UPDATE: Disney Confirms Donald Trump Will Speak, Sets New Opening Date for Hall of Presidents

UPDATE: Disney Confirms Donald Trump Will Speak, Sets New Opening Date for Hall of Presidents
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Disney has finally made a statement about their ongoing update of the Hall of Presidents attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

According to News 13

“The same thing that we’ve done with other presidents, is the same plan we have for President Trump,” said Jacquee Wahler, Vice President of communications (Walt Disney World).

They went on to clarify that Donald Trump and his audio-animatronic figure will speak in the show, just as the last 3 presidents added have.

Disney also stated that the attraction will re-open in late 2017, citing “technical problems” as the reason for the delay.

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  • Let’s be real. They’re delaying as long as possible since it’s a coin flip that he makes it to 2018 at the POTUS.

    • A Hall of Presidents cast member told me –while officially working in uniform, in January ’17, that the animatronic figure of President Trump was underway and it was one of the most complex ones and would take the most time because of the “hair”. He said each hair is inserted individually.

  • hahahaha! Another ‘technical problem’ is that he has sadly yet to say anything inspirational, inoffensive or worthy of being recorded.
    The Trumpamatron is better seen, not heard…and if they could place him toward the back…:)

  • Can you please leave your political views and opinions off of this website? This is a news resource site for Disney fans around the world who want nothing but to escape from the politics and terribleness of the real world, and If you want to express your
    personal views on the current status of our country, please do so on an official political news site or if you are so displeased, write a letter to congress addressing your concerns. Thank you.

  • I’m glad Disney has decided to do exactly what they always do
    Donald Trump is our President and should be honored as such. Please stop with fake news. I am now a bigger fan of Disney for doing what is right. Thank you

    • Our respect belongs to the office of the president, not the butt that sits in the seat of the oval office. I will not give him respect unless or until he has earned it, which he most certainly has not. No other President in history has had so many people avidly against him, not only in America, but also in the world. No other President, not even Nixon, has had so many people protesting on a daily basis. No other President has been under so many investigations, has so many lawsuits filed against him while sitting in the seat. Only one other President has repeatedly denigrated the majority of media sources…and that was Nixon. No other President has campaigned when his tush has only been in the seat for a few months…they usually wait until it’s near election time. No other President has spent so much time at the golf course instead of doing his job. No other President has effectively given his responsibility of Commander in Chief to someone else. No other President has gone this long without deciding on members of his cabinet…I guess not enough people bribed him with huge donations during his campaign. No other President has given top secret intel from another country’s spy to a country that is considered to be a potential threat…and then told them where he got it from. No other President has spent so much time whining over any source, in his case Twitter, that people insult him. No other President based his campaign on divisionism, scapegoating, prejudice, hatred, fear, and bullying. No other President has ever worked so hard to DIVIDE the Country rather than unite it. No other President has ever done any of those. And then to add to the fact that his Wall will be a useless waste of Taxpayer money…ever hear of planes, boats, tunnels? Not to mention that the majority of illegal immigrants come to this country on legal visas and then overstay their welcome. Oh, yes. No other President has ever worked so hard to poison our environment…oil and coal in our drinking water, tearing down of national parks, killing off of endangered species. And no other president since the 1800s has tried to violate the treaty and agreement that Native American land belongs to THEM, because of all the wrongs WE did to them when we invaded their country and then kept pushing them further and further away from quality land into infertile messes. No other President has worked SO hard to violate the Constitution…ever hear of the First Amendment? HE hasn’t. No other President has successfully fulfilled every sign of fascism that is listed on the plaque in the Holocaust museum. No other President has handed every desire Russia has for us into their hands. If Russia decided to take America right now, they are succeeding…without nuclear war. No other President has lied every time he opens his mouth, has 1 to 5 daily scandals, has mistreated women before. No other President has violated the Emoluments Clause, thereby breaking the LAW….and sat there expecting us to let him get rich off of being President. Who do you think is paying for the excessive vacations he takes? No other President has done so much WRONG to the American people. If ANY other prior Democratic President had done even a tenth of what he has done, you all would be having the hissy fit of hissy fits. But you probably haven’t even read all of this…and even if you did, your mind is closed off to reality and truth. You’ve been brainwashed to believe what he TELLS you to believe. Which is one of the signs of Fascism.

