CONTEST: Enter to Win a Disney Mickey Mouse Emoji Fidget Spinner from WDWNT

CONTEST: Enter to Win a Disney Mickey Mouse Emoji Fidget Spinner from WDWNT
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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you undoubtedly know what a Fidget Spinner is. Well, Disney is already in on the strange, spinning toy craze and is selling Emoji Fidget Spinners at the U.S. theme parks.

Mickey, Minnie, and Stitch variations are available in black or white colors for $14.99 each. The character faces illuminate with multi-color flashing lights upon contact.

While I may not personally understand this trend, knowing how much these are in demand, we thought it might be something cool to give away here on the blog. Here’s how to enter and win one of the two Fidget Spinners seen above:

  • Comment on this post below with why you want this Disney Emoji Fidget Spinner in 50 words or less (be creative)
  • Be sure to use a valid email address when commenting as this is how we will contact the winner
  • A winner will be chosen based on our favorite comment
  • Winner will get to chose one of the two Fidget Spinners pictured above
  • Entries will be allowed until 12:00AM eastern time U.S. on Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Good luck!



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  • I want the spinner for my son he has 7 of them but don’t have one of his favorite place DISNEY

  • I am like obsessed with fidget spinners but while I was in WDW last month they weren’t anywhere I could find them. While yes they’re an annoying trend once you use them then you’re just hooked and can’t stop. As a Disney fan I’d love to have one with Disney branding!

  • I need something to distract me from thinking about out next trip, which isn’t coming for another 120 days.

  • Whatever happened to twirling a pencil between your fingers to keep your hands busy? or clicking the end of a pen over and over? These are MY kind of fidget thingy’s, but my daughter needs to have theses spinners. I tried to give her a pencil and tell her to keep busy with it. She wrote me a 150 word essay on why she wants a fidget spinner. (Backfire) She would love this as she is Disney through and through. Thanks for your consideration!

  • My kid is really pissed at me. I did a “fidget spinner challenge” in the parks and the best behaved would get one. By the time they behaved, the damn spinners sold out!!

  • To loosely quote Dory: I want to win because…..
    I shall call him Spinny, and he shall be mine and he shall be my Spinny

  • I do not know if you guys ship out to Canada. The 27th is my son’s birthday, he has attention deficit this order and uses these spinners quite often to relieve stress. As we often go to Disney together, but we have not for the past two years, I thought this would bring back memories. Thanks for reading! And understanding!

  • I have watched my children play and break four fidget spinners. Each time I feel a piece of myself either die or get excited. I can say without a doubt, though, that if mama wins this one, kiddos will never see it. While they’re spinning their last broken one, I’ll be laughing and singing IT’S A SMALL WORLD in their faces!!

  • Oh my Disney…My grandson would go nuts over this…Mickey and it lights up too!! I want to surprise him with it so do ‘t tell him if I win….oh I mean when I win…thanks a million!!!!!

  • I’d like to win so that I can learn to use it as a boomerang & knock people out of my way in the parks when it feels crowded.

  • Because my kids love Mickey, and the fad will most likely be over by the time we get back to Disney.

  • The kids would love this! We are all diehard disney fans. And they are kids, so of course they love fidget spinners!

  • I am a second grade teacher. While I personally do not like these spinners I can definitely see why the children love them. With that being said, one of the students I had in my classroom this past year had a severe learning disability. He also LOVES anything Mickey Mouse. I would love to be able to give one of these spinners to him when I return this fall. He would love it! ????

  • “why you want this Disney Emoji Fidget Spinner in 50 words or less (be creative)”

    just following instructions

  • What could be more fun than a Disney Fidget Spinner other than a day with Mickey and Minnie! At 68, am I too old to have childish fun? Grins!

  • I want to win this because it has Mickey on it. Other than that, I have no idea what to do with this thing!

  • ????????????????‍????‍????‍????. ❤️????❤️ ????????????????. ????????????????????????????☠️. (If you understand this, you deserve one too.)

  • My daughter just lost her first tooth. Tooth fairy brought her a fidget spinner. She has never had one. Daughter is now mad at tooth fairy bc it wasn’t this one with her favorite Mickey emoji’s. Go figure!

  • If I won a Disney fidget spinner I’d give to to my best friends’ daughter. She’s 4 and doesn’t have any spinners yet, so I would love her first one to be a Disney one!! She’s asks to go to the castle everyday (Cinderella’s castle).

