CONTEST: Enter to Win The Popular Rose Gold Mouse Ear Headband from Disney Parks

CONTEST: Enter to Win The Popular Rose Gold Mouse Ear Headband from Disney Parks

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, you undoubtedly know about the phenomenon that is the Rose Gold Mouse Ear Headband.

contest enter to win the popular rose gold mouse ear headband from disney parks

Since their initial release, the Headband has been selling fast at both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. Guests who actually do own the ears and wear them to the parks are often accosted for information on where to find the item, and sometimes are even propositioned to sell them by other guests. Needless to say, they are also selling for quite a bit on the secondary market.

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Anyway, we here at did manage to find a pair and we’re giving them away! Here’s how to enter and win:

  • Comment on this post below with why you need this headband in your life in 50 words or less (be creative)
  • Be sure to use a valid email address when commenting as this is how we will contact the winner
  • A winner will be chosen based on our favorite comment
  • Entries will be allowed until 12:00AM eastern time U.S. on Thursday, September 21st, 2017
  1. Next year I will be going to Disney for the first time in my life. If I won these ears it would make my visit even more magical! :)

  2. Coming up in January, I’m taking my girlfriend of seven (yeah, seven) months to WDW for her first visit. I’ve been going for 16 years so I really can’t wait to show her this place. It’ll be nearly a year since we started dating and I can’t wait to show her this magical place. We’re staying at AKL and are doing so many crazy things. I can’t wait to look at her in front of the castle wearing that headband.

    1. I live for Disney and I only get to splurge on it once a year due to college. This winter I’m treating my family to a trip to Tokyo Disney since I saved enough for all of us! It would mean the world to wear this for picture memories.

    2. I need these for my Disney trip October 1-5 and then May 26-June 1st so I can be the “cool” Mom!

  3. Because my fiance just surprised me with a rose gold engagement ring over the summer, and I cant think of anything better that would match for this Disney obsessed girl.

  4. I need this pair of ROSE GOLD ears because I’m obsessed with rose gold everything! I went to Disney this weekend and they said they sold out of 17,000 units by 2 pm so there’s that lol! I tried though!!!

  5. I need these ears because I want to give them to my mom! She has been dying to get her hands on these, but I told her they are really popular and hard to get. I would love to surprise her with these and I know it would make her day.

    1. I need this headband so I can give it to my mother-in-law, she’s been going through a really rough time lately (loss in the family and other personal reasons) and she has been searching everywhere to get her hands on these (she kind of collects them) and I know this would something that could put a smile on her face, if even for a little while.

  6. My beautiful girlfriend, Anina who lives over 400 miles away from me visits once a month and we always go to Disneyland. The past 3 times we have gone, I have checked with every store, Guest Relations CM and outdoor vendor on their availability in the park to no success. Her favorite color is rose gold (seriously, you should see her room) and would absolutely LOSE IT if I surprised her with these in a few weeks when I get to see her. She reads this blog every day (which in turn has made it a habit for me to check your site out) and is a Disney fanatic.

  7. I would love to win the rose gold colored ears! I don’t have a pair yet and would love to win them so I could wear them on our next Disney World trip! They are beautiful!!

  8. I don’t need them; however, my wife does. She’s an unabashed fan of WDW. She had to restrain herself from wearing Mickey ears in public. She thinks Tom Corless is crabby but “no one gets more scoops than him,” whatever that means. So, please, make me a hero. Thank you.

  9. honestly i think it’d be fun to cut the headband out and glue the rest to my bike helmet (not very aerodynamic but super stylish!) but i don’t think i’d want to spend money for that in case it goes wrong. :D

  10. When I went to Disney in August, my niece had one wish, these years! They were sold out of every single store! Even my sons were asking! She had a rough childhood and has finally made something of herself doing pre-law in college!

  11. I’m gonna be honest and ask them for myself, because I might never go back to any of the park now that i live on the literal last country on the map, so they could make me feel happy again

  12. I need these to be the pot of (rose)gold at the end of my hurricane-induced rainbow. We were in Disney during the hurricane and the airlines lost my luggage. Whole week at Disney without my own stuff :( #firstworldproblems

  13. I can’t even express the happiness these ears could bring to a sad college kid just trying to pass exams. My life can only improve from here with the addition of this magical headband. (Please I’m desperate and college is hard) Love you k bye

  14. My Disney obsessed daughter will be turning 21 on 9/24/17 and we will be celebrating at EPCOT! She thinks she’s doing drinks around the world…LOL! She prolly won’t get past Mexico. Anyway, she’s been searching for these ears and I would LOVE to surprise her!

  15. I am a busy mom of 2 and the ears would be a fashionable escape from reality! I would feel pretty!

  16. Going to Disney in november for our anniversary. Our honeymoon was at disney and we have been going every year. Would love to have these to celebrate our special visit….

  17. Working to afford a memory making vacation with my granddaughter and this headband would be the topper:

  18. On a recent Disney trip,
    my 16 year old was ready to flip
    over Rose Gold Mouse Ears which were not to be found.
    If only I were to win,
    my sweet girl would begin
    to think her mom is the absolute coolest parent around!

    Thank YOU!

  19. I personally do not need them, but I have a seven-year-old daughter who would love them. Thank you.

  20. I need these beautiful ears cause I live in a house with all boys (including the dog) surrounded by dirt, sweat, stinky hockey equipment and tons boy stuff! I could use all the pink sparkly stuff I can get! And they would be perfect when we go on the Fantasy this winter.

  21. I’m going in October (10-16) for my birthday and the first Disney World trip for my niece and nephew! I’d LOVE to get a pair of these to celebrate!!!!

  22. My daughter is going to be turning 1 years old and we are going to Disney to celebrate her birthday!
    This is going to be a memoriable experience and having these ears would look perfect on her head!
    I would love to win them for her!

  23. I need these because Rose Gold is my jam!!!! I would love to wear these on my upcoming trip ❤

  24. Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    These rose gold ears are to die for
    There I said it,
    so it must be true!

  25. I need these Rose Gold Minnie Ears because they will go great with my glass of rose by the Grand Floridan pool! And not to mention my glass of wine at Be Our Guest!

  26. Those are the prettiest ears I have seen! My daughter told me to take my ears off on the Barnstormer and I unfortunatly did not listen to her and they flew off 2 seconds into the ride! I feel naked without my ears!!

  27. I need this headband because…well, it isn’t actually a need, but I do want them very badly! :)
    My family is taking a trip in November and my daughter’s signature color is pink and she would flip over these!

  28. My daughter collects the Mickey ears headbands and wears a different one everyday while we’re park hopping. She would love this one for her collection!

  29. Because we have been bringing our kids to WDW for 20 years, have bought ears with & without names, Goofy hats, princess tiaras, pirate hats, and don’t forget Star Wars and more . . . it’s mom’s turn to wear the ears! We’re bringing them all back this Christmas and it’ll be the first year not to buy them their headgear???? #momsturn

  30. My daughter would love to win these beautiful Rose Gold Mickey Ears! We arrived back home, a week later these beauties were released!! Please please Mickey you’re so fine….lol!!! Can we have some of these lush ears, that could be mine?!????????

  31. I am going to Disney In May for my 15 wedding Anniversary our Anniversary Happens to be 05/04 which most know Ia National Stat war Day
    When we got married this was not even a thing it became national Star Wars day a few years later I would love to have these for out Anniversary and rose gold is my favorite my high school class ring is rose gold ..and I’m not saying what year I graduated lol ???? Thank you

  32. I have been visiting Disney World since 1972 and have been there for the opening of every park… on a scale of 1 to 10, I think I qualify as a number 10 fan… therefore, I definitely need the most beautiful of headbands! Also, I missed my annual birthday trip to Disney World because of Hurricane Irma, and have been crying ever since. ????????????

  33. I need these rose gold Minnie ears because everyone tells me I need a 12 step program for my Disney addiction! Nothing wrong with a 12 step program and full credit everyone living the steps!

  34. They will go perfect with my uggs and Starbucks! Or my wife would be really happy after missing out at Disneyland

  35. I need these for my wife to remind her why we should go back to WDW next year instead of going to Universal Orlando!

  36. In February, I am headed back to WDW with my kiddo for our birthdays (31 and 3, respectively) and would love the birthday bling! Most of the souvenir money, of course, will go to him :)

  37. Would absolutely love these ears to wear on my wedding day! My wedding has a Disney theme, with a rose gold and navy colour scheme, so they would be perfect & fit right in. A dream accessory for the day I’ve been dreaming of!

  38. They are awesome and would brighten up my day. I never get the chance to visit WDW any more since I am caring for my elderly mom and I can’t leave her alone.

  39. I am going to the Epcot Food & Wine festival for my birthday this year in November, and would love to wear these ears!! Rose gold is my favorite!!

