VIDEO: See What Happens During Evacuation of Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom

One of our readers was recently evacuated from the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at the Magic Kingdom during a routine breakdown and sent us some video from their experience:

While this doesn’t happen every day, it is not uncommon either.

What do you think? Do you hope to get evacuated from Disney attractions for a peek backstage or do you prefer to keep the magic a secret?

23 thoughts on “VIDEO: See What Happens During Evacuation of Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom”

  1. I have been evacuated from at least a few rides and I absolutely HATE it! I don’t wanna see the backstage and ruin the illusion. Also it’s really frustrating to wait in line for something and have your experience ruined like when we went to Disneyland and the Indiana Jones ride kept stopping over and over throughout the whole ride. But our last trip we were stopped on at least 2 rides and had to walk around with a cast member. On Splash Mountain and Test Track.

  2. I was evacuated from Tower of Terror. We got to the hallway scene and our car did not move forward. Had to ride down the REAL service elevator and got to cut the line to go on again :)

    • How did that go? I heard people say that the “track” in that scene felt somewhat flimsy when they walked across it.

  3. When did this happen? We were there on Thursday, 8/24/17 and the ride was down most of the morning. When we arrived, it had just opened back up and we nearly walked on.

  4. How long did it take before the evacuation? The thought of getting stuck, or evacuated, makes me very nervous. I appreciate being able to see the process.

    • It takes a long time because they collect everyone in large groups. It was particularly troublesome on Splash Mountain bc my brother’s fiancée has an intense fear of animatronics (yes, I know… lol) and it made it worse bc the music/dialogue stopped but the animatronics kept moving as I recall. She was not amused. I wanna say it was 10-15 minutes on both max but it felt like FOREVER.

  5. I love the term ‘routine breakdown’! You are not wrong. We go every December and visit MK about 4-5 times and every year it’s broken down once at least! Once we were sat on it for over 20 minutes with ‘yo ho a pirate’s life for me’ blaring out. It was torture.

  6. Why was Reedy Creek Fire Department called? Most evacuations do not require outside help, including pirates, small world, etc.

  7. If Disney would reduce their price of admission by 75%, and make all food and merchandise free, they would have the money to keep their rides running, and nothing would ever go wrong!!

  8. It was a variety of things that caused it. One of them was kids were jumping out of boats and running around inside show scenes while their parents did nothing. RCFD was involved because the boat the reader was on was stuck too far toward at the top of the drop for CMs to evacuate w/o assistance from Reedy Creek.
    As far as the attractions “breaking down constantly” it’s because people don’t do their research before their vacations. So when they come to the parks and one of the attractions is down for refurbishment, they complain to Guest Relations. When Disney hears these complaints, they’re more reluctant to close them down for the routine maintenance that they desperately need. If people would do their research before their vacations & look up refurbishment schedules and not complain about every little thing, then the rides could get the maintenance they so desperately need & therefore not go down as much.

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