VIDEO: Controversial New Auction Scene Debuts in Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris, Other Additions

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Today we are getting a first look at the new auction scene for Pirates of the Caribbean coming to the U.S. parks thanks to the soft-opening of the Disneyland Paris attraction from its multi-month renovation.

The scene has been changed from the selling of the redhead to the selling of treasures, as expected. I have requested the translation of the scene from a good friend (Hi Steph!) and the main gist of the new scene is that the auctioneer is now ready to start the auction, but remarks that the jewels are a bit garbage. He also remarks about the shyness of the redhead.

The new anamatronics are very convincing, but it seems to have lost the heart of the original scenes. The video below also includes other changes and additions to the attraction.

What do you think of the new scene? Do you think it’s a worthy replacement? Let us know in the comments!


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