  40. Well apparently Chip & Co. have the rest of the inventory marked up on eBay and who wants to pay that? DSNY Newscast might do a giveaway but I would have to subscribe first and I don’t want to be yelled at 3 times a week. I’m sure you understand.

  41. I need them for my wedding in November! I was going to get them last week, but had to cancel our trip because of Irma ???? Unfortunately we won’t be able to make it down to Disney again before the wedding.

  42. I’m sitting in Launch Bay in DL for our first trip to CA and my wife only wanted one item during the trip, the rose gold headband and DL is completely sold out. It would be great to surprise her with them.

  43. I’m a girly girl at heart! I’m currently pregnant with a boy, I also have an eight year old son, husband and a male cat. I’m soon, going to surrounded by boys!!! #welovedisney

  44. I can’t give 7 (yeah, 7) reasons, but they would be nice for my 7 (yeah, 7) y/o daughter who’s going to Disney World in 7 (yeah, 7) months. Robo Chapek stole her 6th pair, so she needs a 7th (yeah, 7). Plus, when we went 7 (yeah, 7) days ago, Chip&Co bought the last 7 (yeah, 7). I will just make this the 7th (yeah, 7) in this comment. Sorry that this is 77 words.

  45. Hello!

    I just moved to Florida about 60 hours ago. Had a little bit of bad luck since getting here, but I’m feeling optimistic! Keeping that glimmer of hope that is this weekends WDWNT 10th anniversary event. I’ve been looking for WDWNT The Weekend for months now, and it’s nearly here! Thank goodness!

  46. We are planning our first trip to Disneyland for next year. I would love to have these to wear when I go….also, they match my rose gold iphone

  47. I need this to reach my final form of the untimate basic bitch (I already have the MU hat so step one is complete)

  48. I would like to wear them during an upcoming runDisney event. After which I will wear all of my medals that I earned while wearing this headband as well. This is a nod to Nick as I too wear all of my medals after a race and yes they clang and make a lot of noise, but it’s worth it, right Nick!? :)

  49. Over the past two years I’ve been falling more and more in love with WDW. I moved to Orlando a short time before that and met a man that also shares the same love I do for the parks. I see people wear the ears all the time, but I was drawn to anything the way I was to the rose gold ears. If I win these I will wear them every time I go to the parks and show my WDW pride!!

  50. We are visiting Disney World for our third time in 2018. This time is special! We will be celebrating one year cancer free for my hubby AND staying at the Beach Club which I have dreamt of doing since our first Disney trip in 2013.
    I’d love to rock these ears on our trip!

  51. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve cried actual real tears over the fact that I don’t own these ears. I’m super extra and selfish, but I promise that they will definitely be put to good use if I win.

  52. My wife has made my vacation week hell (down from Boston this week) trying to find them and getting mad when we don’t. Please help

  53. I just got engaged in May to my Prince Charming. He bought me the most beautiful rose gold and pink sapphire (my birth stone) engagement ring. We’re taking his 2 little princesses to Disney World for the first time this December. As a college program and professional internship program alum, I’m all the more excited to share this experience with them. The girls already have some great holiday ears I got from Etsy but I would love to have some ears to wear with them during our trip. These would match my engagement ring perfectly!

  54. I present for your consideration – a limerick:

    This is the tale of a princess
    Who longed for a rather delightful headdress.
    It was spun of rose gold,
    She could not get a hold,
    Unless she won this wonderful contest.

    Thanks for your awesome website!

  55. I need these in order to fully embarrass my 10 year old son when we visit Disney in October. And also they are my favourite colour. So for the enjoyment of knowing you made a kid roll his eyes at his mums Disney outfit please send me these amazing eyes ????

  56. Last night, Darth Vader came down from Planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t get the rose gold Mickey ears, that he’d melt my brain.

  57. I need these ears because we have our first cruise in April and I’d love nothing more than to board the Disney Dream rocking a new pair of rose gold ears!!

  58. I need them because I go to Disney every year, my mom and I are going back October 15, 2017!! My Husband doesn’t understand my Disney obsession, so maybe if I have these I can glow like they do and I can finally convince him to move to Orlando so that I can go all the time!!!

  59. I need these ears for my next Disney trip. I am going down to celebrate my 40th birthday this November and this would just be a FABULOUS way to help spot light the big 4-0!!

  60. My first visit to WDW in December for our 10yr anniversary, we are in our 30s! I used to go to Disneyland w/my grandma who passed away right before our wedding, Rose Gold symbolizes missed family members, I would love to feel as though my Grandma is with us. Also, because ROSE GOLD!!!

  61. I need these to be able to take pictures in front of a wall with a cup of Starbucks. Actually I want to share them with my Daughter – she really likes them.

  62. I am pregnant with my first baby, and It’s a girl, and I would LOVE these rose gold ears to match the rose gold bow I am making my daughter for her first trip in June of 2018.

  63. P – Pratically perfect need for these ears!
    I – I will be seen for the wonder I am!
    C – Cinderella told me to believe so you would destroy my sense of trust in glass-wearing royalty.
    K – Kind of love listening to WDWNT.

    M – Magic happens right?
    E – E-ticket contest! Fingers crossed!

  64. I need these ears because we were chased out of Orlando by stupid Irma on our last trip and I didn’t get a souvenir.

  65. We’re a family of 3 that visits Disney on a budget and I always spend money on ears for my 12 year old daughter. Would love to have a pair for myself and these would “out princess” her even though she’s more into Disney villians now, lol

  66. I’m going to WDW in February for the Fairy Tale Challenge and would love to wear these around the park with my Princess medals after completing the 10k and the half marathon!

  67. These ears would make a perfect birthday gift for Disney obsessed sister. We have a family trip to Walt Disney World in 2018. Just imagine posing for a Photopass Magic Shot in front of the castle with these pretty ears. Sounds like Disney done right.

  68. This amazing headband would be the perfect accessory to the matching shirts my hubby and I are wearing for our Disney honeymoon I’m December! I convinced him toi wear matching shirts, that alone is worth the ears! #honeymoonhappiness

  69. I need them to complete my ensemble this summer when I return to disney with my husband to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Rose gold means compassion and warmth. Both qualities of a great marriage.

  70. I need them for my next visit as we are going for our 10 year wedding anniversary & I think they are the perfect colour. We have been going every year since we got married ????

  71. I am taking my bosses daughter to WDW (her first trip) for NYE (it’s her Christmas prez from her mom) this year and am trying to think of cool things to put in her present box to open on Christmas…since I can’t ever find them these would be AWESOME!

  72. I’ve been going to WDW for the past 19 years with my daughter. We are HUGE Minnie Mouse fans! Just finished our 10th Disney cruise, that got interrupted by Hurricane Irma! I think I need these because I’m in love with rosegold everything! Can wear them for my 35th wedding anniversary to Disney this year and be the Rose Gold queen! :D

  73. All my life, i have hated the colors pink and gold. Put them together in a Minnie ears headband and suddenly I am completely and utterly drawn to them and MUST have them. If this is a Disneynified conspiracy, I say, BRING IT ON!

  74. I need them for my daughter who is a CP Alumni and she has amassed a rather large collection of ears! She has them on her bedroom walls as decoration and to remind her of her times working at the place were dreams come true.

  75. I would love to have a pair of these gorgeous rose gold ears in my life because who wouldn’t want to ‘hub grass and chill’ with the most beautiful ears in all the kingdom? ????

  76. I’m obsessed with all things Disney, and also rose gold. I’m 23, still have Tinkerbell decorations in my room, still know the lines to most movies, and am saving up to go back to Disney. Also, my phone and daily jewelry are rose gold so I need these!

  77. I need to feel the magic of putting on a pair of Mickey Ears and cherish the feelings of excitement and pure joy Disney brings to my life. These ears would help remind me that my heart belongs to Disney, always!

  78. I’d love to have these for my wife. Our 2nd anniversary is next month and we got engaged at Epcot, so we’re Disney fanatics . They weren’t available when we where there this summer, and I’d love to surprise her with them.

  79. I wish I had a sob story to tell you, but in reality I’m just greedy and I want those ears! I’m like a raccoon when I see shiny objects.

  80. I need them because I am going in February and need to look cool in front of the 16 yr. Old teenage daughter ???? Also they are gorgeous!! And I want them sooooo much ????. Thanks for your consideration!

  81. So sweet :) I am taking my son for his 16th birthday to Disneyworld in November. He is so excited and asked me if I would where some Minnie Ears while we are there. I have never worn them before and told him that if I find a special pair, I will proudly where them :) Also, I live these because my Grandmas name was Rose Gold ❤️

  82. I need these ears because my sister is getting married next summer, honeymooning at WDW, and one of her wedding colors is rose gold!!

