Disney MaxPass, Paid FastPass Service at Disneyland Resort, Officially Launches Next Week

Disney MaxPass, Paid FastPass Service at Disneyland Resort, Officially Launches Next Week
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Disney MaxPass, the paid FastPass service announced back in January, will officially launch next week through the official Disneyland mobile application.

The Disney MaxPass logo
The Disney MaxPass logo

Starting on or around July 19th, guests will be able to add MaxPass onto their park tickets through the app, allowing for digital FASTPASS return times and unlimited Disney PhotoPass photo downloads.

In January, Disney stated that the cost would be $10 per day, but there will also be an annual charge available for annual passholders. No pricing or other info is available at this time.

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    • You will still be able to get a fast pass without having to pay. You will just have to walk to the fast pass machine to get it.

      • Are we sure that you can still get the free paper ones? I’ve seen several other sources that state paper fastpass is leaving Disneyland.

    • How dare Disney charge for their products and services??? The greed is unbelievable!! Walt must be rollin’ in his grave!

      • And here we have another never seen before, original comment from Disney interns. This one has never been written here so let’s give Disney interns a big round of applause for their originality

        • Interns…..angry at my failed life…..interns….hot pockets…..why do I lash out at the world?….interns…..my blood pressure is too high……interns!!!!

        • And here we have another never seen before, original comment calling someone a “Disney Intern” from Disney Pete. This one has never been written here so let’s give Disney Pete a big round of applause for his originality

    • Well you are certainly showing them how you feel…by obsessing over their parks on a news site devoted to the company. Great job buddy, you’re a real winner!

    • You don’t have to buy it, they are just giving you the option to. If you don’t want to pay you just walk to the machine like before.

      • ……… And people really think the paper fast passes are going to last?? This is Disney’s way to test the waters and see if they can make more $$ basically selling fast passes and calling them MaxPasses thru the convenience of an app. Just wait and see, free fast passes as we know them will be a thing of the past. Lately with Disney it’s about how they can make more and more $$$..

  • I’m curious as to how something similar would roll out to WDW. I was looking into buying annual passes for next year just for the benefit of the photo downloads. Offering passholders the same deal would be less enticing if they already get the photo benefits. Don’t get me wrong, unlimited fastpasses are a great idea. That’s probably the only thing I actually liked about Universal…

    • I wouldn’t call them “unlimited”. They are extremely limited, which is why they’re only charging $10 for it! If you can’t get FastPasses after 5 pm NOW for Space Mountain, you REALLY won’t be getting them once people start paying $10 to not walk to the kiosk in Tomorrowland. But, once they are out for the day, THEY’RE OUT, whether you paid $10, or not!

  • Just got back, it worked really well. Was holding 5 fastpasses at one point, all on my phone. The new scan format is causing horrendous fp line back up though.

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