PHOTOS: Demolition Begins on Disney Quest at Disney Springs, Future NBA Experience

PHOTOS: Demolition Begins on Disney Quest at Disney Springs, Future NBA Experience
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Visible demolotion has begun on the exterior of the former DisneyQuest at Disney Springs, as it begins its transformation into the NBA Experience.

The awning over the entrance to Disney Quest has been completely ripped off.

I love the the original colors of the building were under all of that…

The small awning was also ripped off of the DisneyQuest Emporium.

A look from above.

Some larger portions of the wall were also removed… or more likely came down with the awning…

No opening date for the NBA Experience at Disney Springs has been provided as of yet. DisneyQuest closed on July 3rd, 2017.

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  • So here is my thing, Disney, should have, instead of retheming and taking on another future endeavor, should have just kept it Disney Quest, but evolved what was inside, instead of the STAR Wars VR experience inside once upon a toy in Disney Springs, they should have just put it inside of Disney Quest. giving new life to the attraction. Is the Cheesecake Factory staying inside, or are they done. cause i was actually a fan. also, loved the studio aspect of creating your own toy, drawings etc. My Problem with Disney right now, creative aka Imagineers have some ADHD Vision. Disney dropping Other peoples IPs in Hollywood studio, but then bringing in NBA Experience, where they are going to have to pay teams for the use of their respected brands make no sense to me at all

    • Yes. They are demolishing the building but keeping the Cheesecake Factory inside.

      Did you really just ask that?

      • Yes J, he did ask that. Why would he ask such a thing? Maybe because the post you clearly didn’t read never says the building is being demolished and he’s aware that building exteriors can be demolished without affecting the interior of a ride. Perhaps if you had thought logically before rushing to attempt to insult a person’s honest question, you could have thought to point out that the Cheesecake Factory hasn’t been in that location for years. Better luck next time J, now go have a piece of cheesecake, it’ll make you feel better.

    • I never even knew about Cheesecake Factory being there, but after doing some research it looks like they left in 2008.

    • Ohhhhhhh Matt.
      Sometimes it’s best to simply not comment.

      (especially when you’ve obviously completely clueless)

  • And since an NBA attraction worked out so well for Universal, I’m guessing demolition of the NBA Experience will begin this time next year.

  • I don’t have a problem with them getting rid of Disney Quest (or at least reimagining the inside)… but putting in some NBA Experience nonsense is mind bottling! This makes no sense at all… and I agree with “J”, it didn’t work over at Universal, so chances are it will bomb here

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