  83. I neeeed these ears in my life! We are planning to surprise my girls in February and also planning a Disney cruise for Oct 2018! I never thought I would be a “Disney Nut” but the bug has definitely bit me! I love all things Disney! ❤️

  84. I’m heading back to WDW with my (not so) little sister and we will be celebrating her 21st birthday and her first time visiting. We’ll be having fun around the world in Epcot that’s for sure…! The rose gold ears will be that little exciting extra bit of magic that will be shared with the fun we will already be having ????

  85. I need these for my six year old daughter. They match her rose gold hair. :) Then I’ll wear her hot pink ones. :)

  86. I need them in my life because they’re beautiful! Honestly I would probably give them to my mom because she wants them just as bad as I do! ???????? We’re taking my niece to WDW soon and they’d be perfect!

  87. Unplanned, my daughter asked to do Jedi Academy, and was made an alternate. I tried to prepare her for disappointment, but realized “maybe next time” wouldn’t work- she’d be too old!

    She might not fight Vader again, but she’s young enough to wear and love this headband.

    Thank you!

  88. I need these ears because I am going as Chip and Co’s wife for Halloween, and I need these to complete the outfit.

  89. I would absolutely love these ears, I’ve just had my first baby and we can’t afford to get to WDW this year, but I can wear them round the house while dreaming of taking little man and flaunt them when we hopefully manage to take him next Christmas ????????

  90. Roll On Summer Every (ROSE)
    Girl Only Loves Disney (GOLD)
    Would love these for our trip in August for my twins x

  91. I have been looking for a pair of rose gold ears for my sister to have for her birthday. We love collecting ears, displaying them, and of course wearing them! I’d love to create magic for her if I got a pair!

  92. I would LOVE to win these because Irma forced me to reschedule my vacation…and adding 17 days to my Disney countdown hurt my soul! Minnie ears make everything better!

  93. I NEED these to wear on my anniversary trip! Me and the hubby are going to celebrate our 10 year anniversary Nov 1st. I know 50 years is the Gold anniversary but 10 years sounds like a pretty good rose gold anniversary, am I right?! Anyways I would love to wear them around to celebrate! Thanks for reading- TTFN.

  94. On the 23rd of October myself, my wife and my two children (age 2&4) will be going to Disney for their first time. I was there as a child. We don’t live outside our means and haven’t had a trip in over 4 years. My oldest son (4yrs old) was diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum in January of 2016, this crushed our lives. My wife has gone above and beyond to give him everything he needs and get him to every appointment necessary. She deserves this trip more than me and would LOVE for her to have the ears to kick off her trip. I KNOW. She and we will become a Disney family with many more trips to come.

  95. Listen, to be quite honest I would buy them myself, but all of my money is already being spent on the ungodly prices that Disney charges me to visit the parks. A poor Disney geek like me deserves to walk around Magic Kingdom in style, too. And don’t worry, they will be put to good and often use ????

  96. I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of mouse ears for the last three trips, but (stupidly) keep talking myself out of it. I’d love to sport these rose-gold beauties on our summer 2018 trip! Faith, trust, and some pixie dust from WDWNT…?

  97. We would love these because my 2 yr old daughter is so stickin’ cute and she loves spakels (what she calls anything sparkly)

  98. Just made my first attempt to be a Disney Moms Panel contributor and I realized I don’t have a pair of ears to wear in my video! If I make it to round 2, they would help set me apart from the rest of the crowd!

  99. My wife is a member of the rose gold mafia, but she was out sick the night of the meeting when they handed out these things, and now she can’t get them. How is she supposed to represent on our upcoming trip without them? I don’t want my wife to get whacked.

  100. I need these in my life because my beautiful wife loves them and wants them badly. She surprised me with a trip for my bday and we leave next Tuesday. It’s the least I can do to repay her!

  101. My 5 year old daughter needs them because, “They are fancy and I will look absolutely beautiful wearing them.” Her first trip to Disney is next month! Plus I could win mom of the year in her eyes!

  102. I’m going to WDW in January for my 21st birthday! I would love to wear these ears on my birthday while walking around MK and eating my birthday dinner at Ohana! This will also be my 15th time going to WDW! I’m so excited for this trip!

  103. My family was planning on getting passes to Disney soon, but because Irma came through and damaged our house, we had to put that money elsewhere. I’m still trying to talk my parents into us still going to Disney any way possible and this would just be another reason (I’ve come up with many) for us to go (so I can show off the Mickey ears I’ve been wanting so bad).

  104. Rose Gold Ears are my daughter’s infatuation. Rose gold is known to be subtle and delicate, intensifying with age, just like my soon-to-be teen! I need these ears in my life simply because they would make my daughter happy…and that is all any mom can dream!

  105. I need the rose gold ears because the purchase limit is 10 but I really need 11 for my squad of Disney instagrammers.

  106. Not only do I want the Rose Gold Mickey ears, but your site clearly feels I need them as I am now being served ads for every type of rose gold accessory known to man!

  107. I need these ears because they will complete my magical mouse look! They will be the perfect addition to my outfit for a fabulous first trip to Disney for my whole family

  108. I would love to win these ears as I am hoping to go back to Disney World sometime soon. I have a chronic illness and have been dealing with terrible symptom relapse with major pain the past few months. Disney is my happy place and I can’t wait to go back as soon as I’m feeling well enough and hopefully I can do it in style with these ears!

  109. On a recent Disney trip,
    my 16 year old was ready to flip
    over Rose Gold Mouse Ears which were not to be found.
    If only I were to win,
    my sweet girl would begin
    to think her mom is the absolute coolest parent around!

    Thank YOU!

  110. I’m 17, and I’ve been to Walt Disney World 9 times. Since I was little, I’ve been known in my family as “the pink girl,” and by this I mean that for the first 11 years of my life, I refused to wear anything if it wasn’t pink. I lived/live, breathed/breathe everything pink. So when I saw a combination of my two favorite things (disney and the color pink) become a thing, naturally, I freaked out. it would be so amazing to own these, a pair of ears that I think sum up my personality quite well.

  111. I need this headband because I have worn a headband almost every day for the past five years (I’m 100% serious). My family is actually in Florida right now, so I’ve had to endure all their fun Disney photos on Facebook while I cry under a mountain of college textbooks.

  112. My sister deserves them and I would love to give them to her. She always plans our annual WDW family trip which involves coordinating 3 or 4 households with age ranges of 6 months to 67 years. This would be an amazing thank you for all of her 12am fastpass bookings, 6 am dining reservations, and countless hours listening to special requests (especially from me). Her personalized daily touring plans keep us all on track and ensure everyone is happy. These rose gold ears would sure be a wonderful way to keep her happy!

  113. I need these because I am obsessed with Disney, and buy anything I can in rose gold. I am a college student, and can’t afford to pay what they’re selling for on eBay! Plus they are just beautiful.

  114. I am going to Disney in 11 days and NEED these because they are GLORIOUS! I am hoping to get engaged to my boyfriend of 7 years while I’m there and this would just complete my visit!

  115. I would be the star of all the parties with these and my matching jumpsuit. Just kidding!! But, I would be the coolest parent ever to win these for my daughter.

  116. i need need NEED/want b/c i don’t own any ears and i’m going to food & wine in october & i have to look fabulous! + rose gold is my obsession & b/c i’m a loyal annual pass holder <3 pick me!!!!

  117. I could tell you how my wife needs them for our November trip b/c she doesn’t have any, or a sob story about how one of my kids needs them, but instead, I’ll be honest. I want them for my wife because they will match her iPhone.

  118. I would love to win these ears! I have a chronic illness and have been dealing with terrible symptom relapse. Disney is my happy place and I can’t wait to go back as soon as I’m feeling well enough and hopefully I can do it in style with these ears!

  119. I need these because I am a self-diagnosed rose gold addict and I am on an epic lifelong quest to transform all of my belongings to rose gold. It started with shoes, then necklaces, then I tried with my phone (come on Apple, that phone was pink and you know it!), and I knew good old Disney wouldn’t let me down and they didn’t when they came out with these stunning rose gold ears. Can’t stop won’t stop. It is my royal destiny to become the Rose Gold Queen.

  120. I need these ears because my fiancé proposed to me at Disney World in December where I was a cast member and are getting married this year. Those ears are our exact weddings colors and I would love to incorporate them into our wedding!

  121. I need these ears in my life because I’m currently in a competition with my sister over who has the best collection of mouse ears and suffice to say that I am currently losing.

  122. I need these because my mom always buys me pairs of ears but never any for herself, even though she loves them. She’s obsessed with rose gold and I’d love to give these to her for her birthday in October!!

  123. I need these Rose Gold MouseEars so that I can be one of the cool kids – oh please let me be one of the cool kids :)

  124. My wife would love these…we started dating almost 15 years ago now and for the ten year mark i got her some rose gold jewelry, these would be a perfect addition to that!

  125. I need these ears because I am a basic 21 year old female and they’d complete my life 110% I already live in Orlando, why not have the rose gold ears to go with it????

