FIRST LOOK: 5 More Fantastic Items Being Released for EPCOT Center's 35th Anniversary This Fall

FIRST LOOK: 5 More Fantastic Items Being Released for EPCOT Center’s 35th Anniversary This Fall

A few months ago, we revealed to you the very first items in the line of Epcot 35th anniversary merchandise coming to the park this Fall. Now, we take a look at 5 more items that will be joining the retro merchandise collection  around the time the park celebrates its birthday on October 1st:

First up is an open edition mystery pin collection featuring the classic Future World pavilion icons.

The pins appear to have a metallic finish, which looks quite nice.

Next up is a lanyard pouch featuring the icons, as well as a metal EPCOT Center icon.

Paying homage to the vintage camera strap, a rainbow lanyard will be available as well. If you look closely, you can see the Epcot 35 logo through the top portion as it will be present around the neck area.

An open edition Figment Epcot 35 pin will be available.

Last but not least, there is an Epcot 35 vintage-style jersey tee.

All of this merchandise will be released around October 1st, 2017. No pricing or additional information on these products is available as of yet.

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4 years ago

I am hoping for a magicband 2 band. One that has Figment and Dreamfinder singing “Imagination” would be just tops!

jane dew
jane dew
4 years ago

I won’t get my hopes up that any of this merchandise will be available in December. Last year I had my heart set on a Magic Kingdom anniversary mug and searched everywhere only 2 months after release and they had sold out.