      You’ll probably call me a libertard, or some other stupid name…despite the fact that five years ago I said I’d vote for him if he ran…only difference is I actually kept my eyes open and LISTENED to what he was saying…and saw him for what he was. And therefore, I had to follow every moral fiber I possess, every single reaction to the red flags waving around…to do whatever I could to prevent this travesty from happening. Remember, he may have had the electoral vote, thanks to the Russians…he’s even TOLD you that…but he did NOT get the popular vote. Most of America did NOT want him in the office. So no, I do not and will not respect him. He stole the seat with bullying and lies. And he is the single most DANGEROUS threat to America and the constitution who has ever held the title of President. I took an oath to protect the Constitution from ALL threats, foreign AND domestic, when I joined the Army…and I hold to that oath. As do many, many, many Veterans.

  • Hey Mike… grow up. He is the president and treating him any different than the last ones is what fascists would do. But my guess is you want an all powerful government telling you what to do.

  • Can we please leave political posts out of Disney blogs? This is some of our escape from the media.

  • Well there’s one less pavilion I will be going in , until they move him to the back row in 4 years.

    • Agreed. I sent a letter BEGGING to just have him do a roll call. I can’t imagine the incoherent hatred and disdain he will spew in the spot. “I am the bigliest. Oh, America is Great again. Because of me. Believe me.”

  • He’s not really our president? Because according to the constitution and the electoral college set by our founding fathers, he most certainly is! :)

  • Hey we had Obama for years, and despite not liking him personally it was cool to hear him speak and added to the attraction. We could at least respect our current President and show him the same grace as he robotically intones like his predecessor.

    Or we could act like the posters above…

    • I assume you are a conservative? The concept of grace is offensive to leftists, and you will never see it. If they are breathing, they are trumpeting their narcissistic hysteria. Defeating the “evils of capitalism” and patting themselves on the back for conquering “social injustices” are far more important than truth, reason, or even civility. Truly vile, miserable people for the most part.

  • Good hopefully they can open my air conditioned sleep space at Disney again oh yeah Donald Trump won the election get over it.

  • Disney should have made this announcement long ago. President Trump is our President. Those that commented negative must NOT remember what President Clinton did, and he did it in the White House. If they feel strongly against Trump speaking they can stay home and not spend their money at Disney

  • Shame on Disney for blaming this on “technical problems”‘which we all know is not true! Stop with the liberal bias and treat President Trump as you have treated all the rest of the Presidents, and and open the exhibit in a timely fashion. Remember Disney, Florida voted for Trump… and as a resident, you love for us to visit when all the others go home! Think twice about the political games you’re playing!

  • Mike and Karen, you need to face reality. Donald Trump is the president of the United States and is going to be honored by Disney as are all the other past presidents, regardless of their party. I didn’t vote for Clinton or Obama and I still enjoyed visiting the Hall of Presidents. I am looking forward to my next visit to see the new addition to the “Hall”. You need to place a picture of president Trump on the shelf with all your participation trophies.

    • I personally cannot stand the man’s voice. So I will choose to pass by this attraction until 2020. It was only a spot to relax in A.C. anyway and take a breather from attractions I’m actually interested in. More time for other attractions so it’s a good thing!

  • Great to hear that, I will look forward to seeing the improvements and of course am delighted our new president will be added

  • “Technically” he hasn’t been impeached yet. Wait and see is a smart move by Disney.

  • Thank you Disney. I stayed away from this attraction for the past 8 years but am looking forward to visiting it and seeing President Trump.

  • Wow; typical Patriot comments above!!
    Thank God Obama will be put in the background and I’ll go as much as I can to this exhibit while gladly using my annual pass to see Trump!! I haven’t been in 8 years so this will be a refreshing update!!
    Hallelujah the people have spoken!!

