Modern-Day L.A. Coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios In New "Grand Avenue" Area, Baseline Tap House Replaces Writer's Stop

Modern-Day L.A. Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios In New “Grand Avenue” Area, Baseline Tap House Replaces Writer’s Stop

Debuting this fall, the new Grand Avenue area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is being re-imagined by Walt Disney Imagineers to capture the spirit of present-day Downtown Los Angeles, showing vintage office buildings and warehouses representing the different vibrant districts and cultures of the city. This new area will be home to Baseline Tap House, a cheerful corner pub specializing in beer and wines from California.

In a quaint brick building, Baseline Tap House celebrates the revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles by paying homage to the building’s former life as the Figueroa Printing Company, a mom-and-pop print house that had ties to the Disney studios in nearby Burbank. The space retains many of its cool architectural and mechanical details with exposed walls and old printing equipment and artifacts, blending the past and present in an inviting space. Outside will be a charming tree-shaded terrace.

The drink menu will be made up of California craft ales, lagers and cider. California wines on tap along with specialty cocktails will be available as well. A gourmet non-alcoholic lemonade and soda on tap round out the drink selection. Small bites including a Bavarian pretzel with mustard and beer-cheese fondue, spiced almonds or a charcuterie board featuring California cheeses will also be sold.

Baseline Tap House will open daily at 11 a.m. Baseline Tap House replaces the former Writer’s Stop next door to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater (and sadly also looks like it will keep the Writer’s Stop lounge menu), while Grand Avenue takes up shop in a renovated remaining section of the adjacent New York Street.




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  1. I’m all about bringing new experiences and areas to Disney, but it is somewhat sad to see how many visitors seem to have such a hook on alcohol. If it weren’t so profitable, every new area abd/or experience wouldn’t be within 30 feet of a bar, pub, or lounge.

    I’m not old fashioned here, but it just strikes me as a sad testament to how people seem to need a drink so close at hand.

    1. I agree. If we’re really going to be California, where are the dispensaries?

      Food sales would skyrocket and people would flood the park.

    2. Well when you’re polishing your “I’m Better Than Everyone Else” award tonight, you can take comfort in your strong constitution and your aversion to fun. You sir, are winning. And contrary to how it seems, people really care.

      1. Agreed! I have no problem with “lounges” in the parks. I’m sure this is a shocker to everyone, but sometimes these parks can get a little hectic and stressful… it’s nice to be able to sit down somewhere and relax with an adult beverage.

    3. I agree with you, to a point. The Alcoholification of the World makes me insane! It’s like there are booze kiosks anywhere the can shove one, and I’m tired of walking behind people with beer, or being in line with people drinking beer, or watching fireworks with people drinking beer, or avoiding projectile vomiting because people drank too much beer!

      However, I think lounges are better, in that it somewhat keeps the booze contained. If you feel you must booze up, please sit, chill, drink your drink and enjoy your time. I’m not anywhere near you and I’m fine with that.

      Would I prefer a booze-free World? Yep. Do you think I’m a stick in the mud? Yep. Do I give a rat’s butt? Nope.

  2. I’m still not sure on the size of the Baseline Tap House???
    Will it be the same physical dimensions of the old Writers Stop?? or larger??

    1. The way I’m reading it… it’s going to be the same physical dimensions of the WS with just a new decor.

  3. I’m all for more fun drinking spots in the “World”. It’s Vacation!!
    There’s still plenty of other places for Kids & holier-than-though Puritans to hang out.

    1. Thank you Jeff. Frankly, I’m tired of weird fascist Soccer Moms telling Disney they have to cater entirely to children, lest adult entertainment poison their minds with reality. Reality is gonna do that anyway, Disney isn’t meant to only entertain your children.

    1. If this is like many of the other lounges on property, there will be plenty of kids on those stools. Wish there was a place that was if not kid-free at least kid-discouraged. Ever try to get a drink at Sci-Fi or Tune In? Ha!

    1. Knowing what the end result is for this space, it will blow most of you all away. Both inside and out.

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