BREAKING: Disney World’s Uber-Like Service To Be Called “Minnie Vans”, First Details Emerge

Walt Disney World Entrance Road Archway
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Information has started being shared with cast members at Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts about the long-rumored “Uber-Style” service Disney World will be launching, and no it is NOT called Duber, rather it will be called Minnie Vans.

Guests at these resorts and the Boardwalk will be a part of the initial test for this service, rolling out slowly over the next few weeks. A team of Chevrolet Traverse vehicles will be utilized, which makes sense considering the corporate sponsor for Test Track is Chevrolet and they have an overall deal with WDW. Given the name Minnie Vans, we expect the truck to be polka-dotted in some way, a play on Minnie Mouse’s classic look, but that’s just a guess.

Guests can expect a flat rate to anywhere on property when utilizing the Minnie Vans service once it launches. While we don’t have an exact number, we expect the rate to be between $15 and $20 a ride. Additional information on the proprietary app or how guests will be able to use the service are scarce right now.

We expect a formal announcement either from the Disney Parks Blog or at the D23 Expo this weekend.

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  • When I was leaving the Magic Kingdom last week I noticed dozens of Kia Souls (I think it was the Soul) parked in a line in the grassy area across from the end of the Hero parking side (Mulan area). Looked like maybe 3 or 4 long rows of the same Kia model parked bumper to bumper. Thought maybe they could be used for this upcoming service but I have no clue. Any idea what they were there for?

  • I thought they are buying a fleet of self driving shuttles? There was an article that these are being made by a giant 3D printer , and are already being used in some European airports. Maye in some small way this is a test to see if people are willing to pay the extra, than be hearded into those overloaded late and slow limited buses.

  • I think this is a fantastic idea!! There have been MANY times over the years that I would’ve gladly paid $15 to get back to my hotel without having to fight crowds on a bus or a monorail.

  • We have used Uber a lot over the past few years to go to dining reservations so we didn’t have to play bus tag (having to travel to a park just to catch another bus to our desired resort) & it generally cost about $12 or less – depending of corse on distance. So if Disney debuts the Minnie vans closer to the $20 mark, & there’s no advantage to using them, I’ll probably stick with Uber.

    • My family of 6, four kids6 and under, frequently use Mears for early entry ADRs as monorail and buses may not even be running by the time we need to leave, with our double stroller! This is typically $25, plus tip, for a private transport one way so a “minnie” van sounds like a good idea,! The best spot of drop off is at HS, right in front parking lot. For MK, tell them contemporary, they’ll drop you in parking lot.

  • I’m curious where these will drop off at the parks. I have to assume it would be in the bus unloading area for convenience, but does seem like there could be a safety concern there. Maybe a new area will be designated for the “Minnie vans” (I hope that name doesn’t stick lol)

    • Well right now for Magic Kingdom if you call in an Uber you need to meet them at the TTC which kind of negates the benefit. Although this can be circumvented by just walking over to the Contemporary and calling the Uber there.

  • It was $6-8 to go from Saratoga Springs to Magic Kingdom or Epcot in March. I’ll stick with Uber. Are they going to restrict uber from Disney property?

  • What a waste of money!!! $15 per person just to save a few minutes when the service is provided free already.

  • It is still far cheaper to use Uber, so I don’t really see the gain in this service. If it was comparable, and maybe a little more expensive, sure, I would take Disney’s service. But I paid $7 to go from the Contemporary to Disney Springs the other day. More than double is just too much

    • Actually it’s not. The Honda Minnie Van is just an Expo thing. Totally different from the Minnie Vans service at WDW. Honda does sponsor Autopia at DL that’s why they are doing these at Expo.

    • It’s certainly not Disney’s job to ensure jobs for another company. They are fulfilling their responsibility to their employees and customers.

      • I disagree with that statement. A business, in any town , particularly the size of Disney, with all of the tax breaks that come their way, does have the responsibility to not ” squeeze out “other businesses Monopolies are illegal. And there is a moral obligation to enhance opportunity for all of the residents of the area who pay taxes and deal with all that comes with the cacophony of the worlds largest tourist attraction in their back yard. People should not be forced to work for Disney, due to Disney wanting a piece of the pie , that wasn’t theirs to begin with.

  • While we have thought about renting a car just to drive from the All-Stars to Disney Springs, it takes 10 minutes but the bus route has taken 45+ agonizing minutes. To me they are just cutting back on buses and employees. Last September the bus service was terrible. We had waits of up to 45 minutes. We are not rushing around as we just love to soak in the atmosphere of Walt Disney World and other than the first day don’t use Fastpass before going, we wing it and sometimes take the next bus that shows up attitude. It is sad to see the services going down hill. We have been going twice a year for years and last May went to Universal instead. While Universal is a totally different experience it was nice to be able to walk to and from the parks from Cabana Bay Hotel. (Of course Universal is a smaller property) The simple little cost cutting that you can now pay for if you want is hurting the quality. We will see again in September.

  • This will benefit families more that would use UberXL, a standard Uber for 4 or less will absolutely be cheaper than this service. Also, I imagine the percentage of people who don’t use ride share services or even know about them is higher than you think.

  • While Uber may be cheaper the app doesn’t always work with international bank cards. Also your less “tech savey” guest may not use it at all.

    If the service is linked to magicband / room charging I could see this working well for non US residents.

  • That video just says the car was made to show at the d23 expo, it doesn’t say anything about being used at WDW.

    • Yes, but why would disney put out a video about a Honda Oddesy called the “Minnie Van” the same day they annouce a service called Minnie Vans. It seems like too much a a coincidence to not be related, plus a Chevy Traverse is an SUV, where a Oddesy is an actual mini-van

    • Disney did not announce a service called Minnie Vans. This is WDWNT breaking news that hasn’t yet been announced officially by Disney. It’s kinda what we do around here.

      But, your thinking is precisely why Disney hasn’t yet announced this service in Florida. There should be an official announcement at some point soon.

  • Umm… Are you sure you’re not getting your ideas crossed? If you go look at the Disney YouTube channel, they just posted a Minnie Van that was custom created for D23 from a Honda Odyssey. It’s supposed to be one-of-a-kind.

    • The Minnie Van at D23 is indeed a one-of-a-kind vehicle which is a Honda Odyssey. Honda has some sponsorships at Disneyland, including Autopia.

      That vehicle at D23 is something totally different from the Uber-style service coming to WDW, which will be called Minnie Vans. There is no connection at all except for the confusingly similar name. Note that Honda doesn’t sponsor anything at all at Walt Disney World.

  • This would be worth it if you’re going from resort to resort not necessarily from resort to park . For instance we’re doing Hoop Dee Doo on our upcoming trip and would definitely use this service to get there so that we can have some cocktails with out worry.

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