PHOTOS, PRICES: Great Movie Ride & Universe of Energy Farewell Merchandise Now Available at WDW

The Great Movie Ride farewell merchandise we told you about last week is now on sale at Walt Disney World. There is also farewell merchandise for the Universe of Energy attraction at Epcot.

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Some of the Great Movie Ride merchandise is available at the merchandise stand to the left of the stage in front of the attraction. The T-shirt is $27.99 and the Tervis is $19.99.

UOE GMR farewell8.

Merchandise is also available at Mickey’s of Hollywood, which happens to be the only location for the Annual Passholder exclusive items.

UOE GMR farewell11.

The AP shirts and ornaments are behind the register at Mickey’s of Hollywood.

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The passholder shirt is priced at $27.99.

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The ornament is $14.99 and is also a passholder exclusive.

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There is supposed to be a Great Movie Ride hat, but it is not yet available.

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The Universe of Energy merchandise is available at MouseGear in Epcot.

UOE GMR farewell1.

The Universe of Energy AP shirts are priced at $27.99 and the AP ornament is $14.99.

UOE GMR farewell2.

The hats are $23.47.

UOE GMR farewell3. e1501867855350

Non-passholder shirts are priced at $28.16 for some reason.

UOE GMR farewell5.

The ornament is an AP-exclusive and is $14.99.

UOE GMR farewell6.
UOE GMR farewell17

The Tervis is $19.99.

UOE GMR farewell19 e1501869912235

There is a fantastic LE 3000 Universe of Energy pin at Pin Central for $15.99 also.

UOE GMR farewell18 e1501869947105

Some of this merchandise will be available online at starting August 10, but we do not yet know if all of it will be available online.

7 thoughts on “PHOTOS, PRICES: Great Movie Ride & Universe of Energy Farewell Merchandise Now Available at WDW”

  1. Visited Hollywood Studios last night (Tuesday, Aug 8). The only size remaining for the red “Movie Ride That’s a Wrap” shirts were 3XL. The Cast Members did not have any information as to when (or if) new stock would be arriving. They referred me to the website as this article had also referenced.

  2. I attempted to purchase the shirts on line. I tried searching for them, with no luck. Has anyone figured out the secret, yet?

    Out of curiosity, I searched eBay, and sure enough, many shirts, both general and AP, are being offered for over twice the Disney selling price. So sad that people get their kicks by stepping all over others. As much as I want the AP shirt, if I’m unable to purchase through Disney, I’ll do without.

  3. I know items can go fast, especially Passholder exclusive items, but a hat? Even the hat is sold out! I haven’t been able to get to Hollywood due to work, but I didn’t think a week would make that big of a dent. Disney should have planned on big merch sales and ordered more. Just my opinion.

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