  126. I’m disabled and basically broke. My best friend just broke up with her boyfriend, her family is going through so much, and I wish I could win this for her so I can make her feel special bc she loves Disney and she is the nicest person ever.

  127. I’m a big dude from Seattle and I want to wear these at my school booth (in Orlando) for the Women in Computer Science convention in two weeks. These ears will guarantee yuge crowds as I recruit students and faculty for my college. Also my kid wants them.

  128. I have been visiting WDW since 1972. Still have paper valid paper tickets dated 1999. My husband and I brought our two children to WDW, stayed on property, from 1981 to 1999 every year. Once when our daughter was a freshman in college we went with our son. She became so upset she flew down to meet us. lol
    Recently we have begun to bring our grandchildren. They live on Cape Breton NS so going to WDW is a dream come true for the kids. Our 10 year old has been there 8 times. Our granddaughter Lucy’s dream wants to live in WDW and become a princess. She has just turned 6 yr old. She’s been to Disney 5 times and going again next year.
    If I win I would give this special headband to her. Everyday after school she watches Disney movies, tv, or plays dressup in her princess dresses. A few years ago she had a fractured arm and went to the hospital in her Disney princess dress.
    Living on Cape Breton is a little remote, Disney is her world. Thank you

  129. The one thing I asked for as my graduation present was to come to Disney. I have a rose gold phone and rose gold room at home. These would be the highlight of my trip.

  130. I love rose good it’s my favorite color and I think that it would look good in me and my lil baby . Very very pretti !!

  131. This Nov will mark our family’s 15th visit to Walt Disney World in the last 6 years. Between booking our dining reservations and fast passes in the wee hours of the morning and hunting down limited edition magic bands for my husband, daughter, and sister inlaw to fuel our crazy Disney addictions… it would be so nice for this mama to just win a pretty set of ears for myself :)

  132. The rose gold ears are a more stable currency than Disney Dollars ever was. Incidentally, 2 rose gold ears are the approximate price of one Disney after hours ticket.

  133. We are taking our little miracle daughter to Disney World for the first time in November! It is such a special trip because we truly didn’t think we were going to be able to have a child and she suprised us!! She will be 6 months old and I would love for these to be her first pair of ears!

  134. I would love to give them to my wife for her 50th birthday which we will be celebrating at WDW and on a surprise Disney Cruise which is all happening in December

  135. Because I cannot fathom ever taking another picture in front of the bubblegum wall without them. (That and they sold out two days before we got in so my girlfriend was upset).

  136. I NEED this headband in my life because I just came back from my birthday trip and couldn’t find it anywhere! I’ve never owned Minnie ears and these are the only ones I’ve ever wanted this badly. I’m pretty sure it’s birthday rule #3 to own your most wanted pair of Minnie ears and I’m not a known rule breaker so… pick me! :)

  137. I need these ears in my life because I have an itch behind my left ear, and I think the headband will scratch it.

  138. These are amazing! We are taking our first ever trip to Disney World in mid October for my daughters birthday (she’s turning 7). I’ve been planning this trip since I was on maternity leave with my son 4.5 years ago! Epic ears for an epic first-timer trip :) .

  139. Tom, I wanna be like the cool kids are… I wanna see … wanna see them staring. Walking around with those – what do you call em’? Oh – plain gold ears!
    Flipping from store to store you don’t get too far. Legs are required for running and sprinting. Strolling along in – what’s that word again – line
    Up where they walk
    Up where they sparkle
    Up where they stand all day on their pedestals…..
    Wish I could be hope I can be part of their rose gold world…….

  140. I have been desperately trying to formulate a legitimate reason to wears ears in my professional work environment. Surely these fashionable, rose gold ears are just the thing I need to pull it off. They will also help me persevere through the next 85 days until I return to WDW.

  141. I’m a basic girl whose favorite color is pink so I’m gonna say “I can’t even” without these ears. But in reality, it’s also because I’m going back for my second college program in December and it’s my 21st birthday next Wednesday! It’d be my favorite gift! ????

  142. I am a Disney addict! There are 4 places in the world that make me happy – Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood studios. My parents introduced Disney World to me and I am lucky enough to have done the same for my children. P.S Minnie Mouse is my favourite!

  143. Is that you in that pic… handing them to me ???? I sure hope soooooo….. The ears how they sparkle, the bow how it glistens, just waiting to be placed on my head to parade around at Food & Wine !!!!

  144. My 6 year old daughter and I are having a Disney girls’ trip in November! I haven’t told her yet! These ears would be a great way to tell her! (Daddy isn’t going because, in my daughter’s words, “He didn’t find the magic!”

  145. Who doesn’t love the ears!!! As soon as I enter the any Disney park I buy a pair of ears to wear and enjoy while we are visiting as does my identical twin and daughter. I am a 45 year old woman who is in love with these ears!!!!!! I feel like I am 5 again visiting with my sister and parents. Winning them prior to coming in December will make the travels to Disney awesome. I love gold, rose gold are beautiful and stylish and a must have for our 2017 vacation.

  146. I need these beautiful rose gold ears because I just moved to Orlando from Virginia. Every time I visit Epcot I will take a photo in front of the bubblegum wall, not looking towards the camera and instagram tag you in the post. #Blessed #OrlandoLife #wdwnt

  147. I would love to get these because I am going to Disney World in November for my 20th birthday. I’m obsessed with Disney and would love to wear these ears around the park on my birthday.

  148. I have been in love with these rose gold ears from the start! I would love to be the winner. Disney and The Mouse have a very special place in my heart, as I got engaged this passed June at Disney and we spent the day doing the Afrika trek in animal kingdom!! I would love to wear them next week rocking my Minnie mouse shirt and celebrating the Disney love with my fiance!

  149. My hubby & I are taking our second trip to WDW in January. I’d love to have these formour trip, as they match all of my other accessories in Rose Gold ❤️: Fitbit, Apple Watch, iPhone, etc! Love me some rose gold & some Disney love. I’ve never owned a pair of ear headband before & I’d love it have a set! Thanks.

  150. We wants the rose head! Arr … fine … the redhead with rose gold ears … blast ya blog lubbers with yer bonny trinkets …

  151. I feel these ears represent my inner Disney! I feel I could where these anytime to keep Disney Magic with me anywhere I go. I know Disney is always in your heart but a little extra pixi dust never hurt ????

  152. I need these because my life is a Disney movie in the making and all great Disney movies have roses. Belle with her enchanted rose, Snow White and her sister rose red, arura whose name litterally means rose and even the queen of hearts had her red roses. This girl need those ROSE gold ears for my trip to Disney world! For the most magical scene in my movie!

  153. Love to win these for my wife! Going on a Carnival Liberty cruise for the 1st time for our 25th anniversary Oct. 7th & she would look stunning in Florida!!

  154. These ears would be for my daughter whose 18th Birthday is right around the corner. She wants to spend a night at Grand Floridian with her friends and go to Hollywood Studios. This would be a perfect gift as she has always worn ears at the parks since she was little. [email protected]

  155. I’m in Canada and have been trying to find someone who could get them for me but no such luck. I’d travel down there myself (I LOVE Disney) but I haven’t had a job for two years and have no more points for travel so I’m not able to afford it. It’s not a sob story but I would sob if I got them!!! Out of pure, unadulterated joy! Also, rose gold has been my jam for over 5 years…

  156. Oh how I love these! They are so pretty and I’d feel like a a50’s movie starlet walking around DL. tThey are the ultimate fall accessory I am dying to have!

  157. My mom has over the past few years gotten very sick. She has to take time off of her job teaching. She is doesn’t like to spend much money for herself and she won’t buy her own ears. It would be great if she could spend money on acupuncture and also had Mickey ears that would be great.

  158. My mother needs the Rose Gold headband to go along with the Sweet Avocado Crema. She can finally become a True Millenial.

  159. I love these Minnie Ears very much
    But people grabbed them in a rush
    Now it’s my one chance
    To get more than a glance.
    I’ll finally have my own pair of ears
    I’ve gone to Disney world for years
    But nothing this great caught my eye
    Please pick me, The Great Blog Guy!

  160. I need these because I’ll be going to Walt Disney World in 29 days and they would be perfect for my very first pair of Minnie ears!

  161. I will be celebrating my 40th birthday in a few weeks and I have a fun rose gold themed 40th photo shoot planned! I live in Celebration, FL and I missed out on them when they were released! I would love to have them for my shoot!

  162. I need these because after getting four kids dressed, fed, suncreened and taking them to our favorite family vacation spot….I need a little sparkle to make me shine and a little gold so I know that’s what I’m worth to my family. ;) Ready to rock rose gold!

  163. We just discovered our home in the Florida Keys has been destroyed by Hurricane Irma. I envision myself wearing these ears as I clear debris & throw away cherished possessions in the months ahead. They would bring a smile to all of us in my devastated neighborhood of Big Pine Key.

