VIDEO: Controversial New Auction Scene Debuts in Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris, Other Additions

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Today we are getting a first look at the new auction scene for Pirates of the Caribbean coming to the U.S. parks thanks to the soft-opening of the Disneyland Paris attraction from its multi-month renovation.

The scene has been changed from the selling of the redhead to the selling of treasures, as expected. I have requested the translation of the scene from a good friend (Hi Steph!) and the main gist of the new scene is that the auctioneer is now ready to start the auction, but remarks that the jewels are a bit garbage. He also remarks about the shyness of the redhead.

The new anamatronics are very convincing, but it seems to have lost the heart of the original scenes. The video below also includes other changes and additions to the attraction.

What do you think of the new scene? Do you think it’s a worthy replacement? Let us know in the comments!


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  • The Barbosa transformation effect is great! Not sure how it ties into the story.

    The new auction scene…so flat. I don’t understand French so I am not sure what the dialogue is. Maybe it fits, maybe it doesn’t.

    “We wants the red-head!”

  • All the new scenes look fantastic. The two sword fighting AAs were so great looking and the Red Head looks like a totally Bad ass now.

    Great upgrades I hope we get them stateside.

  • Looks great to me. I’m not sure what “heart” even means in this context, but I’m pretty sure you can have heart and still not auction off women. SCORE!

    • The heart he’s referring to is the warmth of a moment where a woman is about to be sold off to pirates, presumably for sexual assault purposes.

      The ride is just stone cold without it.


  • Looks like they’re having a town hall. I’ll just sit here and wait until they remove the whole attraction because pirates offend people.

  • Agreed. Really just falls flat for me. Kind of just a “blah” type of scene now.

    The other additions look really cool though!

  • I think that both scenes are or were pretty accurate. I am upset that they are taking away the scene where they are auctioning off the women. That is how it was when pirates ruled the world. There is nothing people can do. But other than that I am ok with the new scene.
    The Barbosa transformation scene is pretty cool. I would not mind seeing something like there here in Disney World resort area.

    • “That is how it was when pirates ruled the world.”

      This is ride doesn’t represent human history.

      I repeat, This is ride doesn’t represent human history.

  • Everybody needs to relax..I think it was a wonderful Compromise and looks wonderful and the sword fighting Animatronics are amazing and to say anything further is a direct affront to the amazing WDW Imagineers.

    They were given a task and they tried to appease everyone and I believe they did…RedHead is still in the scene and still looks like she is in some trouble..but it is not as obvious to the young ones…I have no doubt in the changing times if there were someone who would actually speak up to Walt…say like his wife Lilly it would have been changed in the 70’s

  • Bs. Not the point off that part at all. Grew up with it my kids have seen it. Sad. I hope they dont change it in usa.

  • I did not like the new scene. They have reduced the role of the redhead. Is she even that important to the story now. She needs a new agent.

  • It does seem very flat. I liked her swinging her hips and showing off better. Kids have no idea what that scene is anyhow as mine never did, so I have no idea what the big deal is about the auctioning off of women. This is a historical ride and it depicts history. SMH

  • They changed one of the fencers to a woman, right? Looks good. I wish we were getting the fencers stateside, especially in Florida. Since I first went to Disneyland I’ve always felt a little disappointed with the Florida version.

    • I too enjoy the DLR version of the ride more than WDW version, albeit I grew up going to WDW. my question is, why do they need to all have the same scenes? WDW and DLR are slightly different, why can’t Paris have the pc version for itself? It would make me more likely to want to visit the international parks knowing I can get something there a can’t get state side.

  • What about Tokyo Disneyland version of the ride, is it gonna have a forth change of their auction scene soon?

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