PHOTOS: Baseline Tap House Nears Completion, Expected To Open This Month at Hollywood Studios

PHOTOS: Baseline Tap House Nears Completion, Expected To Open This Month at Hollywood Studios

Work continues on the new Grand Avenue area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with reports now indicating that the Baseline Tap House will open to guests sometime before the end of the month.

While the street itself doesn’t look quite finished, Baseline Tap House looks just about ready to open.

As you can see, signage is up, but a look through the walls reveals a mostly finished product.

For a better look at the site from a few weeks ago, here is a look at Grand Avenue completely revealed thanks to Hurricane Irma:


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  1. When will the promotion of alcoholic beverages come to an end? It is becoming more discouraging by the day to have beer and liquor forced upon me from the very moment I step on Disney property. Something must be done to discourage Disney from creating an unsafe and environment by catering to the louts and drunkards.

    1. I don’t think anything alcohol is being forced upon you by Disney. No one is forcing you to buy the alcoholic options. However, lots of people and families enjoy being able to walk around with a drink or a beer in a safe environment on vacation. I see nothing wrong with that. As someone who does not like going to bars, Disney is my favorite place to grab a drink with my family (yes, I said family) and my friends because it’s safe, clean and you can go on rides.

      1. I won’t be silenced by the typical nasty Trump voter such as yourself. Please do us all a favor, just refrain from patronizing Disney properties and stick with Sea World.

    2. I feel the same way about people who bring loud, annoying kids to Disney.
      There should be a minimum age strictly enforced at the front gates……….like 13.


      2. I feel the same way about people who’s name is spelled Jeff. There should be a minimum I.Q. level strictly enforced at the front gates….. like 13. Sorry Jeff! Maybe next time, just remember that 2+2 doesn’t equal pineapple.

        1. Excuse me… i donut appreseate the insult! my level may be littler, butt (haha butt) i can do any thing i put my mind to… Geoff. And your write 2+2 doesnt make pineapple it makes seven.. haha take that!

    3. Forced upon you?! LOL! I have never seen that in all of my 35 years of going to Disney World. Providing an option to buy an alcoholic drink at the very back of the park is hardly forcing alcohol upon guests. I completely agree with Seetheworld… such a fun, safe, and clean place to enjoy a drink and walk around with your friends/family. Not sure why people have to have sticks up their a**es when coming to Disney World

    4. Disney is forcing me to buy things I don’t want to buy…I need to tell other people how they can enjoy their vacations, even though I am not paying for them…Walt rollin’ in his grave…etc. etc.

  2. My wife and I were in WDW last week and had a great time enjoying all the beer choices at Epcot in the Food and Wine Festival. Being a craft beer geek myself, this is great news. I’d rather have a tasty brew then a sugary soft drink any day, (just not so many). I’m hoping they have a wide selection from around the country, something similar to the choices you get at the bar next to the pool near the main Grand Floridian building. I was extremely impressed by the wide array.

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