  164. I need these rose gold ears so I may complete my basic b*tch ensemble. They would go great with my Duffy purse, Alex and Ani bracelets, and of course my character shirt from Tokyo. Now that it is fall, I will be pairing all these items with a pumpkin spice latte while I hub grass and chill. And yes, I am serious, this is my actual answer. :)

  165. Look at those ears
    Aren’t they so neat
    They would make my wife’s collection complete
    Then she would feel like the girl, the girl who has everything
    Look at that gold
    Treasures untold
    How much gold can each ear hold?
    Wearing those ears she would think,
    Man, I’ve got everything!

  166. We used to go to Disney World every year until my husband became severely ill. We are taking our first trip in many years this coming November and plan to live it up. It would be so nice to wear something so beautiful to celebrate this special milestone in our lives. Thanks for the consideration!

  167. The only good reason I can come up with for wanting these, besides them being Disney Minnie Ears, is my birthday is coming on October “7”. And my family will be in Hawaii and I have to watch the house and can’t come to Disney on my birthday. I have never been for my birthday yet. I was supposed to be there last year (2016) but hurricane Matthew decided to close Disney on October 7th. This is the only reason I can come up with for wanting to win these!

  168. I want to win this Headband because… Let’s be honest, in case of a Zombie Apocalypse these Minnie Ears would look so badass and would represent something I love so much, Imagine, a zombie apocalypse survivor wearing the super special Rose Gold Minnie Ears! Insane!

  169. I need them as a surprise for my sister when she comes down here with the family in early October! I’ve been looking all over for them with no luck, and I know she would adore them (she loves rose gold).

  170. I’ve been to WDW so many times but have never purchased Mickey Ears. These are the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen! I would love for these to be my first pair! Please pick me! :)

  171. Honestly, it’s been a rough week and I have no clue if/when I’ll be able to get there to buy myself some (Hopefully for fall break.) and I lost my pair of silver mouse ears in my move.

  172. My first trip to Disney was in 2013 and I was hooked. I am a second year pass holder and seriously can’t wait until my next trip. I would love to be sporting these beauties my next time in my most favorite place in the world.

  173. I need these in my life because well, I’m your biggest fan and I tend to write and ask you tons of questions. As a frequent visitor of WDW, you’d think I’d know the answers. I appreciate you, your trash can tripod pics and your always entertaining commentary on life as a WDW blogger. These would be perfect for my October birthday trip to Fort Wilderness and WDW!!

  174. These rose gold Minnie ears are simply beautiful! I need them in my life just because they are so pretty. My daughter has the silver Minnie ears that she loves, we would look amazing wearing them together. ????

  175. I need a little bit of extra magic! Had to cut our recent trip short and come home early due to Hurricane Irma…it was our first trip in 5 years so I’m feeling the post-Disney blues extra hard!

  176. These would be the perfect accessory for our disneymoon in october. It will be my first time ever!! They are my absolute favorite color and match my phone and purse! (Gotta match those accessories! Lol) can’t wait to start building my ear collection and would love for these to be the first ones I get! Oh boy!!

  177. I just got accepted into the college program after 3 attempts. I am currently drowning in school work and ran across this tweet while procrastinating. I love mickey, and love these ears… I need them in my life… I also need to study.

  178. Our Disney trip last week for our anniversary was cancelled by Irma :( Also, I work at a children’s hospital and anything I can wear or do to cheer up the kids we see is a huge blessing. I would love to be able to wear these and take their mind off of why they have to come to the hospital. Thanks!

  179. My goal is to be the most basic of all disneygoers. I cannot succeed in my quest without a pair of these ears to wear in a selfie in front of the mecca of instagrammers, The Purple Wall, with my starbucks frap. Please help me complete my mission.

  180. A very Disney truth be told, I need to wear the ears of rose gold. They’ll glisten and sparkle like Cinderella’s castle at night. Just like when Tinkerbell takes flight. They shall bring a smile to my face, when I’m not at my happy place. I simply need these ears

  181. I’ve been wearing the same pair of black and red bow sequin mouse ears for at least the past 5 or 6 years. I need these rose gold ears in my life! My boyfriend and I are going to Disney world again this December and it would make a pretty great Christmas present from you to me! I need a new pair of mouse ears to wear for the next 5 years until Disney finally releases another new color!

  182. I just went on my last family holiday with my parents to Disneyland Paris and they didn’t sell those ears there. It’d be amazing to have the ears ready to wear when I eventually take my own family to Disney.

  183. The beauty of these ears remind me of my daughter Alexa, she passed away in 2012 suddenly shortly after she was born. I went to Disney while pregnant with her and these ears make me think of that happy time before she died.

  184. Rose gold ears would make me so happy.
    Please let me explain without getting sappy.
    First trip to WDW in over 10 years this December.
    Please help me make it one to remember.
    So much to do, see, and explore;
    Wish I had room to tell you more!

  185. My fourth (and last) daughter is getting married in February. We are working on a father/daughter dance and are incorporating our favorite things into it and Disney has been a major part of our lives so we are incorporating that into this. This would make a wonderful prop for the dance.

  186. I only have one set of ears that fit! My other ears are from when I was 5, so I think now it’s time for some new gear! ☺️

  187. My whole life I have felt like Cinderella cleaning up after and taking care of others. This year I turn 60! Still no Prince Charming but who knows Those ears may be my glass slippers.

  188. I need the Rose Gold Ear bands since I live in a house of boys & they need to be reminded who’s boss;) So I’ll wear them while picking the boys up from the bus stop!

  189. Short, sweet, and simple…

    My Daughter LOVES all of things Disney and she would feel like the bell of the ball on our upcoming trip to WDW in October.

  190. “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” In June, at 262 lbs, taking those words to heart I signed up for WDW’s full marathon coming up in January. Fifteen weeks later, I’ve lost 14 lbs and GAINED my life back. I would be honored to wear these ears on race day.

  191. My daughter would love these ears! She loves Disney and even sleeps with her mousse hat on sometimes. If I surprised her with Rose gold Minnie ears she would be over the moon. She probably would would wear them 24/7. It would mean the world to her.

  192. i recently went to Disney and was so excited to get these ears! We went to find them our first day and were informed they sold out the week before! I would love to finally get these ears!

  193. I really want to win these to surprise my girlfriend, who is so obsessed that she wants to fly to Cali just to get a set. Help me be the awesome boyfriend!

  194. Would love so very much to have these for my daughter to open Christmas morning, as part of the reveal for our big Disney trip!!!

  195. On 11/18/2017 I’ll be at WDW for a 1st Annual Girls Day trip! Ears or no ears, this is going to be a MAGICAL time…but how much MORE magical would it be to be wearing Rose Colored Sparkle Ears?!?
    Thanks, Pals!!

  196. CONFIRMED! I love these ears.
    RUMORED! I could buy a set from eBay resellers.
    BREAKING! They want $65?! Or, $84 less than a Disney After Hours Ticket. No way.
    CONFIRMED! I’ll have to get them the most magical way… from my favorite website/podcast :)

  197. For the tales of the wondrous world of Disney will soon unfold, I need these ears that shine with the warmth of rose gold!

  198. I’m turning 18 soon, and I’m having a Disney birthday party bash to remind me that no matter where I go off to, I’m still a kid at heart! I’d be honored to wear these to remind me of the timeless wonder of the parks that made my childhood magical.

  199. Would love to have this beautiful Rose Gold Mouse Ears! They would make my head look very magical indeed!

  200. I finished my Disney college program 2 years ago and I desperately miss the magic of Disney. I constantly watch the videos you post and other Disney vlogs just to get a piece of the magic. These ears would bring me so much joy and remind of the the Disney magic that I miss so much.

  201. Because I need to bribe my girlfriend to get back on her good side as I didn’t think to ask for a pin for her as well.

  202. I think I deserve these ears to wear on my celebratory graduation trip to Disney World in the spring! I’all be graduating as Valedictorian of my class with a 4.2 GPA. I worked really hard throughout school, taking all AP classes and it would mean everything to have these to wear on my trip to my favorite place in the world!

  203. In grad and would LOVE a pair of Minnie ears for when I get to go to Disney and celebrate becoming a nurse practitioner!

  204. 1st I’m a princess lol 2nd I’m a 2 time cancer survivor and coming to Disney Oct 26th to celebrate my 1 year of Sobriety,a gift from my friend’s !!

  205. It’s clear from your recent contest,
    These are popular from East Coast to West.
    So I’m commenting here to make it quite clear,
    That I want this exquisite pair of ears.
    I’ll prepare for a chance of a lifetime,
    And prepare for comments when I wear them.
    So please Mr. Corless consider this post
    To be the winner from West to East Coast.

  206. I’m getting married at Disney in 2019 and my colors are rose gold and navy blue. These would make my wedding even more magical.