  • I would like it so my son would stop asking for one and I can give it to him….if I hear I want to go to disney and want a fidget spinner. I can give it to him and give him both….who cares if hes only 3 lol….but it would be a great gift for him

  • Well we head to Disney in a few weeks and want to check out Pandora…….I think we’ll be needing something other than extra battery packs for our phones to manage the time waiting in-line to see anything there!!!! :D

  • My daughter doesn’t follow too many trends, but fidget spinners have sucked her in. She saved up her own money to buy her fidget spinners while other children have just had dozens bought for them by parents. I’m proud of her for being so good with the money she earns washing dishes and helping our elderly neighbor, so I’d love to reward her with another fidget spinner. Plus, then she’ll have it before we go runDisney this January! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • My daughter has ADD and some times its very hard for her to keep concentration. I have found that allowing her to have one of these has helped her in ways that nothing has. I think that this one would be a nice reward for her,for completing tasks and doing good in school.

  • Naturally Australia doesn’t these, why would we get anything this awesome from Disney!! Not gonna lie I’d totally get this cause it’s Disney and lights up.

  • Because my Asperger’s kid loves these things, and he loves Disney (as do I), and he would love nothing more than to tease his parents with another silly spinning thingy.

  • My ????‍????‍????‍????would ???? A Disney ???????????? fidget spinner. It would be their 1️⃣st spinner and being Disney, it would be their ????❤️.

  • I would love to win this for myself not my kids they have got a few not disney ones plus I’m a bit obsest with anything disney

  • A fidget spinner would not be good for dinner. My daughter would love it if I became the winner. Disney spinner would be neat, she could spin it all summer long while I am outside grilling meat. WDWNT, what a surprise it would be if you picked me

  • I need this fidget spinner so that my child has a way to choose his attitude when I tell him to go find a new one. Because if Mickey, Minnie, or Stitch tell him his mood…it has to be right.

  • I have refused to allow these things in my house and my daughter is not a fan of that rule. However, because it’s a Disney one, I’d be willing to make an exception. So imagine this next part sung in the best Snow White voice I have…

    I’m wishing (I’m wishing) for the one I love
    To win this (fidget spinner) today
    I’m hoping (I’m hoping)
    And she’s dreaming of
    This spinny thing (with flashy lights) to play (to play)
Ha ha ha ha ha (can you hear it now)
Ha ha ha ha ha (just her laughing sound)
Ha ha ha ha ha (the best mom I’ll be)
If the fidget spinner goes to me

I’m wishing (I’m wishing) for the one I love
    To win this (fidget spinner) today
[Daughter]: Hurray

  • My son has been asking for a Fidget spinner now since they first came out and I told him when they make a Disney one we can maybe see about getting one then. Well it looks like then is now and I’ll be in deep trouble with my 6 year old if he catches on they are out and I haven’t gotten him one yet.

  • My son has ADHD and is on the low end of the autism spectrum. His 8th birthday is on July 2nd, and he’s been asking for a fidget spinner. We’re annual pass holders, DVC members, and my husband is a WDW cast member, yet we haven’t seen these anywhere on property. It would be great to surprise him with one for his birthday!

  • Like you Tom I do not understand people’s fascination with these spinners and I certainly wouldn’t spend my hard earned money on the only way I’ll get one is if you give me one..maybe it will grow on me.

  • Bob Chapek called he needs one of his gyros back.
    Wait did that fall off Monorail Blue?
    Is that a part that is missing from the Donald Trump figure in the HOP?

  • My son (3 years old) wants a fidget spinner, but I think they’re a dumb waste of money. This is the only way he’ll get one–please don’t let him down!

  • I am a kindergarten teacher. Kindergarteners are always on the move and using things they are interested in helps keep them engaged in their school work. I would use this fidget spinner in the classroom as a way to keep students engaged. The idea is that they spin the fidget spinner and then have to complete some educational task before it stops spinning. This is a fun way to use the latest craze to keep students active in their learning.

  • Disney is want keeps me calm and helps me when I am stressed out! I would love a Disney fidget spinner because it’s two things that help me!

  • reasons why I want the spinner.

