Disneyland Finally Remodeling Adventureland to Deal with Crowding Issues, Several Locations Closing or Moving

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If you have ever walked through Adventureland at Disneyland, you no doubt know how crazy and congested the single, narrow pathway that makes up the land can get. Well, after all of these years, Disney is finally doing something about it.

The Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost, opened in 1995, will close on June 12th, 2017.
The Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost, opened in 1995, will close on June 12th, 2017.

On June 12, the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost and South Seas Traders stores will close permanently. On June 30, the adjacent Bengal Barbecue will reopen with an indoor seating area using space from these two stores. Merchandise from these two stores will be moved into the existing Adventureland Bazaar shop.

Meanwhile, the Tropical Imports fruit stand adjacent to the Jungle Cruise will be closed to become stroller parking for Adventureland, removing the strollers from the center of the pathway. Tropical Imports will open at a new location next door to Bengal Barbecue.

Tropical Imports will close to become stroller parking in Adventureland at Disneyland Park
Tropical Imports will close to become stroller parking in Adventureland at Disneyland Park

While the crowding in the land during the day is a big part of why all of this work is happening, the expected crowds entering and exiting through Adventureland for the upgraded Fantasmic show is the main reason the work is being done right now. This likely means that we still have a few weeks until the show returns to Disneyland.

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  • I’m figuring Fantasmic won’t be back until some time in August, but earlier would be good, too. I’m glad Bengal BBQ is getting more space.

  • I’m thrilled about the changes! Walking through Adventureland has become an obstacle course with the constant threat of being hit by a stroller or scooter. If Disney is closing merchandise areas, you know the problem is bad!

  • The redesign sounds helpful and great. It never really bothered me much before, though, because coming off of Indiana Jones Adventure, I’d just imagine I was venturing through a crowded bazaar, like in Raiders of the Lost Ark! :-)

  • I am upset about the change indiana Jones is amazing and it should just be remodeled not closed permanently

  • I’m not understanding why they don’t use the old Tehitian Terrece space for a service restaurant again. The kitchen is still there and the Jolly Holiday is part of the complex and it is in use. That space is too valuble to be a meet and greet.
    Any idea on that?
    Robert Jones


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