  207. I would love to wear these on my honeymoon trip and rock Disney in style. Something gorgeous for the happy bride to strut around the happiest place on earth? A MUST HAVE

  208. My six year old daughter saw a picture of the ears and said “Mommy, those are so beautiful. They look like they are for a princess. I wish I could wear them”. I would love make her wish come true.

  209. I need this headband in my life because if I have to hear my roommate beg me to get it for her one more time, this Maleficent will transform from woman to dragon and burn everything down.

  210. Because when I wear my fur coat and large sunglasses into the park….the only ears that will match are the rose gold ones. DUH

  211. I just got accepted for the Disney College Program for Spring 2018 and I will be making guests dreams come true every day and if I won these ears you would make my dreams come true! These ears are absolutely adorable and the first thing I would do on my program is get a picture with them in front of the purple wall!! Please make my dreams come true!!!

  212. I need these ears because they give me life. They match not only my personality but my soul. My heart feels full at the idea of me wearing these ears. Thank you

  213. *cues Wishes instrumental*

    Star light, star bright
    First rose gold I see tonight
    I wish I may I wish I might
    win the ears I wish tonight
    We’ll make a wish, and do as dreamers do
    And all our wishes (all our wishes)
    all our wishes
    will come true (hopefully)

    Oh, a world of wishes.
    A world where I need these ears.
    So I’ll make a wish, & see it through.
    Dare to do what rose gold searchers do.

    I’ve been searching hard
    No luck so this is my chance
    Trust your heart,
    Just believe that Carissa deserves these!

  214. My girlfriend said she’d stop going on Disney trips with me if I don’t get her these ears.

  215. I need these because my friend and I just watched Happily Ever After in our dorm while crying hysterically because we are in such bad withdrawals. Please help a broke, aspiring Imagineer-in-training! :)

  216. I need these ears because when I wear anything pink I look drunker than I already am (when drinking….not right now, of course – and I only get tipsy, not full on drunk). Something about pink/rose/blush added to my normal complexion, I dunno. Also, if I win you’ll email me and then I can answer the email because I have to tell you something and can’t download Outlook to do so, lol.

  217. I need them because we just moved away from WDW after 9 years in Orlando… and so my three year old can take them from me & keep them as her own!

  218. Along came a man named Tom
    who everyone says is the bomb
    he offered some glitter
    in rose gold on twitter
    ecstatic, this girl wasn’t calm

    She needed some beautiful ears
    to help wipe away the tears
    it’s very sad
    this almost pharmacy grad
    can’t go to Disney next year

  219. Need these for my pregnant coworker. PLEASE HELP! We work in really small office and she won’t stop talking about these. She is in her 3rd trimester and getting angrier by the day. PLEASE SAVE ME FROM WORKPLACE HARRASSMENT! PLUS, I want to Disney indoctrinate the baby promptly!

  220. My 12 year old daughter would love these ears. We are making our first trip to WDW in April along with taking our first Disney Cruise. She would be ecstatic to get these ears. Her heart is Disney and seeing her get these ears which she has wanted since they came out would be an awesome surprise.

    [email protected]

  221. I need them because I’ve never bought a pair of Disney ears in my life. I’ve just never seen a pair that caught my fancy until I saw these. But THESE are just really pretty!!! And they would actually match most of my Disney clothes that I like to wear to the parks so I would totally wear them.

  222. This isn’t going to be the most poetic comment, that would be one if the “Roses are…” Comments. Nor will it be the most lyrical, that would be the Girl who has…”. I’m like some if the others, I.e. Huge Disney fan, planning a visit, kid with autism, love your blog. I don’t know how you’ll pick a favorite, all I can say is I would love a genuine pair of Disney ears as I currently just make mine.

  223. It’s more of a want than a need but In the words of Veruca Salt, “I don’t care how, I want it now.”

  224. I really need these ears to match the Kate of Spade sneakers I’ve purchased in Rose gold. What can I say, I’m a Disney fashionista! I have ears to match every theme, and shoes to match every set of ears–EXCEPT THESE!!! Make my sneakers and I happy, choose ME!!

  225. Ill be going to Disney in March 2018 for my honeymoon. These ears will go perfectly with one of my outfits!

  226. I need these badly. We just left Disney World on Sunday and my teenage daughter searched every park for these with no luck. She was SO bummed. This would make her day and earn me some Mom points :)

  227. Well I searched two weeks in August for them but sure would like them for my girls only Food and Wine extravaganza

  228. I’m a mom. Tim, I recently bought a pair of these ears at MickeyGears, but I lost them while riding the fast track. I’d love to wear these ears on Mt. Everest, Space Tours and for breakfast at the Pooh Palace. Plus, the ears look great with my fast band ;)

  229. Taking my Mum (who is a stage 4 cancer patient) to Disney World in December (if she stays well enough & I can pay it off in time), & I would love to put these on her bald head and get a picture. It’d be awesome

  230. I actually do not need these ears, however my princess daughter wants them badly! During our last trip, daily we ran all around the parks and Disney Springs looking for these! I would love to surprise her for her birthday In October!

  231. Please pick me, Tom …. I foolishly showed these mouse ears to my wife and NOW she wants a set for our trip in February …. So you would be saving ME from having to dig into my pocket to buy her a pair AND making the lil’ lady one happy Mousekerteer!

    PS: LOVE the site! =)

  232. You know that pilot fella, Charles Lindberg? He’s gonna fly a single-winged airplane across the Atlantic. He’s never gonna make it. Jazz music is the cat’s meow, and there’s been ads in the paper for Rose Gold Mickey ears! Boy I gotta get my hand on a pair of those.

  233. I have a niece that visits Disney several times a year and she would absolutely love to have these! She never goes without a pair of mouse ears to wear around the parks. Rose gold mouse ears would match her rosy cheeks perfectly!! ????

  234. It would make my wife’s day and she is an amazing person. Please help me put a huge smile on her face. Thanks!

  235. I don’t need these perfectly rose gold, sequence Ears with a bow in the middle, THEY NEED ME! I know these ears are just waiting to come sit atop of this weird shaped head of mine. I’ll just wait here for them.

  236. I have grown up to be a magical person, in a magical world, with magical food, clothes and hearts. If I don’t get this magical headband, I will lose the magical plot and cry magical tears as all my magical happiness disappears down a magical hole.

    The magical end :)

  237. I want these rose gold ears for my trip to Tokyo Disney in November! It will be my third Disney destination in one year (After visiting Disneyland and Walt Disney World in April 2017). These ears would be the perfect way to celebrate my most Disney year of my life, not to mention a wonderful story-filled “pass down” for the future ☺️

  238. We will be at food and wine fest in November for the first time, and I’m planning on being in full Disney attire each day. This will be the perfect addition to my wardrobe!

  239. I don’t deserve them, but wife does. She collects Minnie ears. Plus you can save on shipping because you can give them to us at Celebration 35 in a couple weeks!

  240. I recently married my Prince Charming and have been trying for 2-ish years to (unsuccessfully) convince him to go to Disney World with me! He said if I get chosen for the ears, we can plan a trip for next year’s Halloween festivities!

  241. I gotta have them for my 30th visit in November for my 21st birthday. Souvenirs aren’t really in the budget but I need to be aesthetic af.

  242. I am travelling to Disney World in February and have decided it is about time I have some ‘Ears’. We are a huge Disney family but as the Mom and only girl, pretty mouse ear headbands are not really understood by the menfolk. I have decided who cares what they think, at 45 I need ears and plan to wear them proudly. If they must, they can walk 10 steps behind me! The rose gold mouse ears are just the prettiest ones too:)

  243. Roses are red, Violets are blue and rose gold Minnie ears are what Mickey hears!
    Would love to wear these on my trip this summer!!

  244. Need this “hat” because A, I’m a dude. B, because ladies gonna kick rocks when I wear it at the parks, football games, at the bar. C, when asked where I got it I’ma say Wal-Mart or Ross “Dress for Less”. D. I’ll be my Halloween Costume. Boo! Forty-Nine. Fifty.

  245. Rose gold ears would make me so happy.
    Let me explain without being sappy.
    First trip to WDW in over 10 years this December.
    Please help me make it one to remember.
    So much to do, see, and explore;
    Wish I had room to tell you more!

  246. I had to evacuate just one day into my disney vacation for Irma and all my girfriend wanted was the rose gold ears..

  247. My wife, six year old daughter, and 5 month old daughter need them we’re going in April for my daughters 1st birthday and it would be truly magical to have all of my girls have these ears to share.

  248. For my daughter working so hard in med school to wear to dream about her upcoming spring Disney themed wedding.

  249. Listen, I need this headband in my life because I am currently writing a paper on Shakespeare and I really do need a bit of sparkle in my life.

  250. I would wear them when I run the wine and dine half marathon in November, 2 weeks after my 50th birthday! What a way to celebrate!!