    1. Annoy my husband
    2. My Daughter keeps asking for one
    3. I need something to do while waiting in line for Flight of passage
    4. Why wouldn’t I want one?!?
    5. Everyone else has one and I don’t want to feel left out. (Please spare me the jumping off a cliff analogy)
    6. I deserve something for all the “BREAKING!” Tweets ????
    7. (SEVEN?!) I really want it

    (Can I have the Mickey Mouse one? Please?)

  • Marketing’s next move: Figment’s Fidget Spinners at Epcot or Triceratop Spinners at AK? Our family would love to have one of those! #SpinToWin

  • I’m going to give you my honest answer as to why I need this silly little gadget. I work at Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, and the day we got these “light up spinners” in stock, none of us took it seriously. We laughed about how ridiculous they were….until we began merchantaining them. We literally cannot put these things down. They truly are addicting in some mysterious way. Anyways, my coworker Kiana ends her college program soon and I wanted to surprise her with one, as she is suddenly obsessed with these things now. Thank you for the opportunity! ✨

  • I would like to win the spinner so I have something to do with my hands while I read my favorite website (the most bestest website ever…all others are poo poo garbage)

  • My family and I will arrive in 15 days for our trip. Neither of my kids know about it and we don’t plan on telling them until the morning of day we are expected to leave. My son who will just turn 7 by that time loves these things and doesn’t own one. He recently saw online with us that they just released a Disney one. My wife and I were thinking that this would be an awesome gift for him and a great way to tell him about our trip the day of. Outside of pure excitement that we expect both of children to have when we break the news, this would also help keep them occupied for the 2.5 hour flight down.

  • I would absolutely Love to have this fidget spinner! I’m completely obsessed with Disney and emojis so hello!!! Like I have to have one of these! And I love to win stuff. It would be Magical! Wish I may, wish I might, please let me win this fidget spinner tonight!

  • What better way to prove that Disney DOES make EVERYTHING more magical?! Even a twirling piece of plastic!

  • I need the fidget spinner because my cat will like it and making her happy is the only thing i strive to do and it having mickey on it will make it even better.

  • I hope to win the Figment spinner because Figment is my favorite Disney character. I have treasured Figment since I first met him with the Dreamfinder when I was two. Please tell Disney not to take Figment away!

  • I would like this spinner so it will match the 100+ Disney Tsums I have on my desk at work (wish I could share a pic!). I have a dollar spot spinner but it just isn’t cutting it! Lol

  • Wow my god-child would love this she is so into spinners + loves anything Disney. I want to win it for her.

  • My son has ADHD and is high functioning on the Autism Spectrum. He turns 8 on July 2nd and asked for a fidget spinner. We’re annual passholders, DVC members, and my husband is a cast member, but we’ve had no luck finding these. I’d love to surprise him with one!

    • I had to leave a comment twice because my first comment disappeared. I think it was too long.

  • my 6 year old would love this. were going to dw in sept staying inside and she would love this fidget to really feel part of disney. this isher first time, but our 10 th time to disney. actually annabelle is our great grand daughter.

  • Honestly, I just want so I can spin it on slower ride photos because I think it’d be a funny shot.

  • Annabelle would love this she would feel she is part of Disney. I have a plaque in epicot and can’t wait to show her in September when were arriving to art of animation she would be thrilled

  • Slap bracelets, tickle me Elmo, Bob Chapek, and now fidget spinners….what do they all have in common?! They all are nothing but a misrible pile of donkey doo.

    What would I do with my fidget spinner that you’re going to send to me? Simple, I’m going to smash it with a hammer on a live stream and crush it like the dreams of EPCOT fan boys after Robo-Chapek gets finished with EPCOT.

    By the way, I want the black one.

  • This light up thing spins and a lot of my favorite Disney rides spin so it makes sense that I take a spin at getting this spin thing.

  • My name is James, and I have traveled back in time in to warn you about the horrible things this contest will bring. Giving away that Disney Spinner will lead inevitably to a horrible war with no end. In my future millions will die because of that stupid spinner. Send the fowl contraption to me, and I will destroy it before it can do any harm!

    Please, only by giving the Disney Spinner to me can you hope to save the world from certain destruction!

  • I want this fidget spinner for my 5 year old son because he has never had one before and he loves Mickey Mouse. There have been many days of watching the Mickey Mouse Club House where he sings and dances along.

  • My almost 4 year old spends his days doing two things. One, telling me how we need to go to the airport to go back to WDW. Two, trying to be just like his older brother, who has two fidget spinners. Winning this would make my little guy’s day.

