Don’t Miss The 10-Hour Celebration of WDWNT’s 10th Anniversary, Featuring Fire Mountain, 45 Greatest Things Ever at WDW, & More!

Beginning back in 2008, it has been an annual tradition of ours to present a special WDW News Today anniversary program live here on WDWNT.com on July 8th, the day it was founded. With Saturday marking the incredible 10th anniversary of this website, we decided to kick it up a notch to begin our Tencennial Celebration…


On July 8th, 2017, join us starting at 3PM eastern time for a 10-Hour Kickoff of WDW News Today’s Tencennial Celebration! The schedule for the show includes the following:

  • 3:00PM – Show Opening
  • 3:30PM – The Fan-ly Feud
  • 4PM – Disney Don’t Forget the Lyrics
  • 4:30PM – WDWNT.com’s 10 for 10 Discussion Series Debut
  • 5:30PM – The epic conclusion of “The 45 Greatest Things Ever at Walt Disney World” countdown from the WDW News Today Podcast
  • 7:30PM – Jeopardy: The WDWNT 10th Anniversary Edition
  • 8:30PM – Back to the Future LIVE! – Going Down in Flames: The Story of Fire Mountain at the Magic Kingdom
  • 11PM-12AM – “See Ya’ Real Late” with Tom Corless featuring WDWNT: The Match Game
  • 12AM-1AM – The Big Finish
  • And a few surprises over the course of the show!
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The show will be presented in live audio at Listen.WDWNT.com (as well as on WDWNT: The App), several portions will be presented in video also via YouTube.

We hope you will join us this Saturday as we celebrate 10 years of WDW News Today and kickoff our year-long Tencennial Celebration!


  1. Will these be available to listen on podcast app? Your show is great for the long hours in the car! Looking forward to it!!

    1. Don’t be silly, why would Tom want to give up that sweet sweet ad revenue he’ll get from you watching on YouTube? It’s Walt Disney World News Today, not Walt Disney World Charity Today.

      1. Although ad revenue from YouTube does help Tom eat, it’s moreso the case that some segments just work better with video. Fan-ly Feud and Jeopardy are good examples. We will of course release the 45 Greatest Things Ever segment, since the podcast listeners have been waiting for that forever.

        1. I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that thinks Fan-ly Feud and Jeopardy work in any format!


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