VIDEO: Ride the New “Mission Space” Earth and Mars Missions

Soft opening today, we got our first ride on the two enhanced versions of the Mission: Space attraction at Epcot.

First, we take a ride on the Earth Mission, a family friendly new version of the Green Team:

Next, the re-animated Orange Team version, the classic attraction with a brand new look:

The new Mission Space officially opens Sunday, August 13th at Epcot.

11 thoughts on “VIDEO: Ride the New “Mission Space” Earth and Mars Missions”

    • …and I mean the captions provided by YouTube, not by you or wdwmagic (who also had videos today). Like “desperation” instead of “space exploration,” etc.

  1. I thought people lamenting the lose of Lieutenant Dan were just overreacting but wow that lady is incredibly boring and clearly phoning it in.

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