Her Universe Releases Star Wars Collection Corporate Wear

Her Universe Releases Star Wars Collection Corporate Wear
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Ever wish you could wear your ever growing Disney tee shirt collection to work? I do! Even on our casual Fridays people still stay away from graphic tees. Well of course the mastermind Ashley Eckstein, behind Her Universe, came up with a great solution. The whole goal of the collection is pieces that are suitable for corporate work environments.

Here are just a few pieces from the collection. The rest of the Her Universe collection can be found on Thinkgeek.com

Star Wars Symbols Blazer $59.99 | Rebel Alliance Print Infinity Scarf $24.99
Star Wars Ships Blouse $39.99
R2-D2 PrintTunic Blouse $34.99



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  • Disney turned Star Wars from kids bamboozling to feminist bamboozling. From “Look kid, we love you. Here’s a new toy for you to buy” to “Look feminist, we’re only about you. Here’s some siht you can buy”.

    And before you interns start a senseless bashing of this (I know, wasted effort. There’s no stopping your senseless bashing) Lucas created his story and sold toys to get money; he didn’t change the story (nor needed to) to sell more toys. Disney in changing the story to fit their pro feminist narrative to sell things to get money; they need to change Star Wars into a feminist propaganda.

    • What in the heck does that have to do with the clothes that were released? Are you really that pressed that the release of Star Wars corporate wear throws you into a misogynistic frenzy? All I see if office friendly attire for women that is slightly less casual. Women love Star Wars too. Are you this touchy when new ties or cufflinks are released?

    • LOL.

      “Lucas created his story and sold toys to get money; he didn’t change the story (nor needed to) to sell more toys. ”

      He literally changed the story in JEDI, from Wookies to Ewoks, to sell more merch.

      Gadzooks, man. Do your research.

  • As a woman, I’d never wear any of this. To me, Disney characters (or Star Wars in this case) are not in any way professional whether they are on a t shirt or on a blazer. Nope. Not for me. Although, in my opinion, Disney has a hard time making attractive clothing, so I’ll just add this to the list.

    • I apologize, I just realized it wasn’t actually Disney releasing this clothing. Still not my thing. Anyone who love it though, more for you!

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