Hostess with the Mostess – Top 10 WDWNT Favorites

I have a special Hostess with the Mostess countdown for you today. You have probably already read or heard about our upcoming event in September at Walt Disney World. Yes that’s right, it is “WDWNT’s Tencennial Celebration!” We are 10 and cannot wait to celebrate with you!

I am very excited for this event and I hope most of your are already registered. If not, no worries, there is still time! You can check out the important info and register right here. The event is sadly still months away but we can celebrate early because WDWNT’s actual birthday was Saturday July 8th!

With all of the excitement I really wanted to do a countdown on my WDWNT favorites. After all, it seemed very appropriate to honor the site on its birthday. Before I was brought on as the Hostess with the Mostess I was an avid reader. Every morning before work I would get on to check out the latest news. I was able to visit Disney World everyday at my desk by listening to park music On The Air. I enjoyed the competitive Disney banter on Around the Hub and loved agreeing and disagreeing with the staff.

I really appreciated everything that WDWNT had to offer. I appreciated it so much I wanted to be apart of it. And now here I am a year later (yep, it’s my anniversary too!) sharing my Disney favorites, tips, hearing from you, and loving every minute of it! In honor of our 10 year anniversary, here are my Top 10 WDWNT Favorites!

10. Cool Shirts at Tee Public

I love the shirts on Tee Public! The designs are well thought out and very trendy. Some of them are pretty funny and you can even find attractions and characters that you do not normally see on merchandise. There are designs for all ages and styles!

9. Patreon WIGS Member Exclusives

Our Patreon’s get some pretty sweet exclusives! Becoming a Patreon Member is easy, just go to the website, choose from the 7 levels of support, and sit back and enjoy all of the exclusive content coming your way. What kind of exclusive content is there you ask? Each level offers something different! You can get …

  • Exclusive WDW News Tonight Postshow, twice each month
  • Access to the full WDW News Today Podcast archive
  • Early access to new episodes of the WDW News Today Podcast
  • A monthly in-park video program exclusively for WIGS members
  • A guaranteed spot in a WDW News Tonight game every month
  • A monthly surprise gift box shipped to your home
  • Starting in October, “See Ya’ Real Late” with Tom Corless will be an exclusive monthly show for members

8. Reviews

Reviews are awesome! Not only are there reviews for Disney restaurants, shows, and attractions. But there are even reviews for movies and video games. It has always been a one stop shop for me. I am able to get everything I need right in one place. One of my favorite things about WDWNT reviews has to be the honesty. These people love Disney! But just because they love it does not mean they sugar coat it. They tell it like it is, which I believe is how a good review should be. If you have not read any of their reviews, I encourage you to do so!

7. On The Air Listen Live!

I NEED my Disney fix in between vacations. As much as I want to, I cannot just hop on a plane anytime and fly to Disney. So when I am feeling like I really want to visit (which is kind of all the time), I have to get creative. Along with reading Disney news, I listen to Disney tunes! Whether I am at work, at the gym, home cooking, or even just lounging in my backyard, I can transport myself to Disney through the parks and resort music.

6. Special Articles

Yes, the name is WDW News Today, but sometimes you need a little something different in between those riveting news stories. And we have just the thing! We offer all sorts of articles that include historical facts, live streams of your favorite parades or fireworks, and there is even this really cool lady who does a countdown of her Disney favorites and has everyone vote! ; ) (I had to!)  This is just another reason why this place is a one stop shop.

5. Podcasts

There are so many fun podcasts! One of the first things I discovered on WDWNT was Around the Hub with Patrick Hackett. I absolutely loved every minute of it. I felt that it was interesting from beginning to end and could not get enough of the Disney banter. Now I listen to and really enjoy all of the podcasts!

4. WDWNT Now!

WDWNT Now! is a very useful page! It provides the park, restaurant, and shop hours, attraction wait times, character meet and greets, events and tour information, restroom locations and so much more! It is jammed packed with important information that you will need while spending time in the parks. The best part is you do not have to go far when needing to access this info. Picture this, you are already reading your favorite article … Hostess with the Mostess no doubt … (I had to again, it was too easy.), and you want to see the wait time for Tower of Terror. There is no need to go elsewhere when the information you seek is just on the next page!

3. WDW News Tonight

WDW News Tonight is pretty fantastic, very informative, interactive, and always entertaining. This show makes number 3 on my list! If you are unfamiliar with it, here is the overview. “Hosted by radio veterans and life-long Disney fans Tom Corless and Nick LoCicero, WDW News Tonight is a live, weekly, audio and video program presented on 105.5 FM, 660 AM, and AM 1520 WBZW in Orlando, Florida, as well as online at every Wednesday from 9-11pm EST. The show covers the Walt Disney World Resort and other Disney news. The show combines the latest headlines, comedy, trending vacation topics, call-in games, and in-depth discussions to bring Disney fans a one-of-a-kind 2-hour program covering the Disney Parks. While the show is being live-streamed in both audio and video, listeners and viewers also interact via a live chat online. The show is also available on demand as an audio download, online audio stream and can be watched live or recorded on YouTube.”

2. WDWNT: The App

Did you know that we have an app?! And ALL of the amazing things in my countdown today can be accessed on this very app! I use it all the time and absolutely love it!

Check out the great features:

  • All the latest news from WDWNT at your fingertips!
  • Listen to all the podcasts from the WDWNT Network streamed to your device!
  • Listen to continuous Disney Parks audio from WDWNT: On the Air streamed to your device!
  • Watch the latest video reports and WDW News Tonight on the WDWNT YouTube Channel.
  • Accurate park hours for the WDW Theme Parks from our WDWNT Now! service.
  • See the latest tweets from the WDWNT Twitter feed without leaving the app!
  • Shop for WDWNT gear at WDWNT: The Store.

1. The NEWS!

The News has to be my number one pick! After all, it’s in the name! When I first started reading WDWNT, I was amazed that a lot of the news being published showed up here first. They really were and still are on top of it! The news is always interesting to me, I feel well informed, and I LOVE the photo reports! After spending years of reading many different websites, it was easy for me to make WDWNT my number one go to site.


Those are my Top 10 WDWNT Favorites! If there is something in my countdown that you have never read or listened to, I hope you check it out!

Now for the best part … what do you think? Vote for your WDWNT Favorite below! Remember, if I did not mention your WDWNT Favorite vote “other” and comment to me let know!

Happy Birthday WDWNT!!


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4 years ago

I voted “other”. My favorite is the Hostess with the Mostess articles and top tens!!