  251. I want these in my life for my young niece whom loves All things Minnie Mouse. We see each other physically maybe once a year, but Aunt’s are supposed to be magical and get wonderful items like these ears for sweet little girls.

  252. If I win, I will rock these in a few Instagram posts, pick up the kids and make all the legging-wearing moms jealous, and then put them on eBay to pay for my next WDW trip. (Totally kidding on that last one!)

  253. I don’t need them, but I really want them. Plus I’m an introvert, so wearing them during our upcoming November trip, if people run up to me, it will force me to make friends. Won’t happen without the ears. #bashful

  254. I need these ears because they would look absolutely stunning when I pose in front of Cinderella’s Castle with them on in my Minnie Mouse Rose Gold dress while I am on my family vacay next August…my wife, kids, and in-laws would be so jealous!!!

  255. We were just in DisneyWorld this past week and my two daughters had a set amount of money to spend on souvenirs. My oldest (10 years old) spent all of her budget on gifts for her sisters upcoming birthday and only saved enough money for the rose gold ears. Well we settled on ones that looked like Minnie Mouse as the others were sold out. If I won them, they would go to her to celebrate her selflessness and generosity.

  256. Disney trip 2013 – I weighed 250lbs, had hip arthritis and was miserable! Halloween Disney trip 2017 – I am 112lbs lighter (strictly hard work and dedication – not surgery) with a new hip and full of energy for the long days ahead! I think I’ve EARned them! ????

  257. I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor who loves Disney!! Pink is obviously very important to me!!!

  258. Beast: I want to do something for her but what?

    Cogsworth: Well, there’s the usual things, flowers, chocolates, promises you don’t intend to keep

    Lumiere: No, No! It’s got to be more something more special than that!

    If only the Beast had known…

  259. I Loooooooove Disney so much. I love collecting all my favorite ears, and these are definitely ones that I am obsessed with, they’re girly, and they remind me of my first pair of ears. I just really really love them, they’re perfect.

  260. We are headed to FL next week for my husband and my 50th Birthdays. Since 50 is gold these would enhance our magical day.

  261. We were there in August for my daughter’s 13th birthday. She had to have these ears! Even though we were told the whole resort was sold out, she is a teenager now so she spent the entire week dragging me into every store in every park looking for them!

  262. My health is going downhill & I’ve lost my shine. These ears are exactly the pixie dust pick me up I need to make me & my smile sparkle again. Off to think happy thoughts of Disney & rose gold ears! <3

  263. I need these because I have NEVER had a pair of ears before because none of them said ME like these do! I am all pink and sparkly already, so I am all set to win these!

  264. I’d love to get these for my dog so she can wear them and make the other dogs jealous. Her name is Sophie. Rose gold is her favorite shade of grey.

  265. I need this headband to make my wonderful wife really happy. I have been in the doghouse a few times lately and a pair of the rose gold glasses would speed up the reconciliation!

  266. As the mother of 7 children, I gave purchased many ears but none for me. ???? I am a Disney Princess ????????, I have never owned Minnie/Mickey Ears ???? And theses Beautiful Rose Gold ears will match perfectly with my Minnie Mouse Keds.

  267. Life is never as perfect as a “rose” there’s always the prickers there to hurt you….I’d love to take my chance with those sparkly “rose” gold ears for New Years Eve at WDW this year!!

  268. I would like to win them as I am going to be going to Disney in November and would love to have them for my birthday

  269. We’ve taken our children to Wdw since our oldest was 8months old he’s now 36. He and all our children love Wdw so much they bring their children every chance they get. They also invite us also every time. We all live in Florida and still want to go frequently with our 9 grands. Only our daughter and son inlaw live in Massachusetts and are homesick for Florida and jealous every time we go as a family to Wdw. Our son thanked us just this week when we were there for bringing them all and the memories.

  270. Being a seventeen year old girl (soon to be 18 and IN DISNEY FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!) who’s been to disney world alone about 19 times and counting, i find that these ears could be my future. I am entering to be a part of the disney college program, and plan to be a cast member… but if only.. if only i had a pair of my very own sparkly, magical, rose gold ears to really complete the vision of my future…. i am young, I still have hope twinkling in my eyes and disney is my world(no pun intended).. won’t you feed a young girl’s dreams???

  271. I could write a comment here saying about 2 different reasons why I should get the ears but honestly, I think everyone and anyone would deserve them. It’s a nice gesture to be giving them away and knowing any major Disney fan like myself would totally enjoy them!

  272. I have never owned a pair of ears!! These would be a lovely first pair for me to wear on our December trip ????

  273. Need this for my daughter, who is already convinced she is a Disney princess, and will not let you tell her otherwise!

  274. I dont wanna be a drab little crab, with these i could be SHINY for the Order of the 7 game!

  275. Also for Outside the US ?
    Unfortunately its always sad that Disneyland Paris does not have the huge collections you can get in America .
    As a single male traveller this would be prefect :-)

  276. CONFIRMED: I am 37 (yeah, 7) weeks pregnant. My body has been taken over by an alien (feeling like I am with… Sigourney Weaver) and I haven’t been able to drink in what feels like eleventy months (making each of Josh’s tilted photo cocktail reviews feel like a dagger to my soul). I am finally getting back to WDW in January after by far the longest hiatus of my life (15 excrutiating months, thanks Shanghai! I mean, zika!)… make my day by giving me these little beauties, Tom? I’m super pregnant, you’re not.

  277. My daughter is obsessed with rose gold and would absolutely love these. Hoping to get a pair for our December trip!!

  278. I love the look of a tiara, and wear one on special occasions! These elegant looking ears would look just as beautiful on me! I just have to have them!!!

  279. Where can you strike rose “gold” in all things Disney?
    • Rose and Crown Restaurant in EPCOT
    • Napa Rose at the Grand Californian
    • Disneyland’s Red Rose Taverne
    • Plaza Rose Garden in EPCOT
    • Rose Petal, Hostess at the Perfectly Princess Tea Party, where they serve Fig & Rose White Tea
    • The Strawberry Rose Twist at Maurice’s Treats in Disneyland
    • Listel Rose Wine at Mendocino Bar, Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure
    • The Rose Garden at Cinderella’s Castle
    • Briar Rose aka Sleeping Beauty
    • Anika Noni Rose, the voice of Tiana in The Princess and the Frog
    • Enchanted Rose Cupcake at Gaston’s Tavern
    • Spumante Rose in Italy Pavilion at EPCOT
    • The Enchanted Rose in Be Our Guest Restaurant
    • Mama Melrose Restaurant in Hollywood Studios
    • Tahitian Vanilla Rose Tea at Tea Traders Café in Disney Springs
    • Aaliyah Rose singing “Let It Go” on Radio Disney
    • Red Rose (Snow White’s sister)
    • Rose Tico in The Last Jedi movie
    • Rose aka Huntsgirl, of American Dragon: Jake Long
    • Frances Rose McIver who plays Tinker Bell on Once Upon a Time on ABC
    • And hopefully the Rose Gold Minnie ears on my daughter’s head!

  280. I’m headed to Disney World in November for my honeymoon. It will be a first visit for my husband and I. Please help my dream wedding continue into my dream honeymoon.

    “A dream is a wish your heart makes”

  281. So I would love this headband to surprise my fiancée. We are getting married in mid-October and going to Disney World for our honeymoon! Rose gold means a lot to us because her engagement ring is rose gold and we also picked out wedding bands both in the color as well. This would absolutely help make our trip memorable and would always remember WDWNT each time she wore it.

  282. I want to wear them to the hospital next month when my granddaughter is born. Will be going to Disney World next summer as a large family trip for my husband’s 60th birthday. I have already bought the little princess several Disney outfits.

  283. I work from home and have several meetings daily – wearing this headband during my meetings will 100% accentuate my confidence! I will become Cinderella with her animal friends. The laundry will be finally done! I will gain incredible super powers from the energy of the headband and become a powerhouse!

  284. Hello,
    I always try to avoid negativity and wEARing these would further emphasize “not letting anyone dull my sparkle”. In this rough world, it’s a good idea to share a bit of daily, sparkly *Magic*.
    Thank you.

  285. I would like to have these ears cause 1. I collect them.
    2. Last time I went was in early June. 3. So I can be blessed by it’s beauty!

  286. A Disney fan since Dumbo opened in theaters, my wife says that, “This is the place, that no matter what your troubles are, when you get to the turnstile you just check them and if you want, you can forget to pick them up when you leave.” Florence Kelly

  287. Being a single mom trying to support my son & my crazy Disney habit everything helps! I try to take my son to visit Disney world once a year, and I love seeing all the new ears! These new ears would be a great add on for our next Disney trip in October 2018!

  288. I want to give this to my daughter for our December trip to the World. This would make the perfect departure day surprise!

    As my personal hero, Michael Scott, once said:
    “Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. Its like this tangible thing that you can point to and say, ‘Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth.'”

    This would be free, so I’m not sure what that says about me.

