RUMOR: All-Star Value Resorts at Walt Disney World to Add Table Service Restaurant

It appears that Disney is eyeing the possible addition of a table service restaurant to their value resorts at Walt Disney World.

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According to sources, the parking lot between All-Star Music and All-Star Movies will become home to a new table service restaurant, likely buffet style. With hotel occupancy expected to be on the rise in a big way by 2019, it is believed that the counter service restaurants at the 3 All-Star Resorts would be even more overwhelmed than they are now and some guests staying at these hotels would rather skip the lines & craziness in favor of a buffet style dining experience.

Of course, this project is just in the planning stages and has not been approved as of yet, nor has any construction begun. If the project is to happen, we expect it to be given the green light sooner rather than later though.


16 thoughts on “RUMOR: All-Star Value Resorts at Walt Disney World to Add Table Service Restaurant”

  1. OK, so when is buffet service that much different than the counter service? You still have to get up and get in line to get it, you are at Disney World with hundreds in the same hotel. Duh. The food at the counter service is for the most part cooked or prepared for you after you order it. The buffet will be brought out in trays and sit until you get it. While this does offer a different experience, why do I think the buffet will be the same food as at the counters. Hopefully I can Fastpass a reservation for it. At least it’s not Pizza off the bus. Have a Magical day!

  2. Parking is already at a premium there especially when Celebration Hall is holding competitions. By time the buses take up a lot of the spaces between AS Sports and AS Music, if you are staying at Music that is where you would have to park.

  3. Disney needs to remember that those who stay at a value resort are looking for value. A $25+ meal pp is not going to be attractive to this crowd

    • Nobody is forcing them to go eat there. Also, some people tend to value food over accommodations, so they may choose to get the cheapest priced hotel but still choose to eat something more than food court food.

    • With MyMagic+, Disney knows exactly where guests of these resorts are eating. They also know exactly what they pay to eat there. If this rumor is true, Disney is doing this because they have tons of data that prove it will be successful.

      • Typical Disney out for the mighty buck while we all are getting less pay having to fight for it and working ridiculous round the clock hours and not making ends meet at our homes. Hope Walt and Roy ate rolling in their graves seeing how we are all treated.

    • I stay in value resorts and always have a meal in at least 3 table service restaurants per trip. Just because I don’t see the need to overpay for a room I’m not spending much time in, doesn’t mean I don’t want better food.

      Maybe you’re cheap, but don’t assume the rest of us are.

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