Frozen Ever After takes guests through the kingdom of Arendelle from the Disney animated hit, "Frozen." Located in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot, Frozen Ever After celebrates a "Summer Snow Day" on a journey through a frozen willow forest, past Troll Valley and up to Queen Elsa's palace high up on the north mountain. Epcot is one of four theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Epcot Introducing “Frozen Ever After Dessert Party” with Fireworks Viewing and After-Close Attraction Ride

Epcot is getting a new fireworks dessert party focused around the Frozen Ever After attraction in Norway.

Frozen Ever After takes guests through the kingdom of Arendelle from the Disney animated hit, “Frozen.” Located in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot, Frozen Ever After celebrates a “Summer Snow Day” on a journey through a frozen willow forest, past Troll Valley and up to Queen Elsa’s palace high up on the north mountain. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

The dessert party portion of the event will take place just steps away from the current FastPass+ viewing area for IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. After guests enjoy a spread of delectable desserts, drinks, and the nightly fireworks show, they will then be whisked over to Frozen Ever After to enjoy a ride on the attraction with little-to-no-wait after normal park closing time.

The event will be offered on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays starting in July, replacing the IllumiNations Sparkling Dessert Party which concludes July 14th. The price will be $79 per adult and $47 per child. Bookings should open following a Disney announcement.


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  1. Guys I just came back from the year 2027. They have a new dessert party, it’s the aliens have taken over and enslaved the earth dessert party. After guests enjoy a spread of delectable desserts, drinks, and the nightly death ray show, they will be whisked over to have their brains probed with little to no wait. The price will be 7,3844 Centaurian Credits per earthling, or 2,387 Centaurian Credits less than a Disney After Hours ticket.

  2. Wow, a mere $250 for a couple with two kids to have dessert, then watch a show and ride a ride that are included with price of regular admission. It’s like I can almost feel Mickey’s hand reaching into my pocket right now! For that price, you could buy a whole shelf of wonderful Disney books to enjoy long after the vacation is over, or five of those Pandora dragon things (if they ever get them in again). Shameful, Disney! But if people will pay it, I guess you can’t blame them?

    1. With the kind of drones that go to the parks (like one commenting a bit lower), can you blame them for taking advantage of these types? Heck, they’ll fight you for pointing out how they’re being taken advantage of. You are the spoiler of their fun

    2. No one is reaching into your pocket, because no one is making you pay it. If I can pay to NOT sit out for fireworks, NOT use a tier 1 fp for frozen, and get some dessert, that saves hours off my day and it’s worth it to me, without inconveniencing YOU at all.

      1. You’re correct. They only took a previously free & open firework viewing area to charge people for the privilege of viewing them from there.

        Had they built a special area were they charge you money to watch the fireworks, I would have agreed with you. But they’re taken regular park areas and closing them down for these. Quite petty.

        Why didn’t they close the shops right in front of the lagoon and turned them into vip areas? That way they could have left the public areas for public viewing. I tell you why not: because they don’t want to spend the money. They rather shoo the plebs away from areas that are just transit public areas during the day to get more money than actually really wanting to make a vip experience.

        It also speaks volumes about you. Rubbing shoulders with the plebs gives you boils thus you’re happy the company takes them away from regular areas so that you can feel “special”.

        1. I said nothing about not wanting to mix, or feeling special. I said the time was worth the money to me. It is a TIME issue. I’m literally paying for more time. As to closing areas- the area where they hold this party has been generally off limits for most of the 17 years I’ve been visiting Epcot. Before they did ticketed events there, they reserved it for private parties, like they do all the best viewing locations. Events like weddings can book them, and it was one of the options back in 2008 when I was planning mine. So they’ve actually made the viewing area MORE available than it was in the past. I make 32k a year, btw, so it’s funny you would say the “plebs give me boils.”

          1. The bit about not wanting to mix and the remark about plebs was not directed at you but at the troll who answered you & told you it was good for him that you couldn’t afford it (you know, the one you said you didn’t know if he was serious).

            As for the closed area for fireworks, that area was open for people to freely watch the fireworks because I’ve seen them from there before the dessert parties started.

            I was not a fan of the sparkling dessert party not because of the price (you could say it was affordable) but because I didn’t see the value after reading reviews about the quality of the desserts & the sparkling cyder plus it not having a seated area. But I could understand people doing it at that price. This new price increase is just outrageous. I can afford it but it has a lesser value than the sparkling party and sets a bad precedent in enabling Disney’s current greed rampage in more ways than one.

        2. Also, once for my birthday I was given a private Illuminations cruise. Just me and my family on the boat. I hated it because I like seeing it around other people, seeing them react to the show.

          1. Again, just in case, those comments about not wanting to mingle with people were not directed at you Melissa. If anything I was making your case.

  3. Let it go …. let it go…….
    Let your money go, that is, into our coffers. Bwahahaaha

  4. Shameless money grab…Walt rollin’ in his grave…shame on Disney…Disney should give me anything I want for free!!

  5. We have been going since they opened and now the prices are getting so high we can’t afford to go every month like in the past. For the price of the dessert parties I wonder do you get a box to take some home, no one could eat all that sweet stuff in an hour. Walt wanted it to be a place to bring the family, now it’s getting more for the rich .I wont to take my grand daughter again, but just can’t afford it right now

    1. Are you saying the rich don’t have families? My children Muffy and Buffy would be heart broken if they thought that we were not a true family. I have half a mind to have to maid Skype them right now and tell them that I love them, but it’s currently the middle of the night at their Swiss Boarding school, and I wouldn’t dream of interrupting them while in their hyperbaric sleep chambers.

  6. You know its coming…. when every night at the parks is themed to a special event at premium price. 2027 guy Marty has seen it!

  7. This is a big dessert buffet spread folks. Plus adult beverages, and kid beverages. So, know your kids will be sugared up just in time for bed. With the sampling of desserts you get to try, you would easily spend $100 or more. Plus prime seating for the show with no one breathing down your neck and room to move.

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