  • I would love to win a fidget spinner from Disney so I can keep myself occupied while waiting in super long lines on my next trip in 3 weeks.. and I think $14.99 is to expensive

  • Reasons I NEED this fidget spinner in 50 words or less:
    – WDWNT is my favorite website & twitter account. So every time someone asks where I got it I can brag that I won it from! #istheresomethingonmynose

    Too many reasons so I included SEVEN more reasons. #dontcounthem
    – I’ve been wanting to buy one but I made up my mind that I wanted a glow in the dark Disney one before I even saw they had these. #canmickeyreadminds
    – I’m one of three sisters so I can pretend each Mickey is one of us. #threecaballeros
    – I will get weird looks from other adults at random public places. #nevergrowup
    – My husband’s Birthday is in July so it could be “his” present. #notunbirthday
    – I can put it in the center of my Teacup at WDW & spin it even faster!? #mindblown
    – No children, so it will not be used as a teether. #heimlichmaneuver
    – Maybe if there’s a crying kid in line at Disney I can distract them? …Or make them cry harder bc I won’t give it to them? #nannernannerbooboo
    – If I were to grow real tall like giant Alice, I can use it on my head for safety like those blinking light things on building for airplanes. #drinkme
    – I won’t trade it for the Redhead. #imnotsponginforrum
    – I can throw it at the paper boy on SpaceshipEarth and maybe he’ll turn around? #extraextrareadallaboutit
    – I can spin it on the way to Disney World to pass the time. #arewethereyet

    Please let me win! We’ll take turns spinning it 7 minutes each. :)
    Have a magical day!!!!!!!

  • I want it so I can use it as leverage against chores for my son. “You want the spinner? Clean your room…Oh, did I say that was the only chore you had to do? Not so fast there…….” And then each chore could equal minutes with the fidget spinner. ORRRRR I would use it to solve conflicts with my kids—A wants to see Transformers and B wants to see The Mummy. Each gets assigned one of the icons on the spinner and if it lands on them they get to choose. Third one is for ME!! But the answer might really be, if it lands on me I win, if it lands on your icons you lose lol

  • My little brother is a huge fan of Disney. Spinners are a huge trend in my brothers age groups and are hard to find around here. He’s always wanted one, and this would also peak his love for Disney

  • “Spin me right round baby..right round baby” before i start to fidgit, cause my next fix to disneyworld is too far away.

  • My husband has been playing with this non-stop, starting to believe he may not ever stop. If he’s going to annoy me, will prefer he does it with a Disney Emoji themed Fidget Spinner. Better yet, maybe we can have a Fidget Battle, I’m sure that’s a thing. Thanks!

  • Let it spin, let it spin
    Can’t stop it from spinning
    Let it spin, let it spin
    So the emojis are blurring

    [I think you guessed the music…]

  • I want it just because I think these things are stupid and I’ll never use it as opposed to everyone else trying to win it

  • Well.. In an effort to relate more with “the kids”, I feel like I should own at least one of these things. And it only makes sense that in my attempt to reclaim childlike wonder, I have a Disney-themed spinner, as it was Walt himself that said “That’s the real trouble with the world. Too many people grow up.” Please – help me grow down!

  • My two adopted brothers have autism, ADD, and cognitive impairment. They love fidget toys and anything to do with Disney! They currently are sharing one fidget spinner and would love a second one! With that being said, thank you for your consideration and your wonderful blog posts!

  • I REFUSE to buy these crazy gadgets for our sons. However they found a loophole by winning one at a festival. What?! Haha now it’s MY turn to try & win the most awesome one with Mickey! We LOVE WDWNT:)

  • I want this Fidget Spinner so much because I’m from Brazil and since Disney has already spinned my mind with all these new products been released month by month, and since I’m only able to visit WDW once per year, it’s been impossible to get all those new things and I’m freaking out so badly that my brain is already so spinned that I can see the lightning effect

  • I’m going to be in the Disney College Program this fall and this will definitely help with the anxiety caused by those difficult guests! I’ve been a huge follower of WDWNT and am a massive Disney fan. Thanks for all y’all do for the Disney nerds!

  • I love to collect anything Disney so I would love to have a Disney fidget spinner. I know this is not the best reason to get picked but hopefully you guys pick me.

