D23 Expo 2017 Rumors – The Great Movie Ride to Close by 2018 for Mickey Ride

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We told you about this one a while ago, but it now sounds like it may be happening and announced at the 2017 D23 Expo on Saturday July 15th…

From our August 2016 story:

While details are scarce at this point, rumors indicate the ride would be trackless and is also being developed to go somewhere at the Disneyland Resort simultaneously.

The latest trend in the parks seems to be Disney removing any connections to franchises that Disney does not own (Twilight Zone for example), and the Great Movie Ride is packed with a lot of films that Disney has absolutely no ownership over. The line of thinking here would be to feature the first ride ever devoted to Mickey Mouse (clearly the property of the Walt Disney Company), something that has been attempted many times over the last 60 years but never built in any Disney theme park.

Sources are claiming that the Great Movie Ride would close in 2018 so that “The Great Mickey Ride” could open by the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021.


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  • Awesome news! Now Mickey has a new ride and I hope it will be official in D23 this Saturday!

  • I have been a fan of The Studios for over 20 years. Lots of changes goin on, I am losing my interest and it’s appeal to me. Weather that own it or not it has and is a lot of fun. Try updating it to show some the newer films including the ones they own. If you want a Mickey Ride put in The Magic Kingdom.

  • Disappointing to hear this. The Great Movie Ride is one of the last true attractions from the old MGM Studios. I still think that the ride has a lot of relevance… But, Hollywood Studios is definitely a place now that Disney is displaying a lot of their OWN properties, so I get the change. I love a lot of the newer rides and attractions, but there is a big part of me that likes the old MGM Studios, as originally constructed, a lot more.

    • Oh lord, here we go with another pointless petition that no one at WDW will read because some folks can’t handle change. Great use of time and effort.

      • Pointless??? That page has 15 likes! That’ll show the multi billion dollar Walt Disney Company. They can’t handle the loss of business from a group like that!

  • A construction permit was filed yesterday for the address of GMR that is very likely for this project. If this is for this project then I would expect the ride to close pretty soon.

  • If this is true, then maybe I’ll try to ride it one more time in October if I can get the cowboy host version (been on the mobster version too many times now). I’d like the new ride, especially since the little kids will most likely lose the Indy Speedway at MK and would need a replacement activity (albeit at a different park).

    • You have to ask them and they will put you where u want. Ive always asked and gotten where i want to go.

  • I love this idea with the direction that Hollywood Studios is heading. The park is going to be comprised of immersive lands themed to Disney properties with a Mickey Mouse ride in the heart of it all. It all started with a mouse and this makes sense. This would be the announcement that I would be most excited about. I can also see Robo Chapek finally addressing the name change of the park during the presentation if this is going to be announced.

  • This ride HAS GOT TO GO! It’s so 1989 and lost any relevance in today’s theme park market. The tech is outdated and the ride lacks any real finale, just a movie. What everybody seems to have mixed up is this is not the GREAT movie ride, it’s the GREAT MOVIE…ride. As a friend way back in the mid 90s even said “Well, that gives new meaning to the word mediocre.” Trust me folks, it’s not improved since then.

    • That’s your opinion. There are many who still love this ride. One of the only reason I go to Studios. We seem to think that history is mediocre….. History is where we came from. We need to remember history to make the future worth while.

  • I heard this ride will close after New Years to handle crowds and the current sponsorship ends in November. They can do this to Studios because Toy Story land is ahead of schedule and should hopefully be open around the busy spring break period for WDW

  • Oh I sooo hope this comes true! A Mickey Mouse based ride is long over due at WDW.

  • Instead of changing it completely it should be the same format but change it to the Great Disney movie ride and have it go through the history of Disney in the movies. Start with snow white and work through movies until modern day.

    • Agree Matt, hopefully that’s what will happen. They could still call it Mickey’s Ride, and remember it was all started by a mouse.

    • Matt the problem with that is they would have to constantly update it considering nowadays they have at least 5 animated movies released per year I see this new ride not as a ride through a history museum but as a ride with its own plot starring the mouse that started it all

      • They don’t release ‘at least 5 animated movies per year’ – in fact, Disney’s aim is to release fewer than 10 films a year in total including Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Animation and Pixar. I’m sure the ride can cope with that.

  • Eh, Disney does not own Avatar, so if your theory is correct they have a bit of a problem on their hands…

  • I hope this really happens. What a fun ride that would be for my family. A trip through all of Mickey’s old cartoons that most kids don’t remember. Then maybe new life could be brought into them. There were some fun ones I remember, like the one with the seal that got into the kitchen sink. That one gave me the giggles as a kid.

  • Absolutely the right call! The great movie ride is a favorite of mine but with the changes at Studios there is really zero point to keeping it.

    I love my old boss so a ride dedicated to him is A-ok by me :)

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