  • Mike/Karen only one thing to do, Don’t go back Ever Not you Not your kids Not your friends or family Ever. That should make a difference. Take a stand Maybe the lines will be shorter when I go.

  • This attraction is going to have the biggest audience ever for a Disney park. By the way have you tried my steaks, they’re the best!

  • Glad I saw it when I could. I don’t foresee ever having the fortune to visit Disney World again in my lifetime and there is now one less reason for me for to feel sad about it.

  • Disney has some hilarious material to use for Trump. They should set him up to point at someone and shout “get him the hell outta here!” Or maybe the Access Hollywood material.

  • Thank you disney for what you did trump is our president and god bless the USA!!!!!!

  • Welp, may it befall the same fate as Under New Management. I’m not surprised that WDWNT has so many fans that are pro-hate.

  • Do pro-Trump posters follow a script? Always the same responses. Weird.

    Anyway, I’m all for anything that makes MK less busy, so bring on Nixon 2.0!

    • I was thinking the same thing regarding anti-Trump posters – always the same weird responses.

    • Yes. It’s called the Constitution. You and several others on here should read it some time.

  • We all need to respect the position of POTUS even if we don’t agree with who is in that position. There can only be one winner which means there has to be a losing side, not everyone will get what they wanted, but you need to be a graceful loser and make your voice known with your vote the next election if you are not happy with the outcome. That is the main thing wrong with our country that lack of respect especially with the young generations. If everyone would treat each other with respect and other people possessions with respect this would be a great country again.

  • The garbage that comes out of Trumps mouth and they are going to have him speak? I know that I will be bypassing this attraction. Can’t stand him or the hatred that he spews. What a shame.

    • Please do. Take the time instead to learn about the Constitution, the structure of our government, civics, history and your representatives.

      President Trump no doubt can be abrupt and unpolished, but if you progressives would take the time to actually listen to his agenda and review the daily activities and what he is actually doing instead of relying on misinformation from social media or sound bytes sometimes from years ago, you may find out there is alot of sound thought and reason going on. You may not agree with all of his policies (who does with any president) but at least calm down and be reasonable.

  • I’d be really happy if Disney discontinued having the new presidents speak. If I read correctly, they’ve done this four times now. That means two from each party have spoken. After Trump, it’s a great opportunity to say “even and done” and get the sports-team-fanaticism-like fervor of partisan politics out of here.

  • My goodness, for once, can’t people just resist political commentary? It’s no wonder this country has no discourse any more. The pattern for the past three Presidents has been for them to speak and unless Disney chooses otherwise, that’s the way it’s going to be.

  • Grow up people! It’s an amusement park attraction. I can’t stand Millard Fillmore, but I still like the show!

    • Right! And Alexander Pierce was just the WORST!
      I’m fine with having him speak as it continues the trend, but to those who say we have to respect the man in the office, you are being absurd. As former military I can tell you that you respect the OFFICE not the man. That man has no respect for anyone, nor has he earned any…so don’t tell people to respect him simply because he won the electoral college (and not the popular) vote.

  • They should have just reused the brer bear from splash mountain with a bad hair style it would have saved them money!

  • Great! The sooner we can get rid of Obama’s role, the better….glorifying the disaster of the last 8 years has gone on way too long. Now if can just work on ridding “Pirates” from that gigantic douche Depp.

  • We are going to Disney in December and I hope the Hall of Presidents will be open I always enjoy seeing it and am looking forward to seeing our latest President Trump

  • First, let me say, I believe the new president’s likeness and voice should absolutely be added. BUT, I don’t have to like him, or respect him simply because he is our president. These comments calling for respect were NOT present when Obama was so savagely attacked and disrespected in unbelievable ways. Now the shoe is on the ‘other’ political foot and suddenly it’s time to respect our president again? No, unfortunately those days are gone.

  • I wonder if he’ll be holding a copy of the fake Time Magazine he has hanging in his golf clubs??

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