  • I teach middle school and would love to have one for my classroom and myself :) Teaching kids with ADD/ADHD and having ADD I understand the reason for them. Thanks! AA

  • Even whe I go all out with 60-day/7am Fastpass reservations and impeccable touring, I am destined to wait in line. When in even the most detailed of queues, you can still get bored. This fidget spinner can keep me entertained in any to all cattlepens, that’s why it is neccesary.

  • When you live in a state far away from Flordia, you need something to distract you from the sudden urge to get up and hitch hike your way to Disney World!

  • Why wouldn’t I want this!!!!! First of all, my family is Disney obsessed. I have been all my life and last year my husband and I brought our 3 children to Disney World for the first time. We ended up going for a second time at Thanksgiving. This would be the perfect birthday present For my youngest who turns 6 in 2 weeks.

  • Because I talk disney world every day at work and it would be super funny to troll co-workers with one

  • i want the spinner to surprise my daughter with the trip I have planned for her in September. We lost our beloved family pet of 12 years on May 18. Then 10 days later on May 28, we lost my mother very unexpectedly at the age of 59. My daughter always get straight A’s and deserves some happiness in her life. I think it would be the perfect way to help bring her happiness!

  • It would be quite interesting to have one. They are cute anf everyone needs a break from the day to day….. mickey is awesome …. i drive 45 mintues to and from work…would be a safe way to “not get aggregated” with traffic….OY! Wheres a monorail when you need one???!!

  • I hope to win this because free stuff from Tom would be awesome . Besides that, I’d like it so I have something to do while waiting for the first chicken nugget batch of the day to be heated thoroughly from Refreshment Port and as I’ve never owned a selfie stick, hope I get the dubious distinction of being the first to have one of these confiscated at the Parks when the ban on these eventually happen.

  • I am writing this for my 8 year old niece.

    I want this because I really love Disney and LOVE fidget spinners. What a perfect combination!!!

    Disney and fidget spinners both are very relaxing and make people happy!

    -Justin Shoemaker for Hayden Weaver

  • When you’re driving near or far
    and the kids are screaming in the car
    The only thing your heart desires is to calm the “zoo”

    If in you’re blog you do deem
    this small request not too extreme
    For me to wish upon a star
    for that spinner, DUDE!!!

  • I need this (yes, need) to simultaneiously entertain myself with the magic of Disney while bringing sweet jealousy to my co-workers.

  • One fidget spinner to rule them all
    One fidget spinner to win
    One fidget spinner to take to the hall (of presidents)
    And in the darkness spin

  • One fidget spinner to rule them all
    One fidget spinner to win
    One fidget spinner to take to the hall (of presidents)
    And in the darkness spin

  • My kids have basic ones, I figure if I can get my husband THIS one with the fancy lights and fun emojis they’ll ALL now be occupied and I can binge watch Netflux with no interruptions! No bugging me for food, water…love…

  • I want this fidget spinner because I love Disney and so does my son who has sensory processing disorder and really benefits from having fidgits in tough situations! Love this disney one so much! Also his birthday is Friday and I know he would love it!

  • I would give this to my nephew. He loves all things Disney. Thanks wdwnt for doing this contest. Love all the forms of Disney coverage you guys offer!

  • I am a Disney addict and so is my daughter. It would really help lift her spirits since her daddy and I are going through a divorce. A little “Disney” magic. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I have tic disorder, and these fidget toys are designed to help suppress the symptoms of the disorder, however I have never had a chance to use one of these spinners in my life ever. Since this disorder can be sometimes painful. I’d like to see if this device helps.

  • I would love to have one of them because my three kids have them and i would love to have one from my favorite place on earth

  • My son is obsessed with these things and all things Disney……I showed him this picture and he gasped!

  • I want one because all my kids got one and it’s not fair! I want someone to get me one! And everyone knows if I had one it would be a Disney one!

  • My kids have fidget spinners and they won’t share, so I need my own and one with Disney emojis would let me brag about mine being better!

  • I can use the Disney spinner to bribe my daughter, to bring my granddaughter down for a visit.

  • My Seven (Yeah 7) Reasons Why I Want This Thing:

    Because Beer
    Because Money
    Because Chapek
    Because I Have No Service Monkey
    Because King Cake Crabless
    Because I Ate the Cheeseburger Flatbread
    Because I know I’ll Hear “You Have Lost”

  • Fidget Spinners help my son sleep the Walt Disney World fidget spinner will help my son have magical dreams when he shuts his eyes

  • If the spinner is mine, I will name it Figdment and he will never leave my side. I will show him worlds beyond his birthplace. Islands of IP Adventures. The holy land of the queen of country and finally, a place where man and beasts of sea join in dramaturgy.

