PHOTOS: Disney Debuts Automated Souvenir Vending Machines at Resort Hotels, Offering Grab & Go Theme Park Items

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When you are going through the airport, you are bombarded with vending machines selling all sorts of items, including expensive electronics and more. Well, Disney resort hotels are now testing a similar offering, selling small souvenirs through an automated vending machine in the resort lobby.

The first of these machines has shown up in the lobby of Disney’s Pop Century Resort, just outside of the Everything Pop store. The machine went into service about two weeks ago. The idea behind it is that it will allow guests to grab theme park souvenirs fast, or even when the larger store is closed in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning.

The machine is fairly small, so it just has smaller souvenirs and what might be deemed as vacation necessities. This case shows some of the items for sale.

Sadly the machine was out of order, so we did not get to try it out. When working, you can select the items you want, then swipe your card to buy it. The items will then drop out at the bottom.

The machine isn’t very big, so I can’t imagine that there is a huge stock of any item inside of it.

So, what do you think? Is this a good idea? Should it be rolled out to more resorts?

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  • I was hoping it was a machine that offered souvenirs with your name on them, or as least some souvenirs that are different from what’s in the store. And how about a Pop Century t-shirt?

  • Kinda weird since they already have gift shops with similar items. If they had unique items only in these machines that would be cool and would really encourage resort hopping.

    • And yet you not only still go to the parks, you frequent a site that reports nothing but parks news items.


  • “you can select the items you want, then swipe your card to buy it. The items will then drop out at the bottom.”

    Thanks Tom for explaining how a vending machine works, we owe you a deep debt of gratitude.

      • Can anyone describe in detail what happens inside the vending machine? How often does the person inside get breaks?

      • I’m pretty sure if someone is going to comment that, it doesn’t matter what you put. It’s like how if you put all the reasons why a machine would be necessary even when there’s a gift shop, and people still comment how unecessary it is because there’s a gift shop…

  • ..If you get to the resort late, your kid wants an autograph book for the next day and you don’t want to wait in line the next day, this is an option for you…

    I don’t understand why it’s something worth complaining about.

  • My guess would be to offer a limited selection for the little ones so they would not be overwhelmed and take up more time at a larger gift shop.

  • I can throw a rock and hit a kiosk or shop that sells all of that stuff. But if it sold Pop Century-centric items, I’m in!

    • They can’t do that, then people will want to buy the stuff and the machine will run out!

  • Thanks Tom. It’ s good to know these exist. Hoping in the future they upgrade to MB payments too as I don’t often have a cc with me any longer.

  • I like this concept. They started this at Pop as a test; theyre quite aware that they have a shop already. This would be really cool say at the Speedway stations or near the Friendship docks. Maybe the gondola stations?

  • On my last trip, I arrived at AoA around midnight when the gift shop was closing and they wouldn’t let me in. I can easily see how this would appeal to other with late flights.

  • Look at what they are selling: SD cards, grab bag pins, Magicband accessories, autograph book. That’s stuff that you don’t need to spend a lot of time picking out and waiting in line to purchase.

    It’s really not a strange concept. All restaurants and shops sell drinks but you still see drink vending machines.

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