  289. I am an annual passholder. I would love to win these adorable ears to wear every time I go to the parks. I have never owned a pair of Minnie ears.

  290. J-A-C
    Jacquie needs these ears!
    She’s my sister-in-law,
    And we love her,
    And she’ll be a Disney Dame after this next trip,
    Trip, trip, trip!
    She needs these ears,
    To match her ring,
    It’s rose gold naturally,
    So chose this post…
    Hear from you real soon,
    She might let me borrow them,
    Why? Because she loves me,

    (Mickey Mouse Club song and bad spelling, but you get the idea!)

  291. My Family and I have booked our First trip to Disney in March 2018. My daughter is all about Disney and loves wearing Hairbands basically every waking hour. The joy of seeing her put those ears on her head would be worth almost anything.

  292. My 10th wedding anniversary is we spent our honeymoon in Disney World and have gone on two Disney Cruises. Unfortunately due to two very unexpected surgeries at a heavy amount of medical bills we are not able to celebrate this year. This pair of ears would bring me such Joy.

  293. I just want to look and feel like a princess. Getting these would make my 37th trip something amazing! We are going in May ’18. I ❤ Disney

  294. These ears would be the “icing on the cake” for my daughter, Shannon’s in-room surprise during her 11th birthday trip to Disney on 10/17/2017. She is a huge rose gold fan..jackets, sneakers and jewelry. The ears would make her complete.

  295. These Rose Gold Minnie ears are not simply a headband or even simply Minnie ears, they are a way of life. The only way my life can be complete is to own and frequently wear these ears with immense pride. #RoseGoldMinnie4life

  296. We spent our honeymoon at Disney World and it was awesome!

    We later became DVC members and continued to go with our kids ever since.

    This years we are going back to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary!!!!!!

    It would be the icing on the cake if she had one to wear with her “30 years anniversary” button!

  297. I would love to give these to my daughter for our upcoming trip in Oct. She loves all things fancy!!

  298. I’ve got pens and pencils a plenty.
    I’ve got magicbands and fastpasses galore.
    You want Disney shirts? I’ve got 20!
    But who cares, no big deal, I want the Minnie Mouse rose gold ears…

  299. My husband and I are going to Walt Disney World in November for our second honeymoon (the first one was in 1987 at Disney World), these ears would be an awesome addition to the trip!

  300. Who even came up with the color name rose gold? Anyways I want them so I can match with the pink shade of the Sleeping Beauty castle!

  301. I’m leaving for Air Force basic training Tuesday and then tech school right after. Leaving my 3 children and husband behind. I get “exodus” for Christmas break so me winning these will be a sign that Disney is where my little and family and I need to spend my break. ????

  302. I want to wear them for my 74th trip to Disney this fall AND to embarrass my teen and 20 something aged children OF COURSE!

  303. Ever since a young age my dream has been to be a fabulous princess. Life of a princess is hard for a boy in college. No one ever takes you seriously. I wear a full Cinderella’s outfit and they wouldn’t understand. This set of ears would change that tehe.

  304. AHHHHH Dear chosen one of the coveted Rose Gold ears, I’m Buzz Lightyear and this is an Intergalactic Emergency! I need to commandeer your purchase to Sector 12! I see a little girl that is in desperate need of this stylish treasure to make her dreams come true! Please get your little green men to take me to The Claw so that we get to your leader at once! AAAAHHHH :) Thank You

  305. They are litteraly amazing, and wearing them is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially wearing them on a disney vacation litteraly feels amazing

  306. I literally read this site every day of my life to feed my WDW addiction!!! Rose gold ears are my dream and it looks like I’m not going back there for a long while yet, so won’t get a chance to get my hands on them for a while, I just want and need this level of beautiful in my life???????? (p.s not even sure if I can enter this from the UK so this might all be for nothing but worth a shot!!)

  307. Oooh, finally a set of Mickey Mouse ears where I can break out all the style and still wear the ears at some of the fancier dining facilities without feeling a little silly wearing the traditional ones with a nice dress. These would be a stunning accessory to have, and I would love them!

  308. My 6 y/o autistic daughter loves everything rose gold! She carries around a rose gold kitty purse EVERYWHERE, wears a rose gold jacket, & asks me for a rose gold iPhone (not happening!). I like that her love of rose gold gives her something to share with others, improving socialization.

  309. I’d love to have these beautiful Minnie ears in my life because while I can’t afford to visit the parks often, it’ll allow me to bring the spirit of them home. I’m always looking for ways of bringing Disney into my everyday life.

  310. Because every year I take over 100 school kids to Disneyland Paris on the trip of a lifetime for them and with these I will be the coolest teacher ever!!

  311. My husband and I are Disney obsessed and are taking our daughters (ages 2 and 4) to Disney World for the first time in January for my birthday and I don’t want to have to fight other people for the rose gold ears in front of them. ;)

  312. Not entering for myself although I love Disney. I am entering for my grand daughter, Mariah. She is 6 years old and is a fan of Disneyland. She’s been there more times than I have in my entire life time though I don’t care to disclose my age! :) I would love to see her smile and melt my heart if I were to win. She’s healthy autistic loving and caring. She loves animals and cares for her family deeply. She deserves a little sparkle in her life! Thank you.

  313. I ‘m just thinking how great I would look wearing these beauties while drinking a Labatt Blue, a Guinness, a Grey Goose Orange Slush, Casa Beer, Kirin Frozen, Samuel Adams, Frizzante,Warsteiner Dunkel, Canto Loopy, Einstok, and a Blood Orange Margarita to top it all off.

  314. I’d love to get these for my dog so she can wear them and make all the other dogs jealous. Her name is Sophie. Rose Gold is her favorite shade of grey.

  315. I would like to win these rose gold ears I would be proud to wear them on my honeymoon at wdw on October 26. To November 2. Thank you Susan

  316. To get these ears I would go the distance.
    I would search the world to get these for my girl.
    I don’t care how hard, I would go the distance.
    ‘Till I find my hero’s welcome waiting in her arms.

  317. Tom, YOU are the most interesting man in the world! Intelligent, cleaver, dapper, funny and a (Disney) world traveler …. You are the complete package!
    Your generosity is unparalleled! It would be an HONOR to be awarded these ears. I would present them to the Mrs., where they will FOREVER rest!

  318. Pick me because without them, I have nothing to properly accessorize my rose gold iPhone with when I’m at WDW. And I think that I would be the envy of all other Disney Dorks (like myself). More than good enough reasons to desire the ever popular ears ????

  319. I would really like for my daughter to have these Golden Ears for her 21st birthday. She’s been searching and searching every park!!! :-)

  320. My 7-year-old daughter asked me to buy her this last year, because she loves anything sparkly and gold. But it’s too much money to buy it for her. I hope though that by winning this, I could surprise her! And also, it’d be really nice to win something Disney!

  321. We had to cancel our Disney world trip,this year as our twins are due at the same time. My wife is a huge Disney nut, a pair of special ears would Be an incredible present.

  322. I need this headband to go with all my sparkle skirts for my upcoming races this fall. Plus it’ll be great to wear this while pacing a half marathon and being the pacer with the ears!

  323. I need those ears so i can win Dad of the year award from my 7 year old Minnie Mouse. she is a self proclaimed Biggest Fan. If i got these for her she would think even more of her dad and i love that feeling.

  324. I would love to give these Minnie Ears to my younger sister. She fell in love with them after seeing them on Instagram. She calls the Sabrina Carpenter ears because she loves Sabrina Carpenter and she wore them. She was looking forward to getting them on our last trip but they were sold out. I would love to surprise her with these beautiful ears.

  325. My 10 year old daughter spoke to Minnie Mouse and she said she would like her to have a pair of rose gold mouse ears

  326. I am the bling Disney Princess Grandma!!!! I love to sparkle and shine at the park and on the Disney cruise!!! Bippity boppity boo!!! See you at Mickeys not so scarey Halloween party!!!!
    Have a magical day

  327. I am the bling Disney Princess Grandma!!!! I love to sparkle and shine at the park and on the Disney cruise!!! Bippity boppity boo!!! See you at Mickeys not so scarey Halloween party!!!!
    Have a magical day and pick me,pick me to be Rosie Goldie Ears in Disney

  328. I am a very active, happy, Disney Grandmother of 67 years young. I am an AP holder for Disneyland. We have been trying to find the beautiful rose colored ears but alas, they are always sold out but time we get up to Anaheim from San Diego. The rose colored ears would just look so striking with my silver/white hair. The twinkle in my eyes and the smile on my face while wearing such ears would bring great smiles to all who would pass me. I’d love to be chosen and would wear my ears with great pride.

  329. My sister and I have searched every park for 5 days on our trip looking for them! My sister is dying for one and has cancer and would love to win them for her to make her so happy! She goes to Disney 4-5 times a year and would love to finally own ears for those trips!

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