  • One fidget spinner to rule them all.

    One fidget spinner to win.

    One fidget spinner to take to the Hall (of Presidents.)

    And in the darkness, spin.

  • I want to have this fidget spinner to add to my Disney collection!! It would take me to infinity and beyond with just a spoonful of sugar if I had a Disney brand fidget spinner!!

  • I’d love to have the power to spin Mickey the way I spin on the teacups! Please consider giving me the ability to do so….sincerely, mother of 4 who desires her own spinner.

  • My 8 yr old son has autism. His therapist suggested getting him a fidget spinner. He has really been wanting one that lights up. His favorite character is Mickey Mouse. We live far from the parks. He would be so happy to win this! This would be a valuable tool for him that would be put to good use!

  • I love fidget spinner! Mine recently broke sadly☹️But I am in love with Disney so much it’s a little weird but I don’t care and when I saw those fidgets spinners my mouth dropped and I was thinking Disney you’re a genius????I brought 2 fidgets spinners on amazon for 20 bucks in April and I still haven’t gotten them yet. So I ended up buying them From 7 eleven for 7 dollars which broke. So it would be season if I could get and free one from Disney. Thank you for giving us This opportunity to win.

  • I am, perhaps, WDWNT’s biggest cold weather fan, checking in from Wisconsin multiple times each day. Whether it be monitoring the WDWNT website via RSS using Feedly, streaming WDWNT On the Air (including your much appreciated daily Park music) while 6″ of snow piles up outside, downloading your iOS app in order to stay connected when I’m away from my computer, subscribing to your YouTube channel for virtual visits, or chatting with Tom live as he streams a miserably hot stroll through Hollywood Studios on Facebook, I find WDWNT to be the number 1 most reliable, accurate, and fastest breaking Disney news website on the Internet.

    I’m also an avid (addicted?) player of the iOS Disney Emoji Blitz app (Level 33 player with +148% Blitz Bonus!), the source of the fidget spinner emojis. No other dedicated WDWNT fan could possibly have a deeper appreciation for this specific prize than myself! I’m a tremendous fan of WDWNT, Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, and that fidget spinner will be in my Instagram and Facebook feeds along the WDWNT brand the day it arrives at my house!

    You’re awesome, Tom! Keep up the good work regardless of who gets the spinners!

  • Would love to surprise my grandson with the fidget spinner. We are surprising him with a trip to Disney World in December 2017!

    please pick me!!

    Penny Blady

    Love your website!!

  • Tom, I want this spinner…I need this spinner. Do you know what it’s like for a 5 year old to not have a toy that both of her older brothers have??? We ordered her one, but it’s stuck in shipping in China (#ThanksShanghai). Your contribution of one Disney fidget spinner could provide an entire day’s worth of happiness to a little girl, until she loses it under the couch.

  • Honestly just want one and don’t have enough money at the moment to order one off their site cuz I’m a broke college kid.

  • Both of my kids love Disney and love spinners- they have been coveting the Mickey Mouse emoji spinner since learning there was one! I would love to win it! It would go a long way toward helping them keep a little Disney in their everyday lives until our next trip!

  • One son with autism. Another with ADHD. Both WDW fans. A Mickey fidget spinner would get *a lot* of use in my house!

  • GEtting this would make my youngest’s birthday the best ever. She loves Mickey and fidget spinners so the 2 together would make me dad of the year to her.

  • I have seen these fidget spinners and all my friends have one. Then I tried it for myself and I was astounded. These are SOOOO FUN!!! If I could, I’M BEGGING U! Please! Please! I need a fidget spinner!!!!!

    Ok, so I’m not that desperate it’s just an act. But, like legit, if I could get one to show my friends and have it. Lastly I could have it when my brothers don’t. That’s an immediate win

    Well thanks (maybe),
    Mr. Swag

  • I love fidget spinners and Disney. So basically this is the perfect spinner for me! PLEASE give me that fidget spinner!!!!!

  • I’d like the spinner because Disney is a part of my past and my future! Plus my anxiety and OCD make the spinner an amazing option to help calm my nerves.

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