Festival events, but may now be getting a conversion into Epcot’s Club 33. The spot would make sense as it offers great views and is connected via elevator to a kitchen downstairs.

While this is not confirmed and we are purely speculating, it does seem likely. However, the park does offer several other possibilities if this is not it.

9 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Work Commences on Possible Club 33 Location at Epcot”

  1. So the Chase Lounge will be gone? We’ve enjoyed the lounge during Food & Wine as a great respite from the heat and to charge up our devices. If this is true, I do hope they offer another location for the lounge.

  2. I find it revolting that Disney would further the chasm between the regular working class folk and the wealthy. The only reason that these “clubs” exist is to provide a location where the halves can flaunt their wealth and riches in the faces of the halve nots. It is becoming quite clear the clientele that Disney would rather cater to, with all of the unreasonable price increases and the construction of what are essentially”middle class free” zones.

      • Where is the like button!?!?!? LMAO. These millennials and their class BS. It kills me. So shame on the airlines for having first class, shame on stores besides Walmart and shame on anyone who makes a good income for spending it however the hell they want. I hope with my 33 membership I get a big button I can wear and a VIP lane to enter the park through. Ill proudly wave at the haters on my way through.

    • Also, perhaps if you knew the difference between have and halve, you might not be firmly in the have-not camp.

  3. Darn, I’d hate to lose the Chase members lounge. At least I’ve still got the DVC lounge over near Figment, as long as that lasts.

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